High weight capacity outdoor chairs: How to pick the best one

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Once the cold winds of winter are gone, it’s finally time to enjoy your backyard again. And high weight capacity outdoor chairs can add interesting value to your garden and take your moments of relaxation to new heights!

high weight capacity outdoor chairs for plus size people at the lakeYou might be checking out outdoor furniture to create the paradise backyard you’ve always wanted.

Not all outside furniture is the same, though…

Depending on your body, home, and the environment you live in, different materials may not be suited for your situation and garden.

It’s essential to think about the weather, the weight support, and the level of comfort you are looking for.

When it comes to outdoor chairs, you’ll notice that your options are limited to +/- seven different materials.

Luckily for you, we made a list of the pros and cons of each material below.

Think about normal climate conditions

Depending on your regional environment, some materials might be more sensitive to tear and wear than others.

If you live in a rainy environment, wrought iron or steel outside chairs might not be the best option.

They are more vulnerable to rust if not treated well against rain and humidity.

Wooden outdoor chairs can also be a challenging option if you live in humid environments.

Neglected wood furniture is vulnerable to mildew, mold, and rot.

For the readers living in windy areas: You’ll need patio chairs and very strong furniture that is heavy enough to endure strong winds.

You don’t want your chairs to get blown away from time to time. This makes aluminum and plastic furniture a problematic choice.

Are you lucky enough to often enjoy the sunshine?

Then you’ll want to choose furniture that can last long days in the intense sun, while also resisting splitting, fading, or warping due to the heat. And watch out for steel and metal patio chairs as they absorb the heat…

Convenience & flexibility

Do you plan to reorganize your patio furniture frequently? Or do you simply want to have the option to move your outdoor furniture in case of special events?

In that case, you’ll also want to consider buying outdoor chairs that are easy to move, transport and adjust.

This may be an issue with heavy outdoor chairs, like stainless steel or wrought iron.

On the other hand, wicker, aluminum, and plastic furniture are all relatively lightweight.

They are easy for a single person to move without help from other people.

This makes this type of patio furniture very practical to rearrange as often as needed.

Comfy outdoor chairs and furniture

Do you also want to have an outdoor space where you can unwind, greet the morning with a cup of coffee, or even relax after a long day?

Then you’ll want to relax in outdoor chairs and furnishings that are actually comfy to sit in.

When it comes to comfort and frequent use, some materials are simply more suited than others.

Metal furnishings, like wrought iron, aluminum, and cast aluminum, won’t be all that comfortable on their own.

And since they can heat up rapidly in direct sunlight, it might be too hot of an option for warmer, sunnier climates.

You can solve this issue by adding pillows or seat cushions.

Wood, on the other hand, can work as a reasonably comfy seat with or without cushions.

Wicker is also a relatively comfy seating choice for indoor as well as outdoor patio areas.

Plastics, polymer, or resin outdoor furniture are also good options when comfort is an important factor.

Are you considering buying new outdoor chairs for your yard?

Here are a few of the best big and tall lawn chairs for plus-size and tall people.

This overview helps you to limit the options and, eventually, pick the best material for your outdoor chair, body type, and lifestyle.

Material types of outdoor chairs: Pros and Cons

To help you discover which outdoor chair is the very best option for you, we’ve highlighted the advantages and disadvantages in a list for each material type.

While each material type has its own strengths, it’s important to note that they each have their weak points too.

Are you struggling with deciding which material type will work best for your outdoor chair and desired use?

Then we highly recommend comparing all the choices, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of product:


Pros: Sturdy, natural design, durable, pleasant to look at.

Cons: Requires intensive maintenance, vulnerable to weather elements and fire, can be expensive.

Rattan or wicker

Pros: Comfortable, lightweight, visually pleasing and beautiful.

Cons: Not as long lasting as other materials, needs to be protected in winter, can fade quickly.

Plastic, resin and polymer

Pros: Low maintenance, lots of colors and designs to choose from, economical (good value for money), lightweight.

Cons: Not as strong as other materials, not as durable, can crack and fade quickly (especially if you’re tall and/or weigh more than the average individual).

Steel high weight capacity outdoor chairs

Pros: Sturdy, long-lasting, contemporary look.

Cons: Heavy, vulnerable to corrosion and rust, expensive, can get extremely hot in direct sunlight.

Wrought iron

Pros: Durable, looks attractive, available in vintage look too, many styles readily available, classic look.

Cons: Expensive, uncomfortable, heavy, vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

Cast aluminum

Pros: Relatively cheap, weather-resistant, rust-proof and long lasting.

Cons: It can blow away during heavy winds and can be really unpleasant to sit on (it absorbs the heat).


Pros: Durable, cheap, requires little maintenance, and lightweight.

Cons: Can absorb the heat, can rust if not maintained well, and can be quickly blown away by strong winds.

Summary: High weight capacity outdoor chairs

Make sure to compare your options and learn all you can about the different outside furniture products.

Especially when you are looking around for high weight capacity outdoor chairs.

You need to consider all of the following factors before you invest your money:

  • Which type of material is best for you?
  • The weight capacity of the chair (read more about this on our specific page how much weight can a chair hold?)
  • Your body type (size and weight)
  • The climate and weather the chairs will be exposed to
  • Your outside area
  • The way and frequency you’ll use your outdoor chairs

Once you’ve picked your perfect set, you’ll know that you selected the outdoor furniture that works best for your weight, body, and lifestyle.

As such, you’ll ensure yourself of a gorgeous outdoor setting for years to come!

Tip: Let us inspire you with how to create a more relaxing backyard, no matter your size.

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