How can I improve my pedaling efficiency? Tips

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How can I improve my pedaling efficiency? is a frequently asked question by novice and experienced bicycle enthusiasts. Effective pedaling is crucial!

how can I improve my pedaling efficiencyIn order to pedal efficiently, you should make subtle changes to the angle of your foot.

This guarantees that power is moved to the pedals throughout the whole cycle.

This increases the number of leg muscles you use in each rotation. This way, you’ll take full advantage of the benefits you get from biking and your cycling diet.

Don’t worry if it looks complex. It will feel like a very natural process and it becomes easier with practice.

Simply put: The goal is to make sure you are powering the pedal throughout the full circle.

It’s a common mistake to only focus on the downward movement. You should also focus on maintaining a proper riding position on the bike.

And you should also focus on pulling the pedal back up again as you complete the revolution.

Like this, you are getting the most out of the whole movement, making your pedaling, and therefore your ride, smoother and less jerky.

How can I improve my pedaling efficiency? Tips

The following tips focus on the full circle your pedal makes, starting from the very top of the revolution.

Move the pedal slightly forward

Push the pedal a little forward before you push down. It is hard to push downwards with the pedal at the top of the cycle.

In this phase, you’ll use your thigh muscles.

Start the push downwards

As the pedal moves from the top of the revolution, drop your heel slightly to assist your leg push forward and down.

Your thigh and shin muscles work together to power this stage of the revolution.

Increase power on the pushdown

As the revolution continues, the muscles in your butts, hip and thigh push the pedal down.

These muscles are assisted by your calves as your toes lower below your heel.

This is the most demanding stage of the pedal revolution.

Drawback motion to increase pedaling efficiency

At the bottom of the stroke, you can’t continue to push further, so you need to pull back on the pedal.

This action is like scraping something off the bottom of your shoe, and you use your hamstrings and calf muscles to perform it.

An easy mind trick to smoothen this stage is to imagine you have a piece of gum stuck to your shoe and you want to scrape it off.

Pull stage: How can I improve my pedaling efficiency

When pedaling slowly, riding uphill or out of the saddle, you’d rather pull during this phase.

To pull, you use your hip, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

How can I improve my pedaling efficiency? By not skipping the pull stage of the revolution!

When pedaling faster on flat terrain, you have the possibility to relax the muscles of the recovering leg a little to prepare for the next revolution.

Complete the revolution by pulling and pushing the pedal forward again

To complete the revolution, begin to push the pedal forward again.

With practice, you will have the ability to time this forward push without extra effort so it won’t produce tension in the muscles of the recovering leg.

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