Best Heavy Duty Big and Tall Recliners.

How about spending a weekend flipping the lever of a recliner for your desired position of comfort? After a week’s hassle bustle, this might be your day’s best moment – and probably the longing your body was just waiting for.

So, what’s the punchline?

Recliners have not just become fashionably stylistic, but they are also the contemporary benchmark of comfort. You can pleasurably lounge in them and forget about the pressures of work and more.

But as the big guy, a regular recliner can spoil your fun. Or you may never get to have the fun-packed comfort that’s talked up regarding recliners.

That’s why I spent time researching suitable models of the best big and tall recliners. Take this home: the internet offers much on the table, but you can be dead sure you won’t sometimes love the confusion that sets in because the options list to choose from is annoyingly endless.

Fortunately, I have lined up five models I narrowed down to, which I present in the next sections in detailed reviews. Just keep on reading.

Best Big and Tall Recliners for Heavy Person Compared.

Bestseller No. 1
Electric Lift Chair Recliner 350 LB Heavy Duty,JULYOFX Infinite Position Tufted Ultra Comfy...
  • [Infinite Stand Up Lift Chair]:With single motor and heavy duty mechanism,the lift chair could lift the seniors or...
Bestseller No. 2
EZCHEER Padded Zero Gravity Chair, 75 inch Extra Long Patio Lounge Recliner Support 400 lbs Heavy...
  • [2020 Latest Update Version]: 2020 upgrade padded zero gravity chair which can support up to 400lbs, (others...
Bestseller No. 3
CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair - Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric...
  • STURDY AND FUNCTIONAL POWER LIFT RECLINER: Modern style and functionality merge together with single motor and heavy...

Why Do You Need the Best Heavy Duty Big and Tall Recliners?

Often, people tend to ignore the role played by the size aspect of any sort of chair. But let’s be frank: a standard recliner wouldn’t stand a tall, overweight person’s stature, right?

Attempting to sit in small chairs equals much less to self-condemnation. Because it is only a matter of when rather than if the chair crumbles due to increased application of pressure. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly with Heat & Massage, Heavy Duty Lift Reclining Chair with Contemporary Overstuffed Arms and Back, Blue

It is for this reason that recliner chairs for tall people are designed with special attention to certain specific features. For example, the backrests are tall and wide, and the seats are also wide.

With this in mind, comfort is always guaranteed for the tall person. And you may also find the chairs worth sitting in for as long as you’d like thanks to the padding and cushioning efforts on the seat, backrest, and the armrests.

The impact of a fat person on a chair is quite massive. If the chair is cheaply made, you will keep on lamenting your time in it rather than appreciating what it offers.

Heavy-duty chairs are constructed with higher weight capacities. Thus, they are a very reliable option for the big and tall community.

The large capacity means that your weight is adequately covered for a comfortable seating experience.

Coming to the functionality of the recliners, you already know about the reclining function, its importance, and how it works. In a one-word verdict, I would say – heaven-sent!

Having a chair that promotes the comfort and health of a person as a recliner does, is a massive plus for fitness reasons. And this surely is a timely bonus for the tall, heavy guys battling to keep the right shape and size of the body.

Some recliners even integrate advanced services like massage treatments. All you have to do is to turn a dial and enjoy the rest of the session.

And the list of benefits goes on and on.

Different Types of Best Heavy Duty Big and Tall Recliners.

Your body shape, size, and taste, even though you are part of the big and tall people community, are nowhere near the same to another big person’s. What’s the significance here?

Well, we are all tall and big. But, come on, our statures and tastes are not similar. So, companies have to go the extra-mile of designing heavy-duty recliners based on the varied needs of the big people.

Let’s take a look at some types right next.

1.   Big and Tall Basic Recliner

In general, recliners are known to sell for more bucks. Most often than not, getting even a basic recliner involves a splurge.

Yet, the chair would only provide what’s worth the money released – which are basic functions. These may include things like a movable back, adjustable footrest, a lever, and of course, the recline mechanism itself.

Bestseller No. 1
Merax Portland Technical Leather Big & Tall Executive Recliner Napping - Black
  • Outstanding Look Office Chair: A black double-layered bonded leather office chair, classic tufted design (buttons in...

2.   Big and Tall Rocker Recliner

If you wish to experience a tad mix of reclining and rocking functions – for sure, this is super-fun, and gamers know about it – the rocking recliner does style it up for you.

This recliner offers a necessary versatility. If you don’t want to recline, the rocking motion wouldn’t be far from reach, if you love that.

The 2-in-1 functional design is advantageous as it lays off extra expenses that come by purchasing two chairs with separated rocking and reclining functions.

Bestseller No. 1
CANMOV Rocker Recliner Chair, Heavy Duty Reclining Chair with Contemporary Overstuffed Arms and...
  • MATERIAL: NAVY fabric looks like GRAY in the light. Luxurious breathable recliner with high-density foam and laminated...

3.   Big and Tall Wall Savers

This type of recliners for the big guys is a welcome addition to the home short in space. Wall savers operate in a totally different way.

What happens is that the reclining mechanism, once engaged, makes the chair glide forward to some distance before it actually reclines backward toward the wall.

Bestseller No. 1
Lane Stallion Big Man(Extra Large) Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner in Blue Depths(Grey Blue). Made...
  • WallSaver Feature Allows you to Place the Chair within Inches of the Wall and Still Recline.

4.   Big and Tall Recliners with Massage Function

The big man recliner with massage function is a chair made to offer just beyond ordinary recliner comfort. Included in the design of this chair is the massaging feature, usually an electric heat massager that runs in the back and sometimes the seat of the chair.

The massager works by vibrating your body, especially in the back and leg regions. Turn the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease your comfort level.

Bestseller No. 1
CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly with Heat & Massage, Heavy Duty Lift Reclining Chair...
  • MATERIAL: Luxurious power lift recliner with high-density foam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) system to provide...

5.   Big and Tall Power Lift Recliner

If you have issues with mobility, a power lift chair will help you stand up. From the sitting position, the electric mechanism of this chair first raises the chair and lets it forward so you can stand effortlessly.

Bestseller No. 1
CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair - Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric...
  • STURDY AND FUNCTIONAL POWER LIFT RECLINER: Modern style and functionality merge together with single motor and heavy...

6 Heavy Duty Big and Tall Recliner Reviewed.

1.     Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner, 300 lbs. Capacity, 42.5 Height

The Ashley Yandel Signature Design is a recliner that packs a whole bunch of handy features, including the power lift technology. The chair’s power lift is run on two motors – one for the recline function and one for lift function.

Yandel boasts a sturdy, durable construction from top to bottom. The chair’s upholstery is a leather-like poly-fiber that comes with fade-resistant colorways but doesn’t offer excellent breathability.

The chair is generally comfortable thanks to the almost lay-flat design, although it is not advisable to take a nap on it through the night due to the leather fabric.

It features two side pockets on either side. Additionally, there’s a battery backup system that is powered by a pair of nine-volt batteries.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner Black
  • POWER LIFT RECLINER: Style and functionality merge in this dual motor lift recliner; With the touch of a button, the...


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Durable fabric
  • Unlimited seating position


  • The leather fabric gets hot

Overall, this is one of the best big and tall recliners that delivers excellent functionality and is quick to assemble. Plus, it is sturdy, durable, and easy to use.

2.     CANMOV Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliner Chair, 300 lbs., Height 40 inches

Many features presented in the CANMOV Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliner are much more the same as what you see from Ashley Yandel. Except that CANMOV has managed to include recline, sitting, and lifting functions in the remote control, which makes it possible to transit between these functions conveniently.

Coming as strong, comfortable, and spacious, this chair delivers a strong performance. Users report that once seated in it, the overstuffed foam coupled with soft polyester upholstery leaves one at a point of complete satisfaction.

The sturdy metal frame ensures that the chair is also here to stay for an extended period. For a fact, it supports 300 lbs. without potential issues.

Assembly is quick – in just 10 minutes, you will already be done!

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair - Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric...
  • STURDY AND FUNCTIONAL POWER LIFT RECLINER: Modern style and functionality merge together with single motor and heavy...


  • Comes with plenty of functions
  • Remote control activated
  • Very comfy


  • A bit expensive

Overall, this power lift recliner is an excellent choice for the elderly and less mobile persons thanks to its power lift technology.

3.      Hogan Zero Wall Oversized Recliner, Weight Capacity 500 lbs., Height 41 inches

Hogan Zero Wall Oversized Recliner demonstrates a slightly unique construction. The chair boasts an extra-wide seat, which stands at 59 inches for an exceptional seating experience.

Although it is a truly heavy-duty  recliner chair with a maximum capacity of 300 lbs., it requires that you arrange for enough space in your home fo it. The advantage is that the chair can accommodate heavy people without a fuss thanks to the robust and sturdy construction.

Further to its durable construction, is the high resilient foam cushion that’s wrapped under high-quality polyester upholstery with a suede feel. With large well-padded armrests, your comfort is assured on top of the fact that the chair reclines fully, and it is roomy.

Finally, the oversized recliner is a Zero Wallhugger. This means that it features a space-saving design that requires little or no room between the wall and its back for it to recline.

Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner Mocha
248 Reviews
Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner Mocha
  • ZERO WALL RECLINER: This comfy recliner is the ultimate lounge chair with overstuffed back, seat and arm cushions; The...


  • Very roomy
  • Solid frame
  • The extra width on the seat


  • Just one color available

Overall, this chair is for guys who want a completely spacious design of the recliners.

4.     Mega Motion 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair Recliner, 500 lbs., 43.5 inches

If you want a higher capacity recliner, then the Mega Motion 3 Position offers that dimension. Constructed from furniture-grade hardwood, this chair gives users a sense of comfort while delivering long-lasting performance.

This is a well-designed chair built for the big boys and girls. Which is why it readily takes in up to 500 lbs. of weight, just fine.

The frame is all covered in high-grade upholstery. Under the fabric, on the seat and back, Mega Motion is well padded with plush foam, and this lifts your comfort up to the next notch.

Other key features on this recliner include battery backup, two storage pockets, powerful motors, recline and lift controls, and more.

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair 500 lb Capacity Chaise Lounge...
19 Reviews
Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair 500 lb Capacity Chaise Lounge...
  • Mega Motion Large Heavy Duty Power Electric Lift and Recline 3 Position Lift Chair Recliner for bigger users up to 500...


  • Large weight capacity
  • ‘roomy
  • Comes in several color shades


  • Not attractive design

Overall, the chair fits the obese people who care less about too many features.

5.     Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair 320 lbs. Height 40 inches

This brown version of the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner is one of the three color shades available on the market. This recliner for tall people is a large chair that comes with generous seat and backrest measurements for the comfort of a big individual.

The chair’s weight capacity goes up to 320 lbs. and this is thanks to its heavy-duty frame construction. From the 140-degree reclining angle to the high-quality soft-to-the-touch faux leather upholstery, the recliner is going to provide you with plenty of comfort, which is a welcome feature for the elderly.

Plus, Mcombo packs other essential extras like two cup holders, USB outlets, storage pockets either side, a TUV motor, and more. All these features make this chair tick the box from top to bottom.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa for Elderly, 3 Positions, 2 Side Pockets and Cup...
  • POWER LIFT RECLINER: Counter-balanced lift mechanism pushes the entire chair up to help the senior stand up easily...


  • Plenty of extra features
  • Good recliner for elderly
  • Easy, quick assembly


  • Leather material may harbor some heat

Overall, this is a to-rated chair that comes with huge weight capacity for the big person. It is easy to clean, comfortable, and has charging ports for boosting your phones’ or tablet’s battery power.

6.     Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver, Medium 500 lbs., Height 48 inches

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver is constructed on a heavy-duty steel footprint with an excellent weight limit of up to 500 lbs. The chair comes in six diverse colors, so if you have other ideas other than this color, you have a reliable list to choose from.

It comes as a perfect acquisition for tall and big guys. For instance, the seat has a very spacious seating area, and the back height is tall enough to accommodate taller guys very comfortably.

To give the unit a more robust, sturdier build, the steel frame construction also features hardwood additions. The chair is American-made, and this gives it a taste of originality and functional assurance.

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver, Medium
206 Reviews
Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver, Medium
  • Covered in a rich leather looking suede with a plush hand


  • Heavy-duty steel construction with hardwood reinforcements
  • Durable
  • Quickly assembled


  • Very expensive

Overall, this is a good choice of the recliner chair for tall people with premium qualities. It is a very strong, durable wall saver.

Consider this Before You Buy the Best Big and Tall Recliners.

Before you purchase a big and tall recliner chair, you’ll need to consider the following parameters.

  • Weight Capacity

Check for the ability of the chair to hold your weight securely and safely. Find out how much weight at most a specific model can accommodate.

Does it match your weight? The recliners featured in the reviews above have weight limits ranging from 300 lbs.-500 lbs.

  • Space In Your Room

The size of the room where you want to put the chair can influence your buying decisions. So, consider the size of the room – measure the back-space to ensure that it is at least 3 feet distance.

Remember that the chair will recline into a flat position/bed style. Given this happens, you need enough back space for the chair to recline.

  • Choice Of Materials

The build quality of a recliner is heavily dependent on what materials go into its construction. And this, in turn, determines the strength and durability aspects of the recliners.

Select chairs with heavy-duty metal frames, preferably steel. As for the fabric, polyester, leather, and cotton are commonly used.

The critical thing is to try to find out if this fabric is breathable for your comfort and, of course, long-lasting and easy to clean.

  • Size of the Chair

To enjoy every moment in the recliner, you’ve got to consider models with extra-wide seats and tall backrests. Spacious as they would be, your comfort is never going to be compromised.

In Conclusion 

The big and tall recliners reviewed in this guide have what it takes to bring you closer to your fun and comfort. All of them were carefully selected based on their overall functionality.

They are the perfect starting place for a big guy. With all of them being within the range of 300lbs.-500lbs. capacity, you can be guaranteed that your time in the recliner is going to be worth remembering.

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