Gaming chair VS office chair: Which seat type is best?

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Gaming chair VS office chair? If you’re not quite sure whether you should buy a gaming chair or just a regular office one, you’re not alone.

gaming chair vs office chair which seat type is bestWe found out that it’s a question asked by many, so we’ve decided to do some research.

Whether you’re refurbishing your home office or seeking to update your gaming setup, your new chair will be a focal point, and you’ll find that this is a significant choice and not something to take lightly.

You’re going to be sitting for a long time if you’re working from home or getting ready for interminable gaming sessions.

Picking the right one is not just about short-term comfort but also about avoiding long-term neck and back problems.

It can be difficult to determine the best chair style that gives you a proper sitting position.

Office chairs are also created for extended sitting periods, yet there are some differences between them that you need to consider before finding your new chair.

Video gaming chair vs office chair: Which one is more ergonomic?

A gaming chair is meant to give you a personalized experience.

You’ll find budget models offering different positions for armrests to reclining angles.

Office chairs are far more restricted, especially in lumbar support.

Flat cushions offered by office chairs are more ergonomic than a raised lip at the edge of the seat, which is still being produced for some gaming chairs.

What’s the distinction between the two?

It’s easier than you think.

Gaming chairs typically sport brighter colors and bigger frames than their office counterparts, which blend in more with their surroundings.

A gaming chair boasts a racier design, with a high winged back, bucket seat and the raised edge we mentioned above.

It generally has head and lumbar support with extra cushioning, and at least 3 different armrest positions.

It reclines more too, and allows for some rocking. Tip: Read what are gaming chairs made of? to discover more details about gaming chairs!

An office chair is more subdued and tones things down considerably. It has a wingless back, often with built-in lumbar support.

However, armrest movement is restricted to just going up and down, and you can’t lean back as much, with more limiting tilt locks.

Office chair features

  • Flat seat
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Much shorter back
  • Up to approx 110° recline
  • Wingless design
  • Non-adjustable, integrated lumbar support
  • 1D armrests

Gaming chair features

  • Bucket seat
  • Eye-catching design
  • High winged back
  • As much as 180 ° recline
  • Raised seat edges
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 3D armrests
  • Tip: Read our buying guide The ultimate gaming chair for big guys if you still need to make a purchase decision

Which one is more comfortable?

A gaming chair has memory foam cushions on a bigger frame, and the extra cash you’d invest in an entry-level model is a good investment (even if it does cost you more than an office chair)!

As gaming chairs are meant for longer sessions, thick cushioning is commonly found in all chairs.

You’ll find they have padding all the way up the back and on the armrests as well. If hot temperatures are a concern, you might want to opt for a mesh style.

Office chairs use thinner materials, and that’s why they’re usually cheaper unless, of course, you go for the high end of the market.

If you decide to go for one of these, you’ll have to take more breaks during your gaming sessions.

You may not be particularly keen on a gaming chair if you’re working in a small area or want your desk to blend in the background.

But you have to keep in mind these gaming chairs match a wider variety of body sizes and shapes!

You need to choose the chair with the correct measurements to enjoy an optimal ergonomic experience.

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Office chairs are more neutral in design and are easier to blend into your office space, much more than their gaming cousins’ brilliant colors and vibrant angles.

Earlier on, we mentioned mesh, and another option is synthetic leather.

It’s cheap and easy to find if you’re on a budget. However, it isn’t as resilient or cool as other costlier materials.

Gaming chair or office chair: Which one should you buy?

A tricky question indeed…

You’ll have to think about your space limitations, how long you’re going to be sitting in it, your budget and if you have any particular color scheme in mind.

Gaming chairs supply better ergonomic support for longer sessions.

With higher backs, more modification choices, and lumbar cushions, even for the less expensive options.

If money isn’t a major concern, costlier office chairs can also give you a great experience and a lot of comfort.

Cheaper office chairs or those on a financial par with gaming chairs will not offer long-term comfort.

If, however, you don’t have the space or need a more professional look, then a gaming chair may not be for you.

We feel that if you’re spending your money on a gaming setup, then it’s better money for value to invest in a gaming chair.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking an office style, invest in a premium office chair, unless a more discreet gaming chair catches your eye.

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