Good things about big thighs: Why big thighs are great

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What are some good things about thick thighs?

good things about big thighs why big thighs are greatOn this page you will learn that every downside has its upside and that you don’t have to feel frustrated at all as a person with fuller thighs!

It seems like big butts (and twerking) are a new rage nowadays.

And while some pretend like all the booty buzz is brand new, shapely bottoms have always captured the imagination.

On the other hand, other parts of our bodies got stuck with blame and guilt. The biggest example? Our thighs. Especially curvy, big, thick thighs.

So, like a big butt, where’s the pride in having big thighs?

Good things about big thighs: Introduction

Whether you believe it or not, ladies with thick thighs will no longer have to be embarrassed about squeezing their chubby upper legs into shorts in the summer! 

Because as it turns out, those fuller legs are actually something to celebrate!

Down below are the advantages of having thick thighs!

A lower threat for heart diseases

Research shows the fat that collects in the thighs and booty is more difficult to move than fat around your stomach, while it’s actually much better than having a potbelly.

Having an apple-shaped body (having more fat around the waist) is believed to be more dangerous because it raises the danger of heart disease and diabetes.

Stronger legs minimize joint pain

You’ll have less pain later in life if you have muscular legs!

Scientists found that stronger thigh muscles can help secure females (not men!) from the pain caused by arthritic knees later on in life.

You look more trendy in the summertime

Ladies with slimmer thighs might be spending the hot summer months in tiny shorts.

But you’ll be drawn to significantly more elegant A-line sundresses or cool, linen trousers.

In other words, you will win in terms of style and fashion!

Fashion tip: Check out our all-encompassing buying guide on great jeans for fuller thighs and read How to look good in jeans with big thighs to get the best deal of your life!

A style that is uniquely your own

You can’t help but have a unique style.

Whether you’re tall, petite, or somewhere in between, having big thighs suggests you can’t wear many of the basic clothes for sale in mainstream stores.

So you might even have your local tailor saved in the list of your favorite contacts!

In either case, you’re not going to look like everyone else, which is something to be glad about!

Less likely to get injured

It really doesn’t matter how thick your thighs are or how they rub together (damn you, thigh gap!).

Healthy legs mean a more powerful core, which keeps your spinal column happy and keeps off back injury!

Great lower body strength

The muscles in your thighs are the biggest in the body.

This means that they are (even if only to a small extent) at the root of those wonderful legs.

And even if they’re not, making them stronger and more toned will pay off.

Because if you have more muscles, you will accelerate your metabolism and you’ll burn more fat.

Plus, who wouldn’t like to be more skilled at crouching, lifting, running, dancing, walking, jogging, cycling, etc. ?

These are all the benefits of bulky hamstrings and quads!

Lots of sexy celebrities have thick thighs

Several of your role models are the sexiest persons on earth and have bulky, attractive upper legs.

Great examples of attractive celebrities with beautiful thighs are:

  • Lizzo
  • Shakira
  • Ashley Graham
  • Beyonce
  • Rihanna
  • Demi Lovato
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Bebe Rexha
  • Serena Williams
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Selena Gomez
  • Kate Winslet, etc. 

Do you love your upper legs but still wish to get them a little more toned?

Then read How to get skinny thighs for some excellent home workout ideas!

Better cholesterol levels: Good things about big thighs

Ladies with strong, bulky legs usually have healthier bloodwork and lower levels of cholesterol.

They are also more likely to produce hormones that metabolize sugar.

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