How can a 50-year-old woman lose belly fat?

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How can a 50-year-old woman lose belly fat? It’s all down to lifestyle changes.

How can a 50-year-old woman lose belly fat?As we get older, the pounds pile up and our figure change especially if you’re 50 or more.

How can a 50-year-old woman lose belly fat? Introduction

Several factors are to blame for your belly, including pregnancy and menopause.

But at 50, you have a little more time for yourself, and when you feel the need to look after your figure.

By reading this article, you will see, ladies, that it is quite possible to regain a flat stomach.

How can a 50-year-old woman lose belly fat? The causes

Weight gain and menopause

Between age 45 and 55, many women find that they have grown a belly and accumulated excess weight.

To make matters worse, the menopause has come knocking.

Our ovaries have stopped producing eggs and menstruation has stopped.

These physiological phenomena are accompanied by some other physical signs.

Hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disorders, mood swings are common.

Also psychological and emotional signs such as a change in libido.

But in reality, menopause itself is not responsible for weight gain, but rather age.

From the age of 50, a woman’s body slows down its production of growth hormone.

This regulates the consolidation and maintenance of muscle mass.

Your muscles, ladies, lose volume and elasticity, and that favors fat accumulation.

Under the right conditions, fat mass represents about 18 to 26% of a woman’s body weight, or between 9 kg and 16 kg.

For some women, this does not get better with time.

Which is why we can see a progressive belly growth from the age of approximately 45.

On the other hand, the muscle mass decreases.

In addition, at age 50, the body reduces its energy needs.

The body’s basic metabolism slows down, and causes,  loss of appetite, anxiety, depression.

The slowing of your metabolism, coupled with the hormonal changes saps your energy.

That goes hand in hand with a decrease in the physical activities necessary to maintain a beautiful figure.

Your body will then have no choice but to store more of the energy you don’t use as fat.

Statistics show that the weight gain is between 9 and 16 kg, for +/- 80% of women.

It is possible, however, for a 50 year old woman, to lose her belly and to lose extra pounds!

How can a 50-year-old woman lose belly fat? Food and exercise

First of all,  a growing belly and being generally overweight can come from bad eating habits.

A lack of physical exercise doesn’t help either.

There are many solutions , but the main one to apply at this age is a change in lifestyle.

In other words, it is necessary to adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

Limit pre-packed and processed foods.

Pizza, pasta, white bread are all heavy to digest and can bloat you.

Go for good, fresh, nutritious foods that will provide you with vitamins and many minerals.

At the same time, you should avoid deli meats, cheeses, sweets, carbonated drinks and beer.

Simply put, we are telling you to eat better and more simply.

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Fight against water retention

The decrease of estrogen in women after 50 years of age favors water retention.

This extenuates cellulite on the stomach, thighs, buttocks and sometimes arms!

As blood pressure weakens, your body finds it more difficult to get rid of toxins naturally.

So you will need to stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation.

This will help avoid stagnation of toxins in the body, that would turn to cellulite.

Dry brushing is a great way to remove these toxins and boost the blood and lymphatic system.

Some diuretic herbs are also perfect to induce a detoxification of the body.

Meadowsweet, dandelion, artichoke, nettle and black radish are a few.

No to strict diets

Don’t try a strict diet with short lived results.

Re-balancing your diet is a gradual and lasting process that becomes a habit.

Gaining a few extra pounds never justifies a restrictive diet when hormones are playing tricks on you!

The first action to take is to have a dietary assessment.

This will reveal your nutritional needs to match them to your diet.

It is important to understand that weight gain is a biological result.

Undertaking a strict diet will of course disrupt this

Your health may suffer, which will ultimately make it more difficult to reach your healthy weight.

At age 50, a gradual return to a balanced body mass is desirable.

Too due to a diet will only lead to bingeing.

Move more

After 50, your muscles don’t have the same punch as they did at 20.

Your skills have declined and so has your physical fitness.

Therefore, practicing a sport to lose belly should be considered carefully.

To achieve this, start gently and listen to your body.

You should focus on gentle but effective activities.

Water aerobics, cycling or walking, burn calories without raising your heart rate.

The most important thing is to practice your physical activity regularly for maximum effect.

For example, try to take 9,000 steps a day.

This effort will revive your immune system and keep it in good shape.

After the age of 50, because of moderate exercise, your body produces catecholamines.

These are hormones that ensure the transfer of lipids into the blood vessels.

These will then provide the necessary energy to the body’s organs.

It is also known as the ‘fight or flight’ hormone, generated in response to stressful situations.

Swimming is also an ideal solution if you want to lose belly fat.

It is considered a complete sport, as it gently yet firmly tones your muscles.

Finally, hiking is an activity that is very soothing psychologically, and helps you to decompress.

Don’t neglect group sports as they are also good for morale.

Eat better and fresher

Fruits and vegetables are natural fat burners.

They help you transpose to a healthier way of eating.

So increase your intake of raw and organic vegetables and avoid agricultural chemicals as they are harmful.

Healthy, lean proteins are also better allies. They help stabilize healthy weight.

You will find plant proteins in seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains.

Animal proteins re found in fatty fish, poultry, shellfish, etc.

After the age of 50, a woman’s diet should also include about 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day.

Fiber normalizes blood sugar levels and lowers levels of ghrelin, which stimulates appetite.

They help lower the glycemic index of the foods you eat.

Ideally, eat very lightly in the evening. Avoid snacking so much and wait until you feel hungry before eating.

Don’t force yourself to eat at set times either: sometimes you won’t feel like it, especially if you’ve been inactive all day.

How to lose weight after 50 years: Conclusion

We have seen in this article several tips for successful weight loss after 50.

Here is a short summary so you don’t forget anything.

  • Fight against water retention
  • No strict diets
  • Move more
  • Eat better and fresher

By applying the tips to the letter, you will succeed in losing weight permanently.

It’s not magic, it’s science.

You need to make sure you are healthy with a good diet and regular physical activity such as walking, cycling or running.

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