How can I make my legs more attractive? 10 Tips for the ladies

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How can I make my legs more attractive?

How can I make my legs more attractive? 10 Tips for the ladies

Following these tips will give you a set of pins to be envied by anyone.

It will require some effort, for sure, but nothing too complicated!

Making your legs more attractive is easier than you think. Follow these 10 simple tips: waxing, scrubbing, applying moisturizer, eating healthy, practicing sports, walking more, treating bruises and scrapes, drinking enough, massaging the legs, and a list of cheat tips for more attractive legs.

We’ll discuss each of these tips in detail below, so read on.

How can I make my legs more attractive as a lady? 10 Tips

Here are 10 tips for ladies to make their legs more attractive!

Wax your legs

Don’t forget about waxing for beautiful legs.

It is done with wax or epilator, after a bath, a hot shower, or even better, after a sauna or a hammam.

The skin will be softer and the hair will be removed more easily.

You can also use a razor, on smooth and well-moisturized skin.

It’s faster, less painful and less expensive, but it grows back faster with a doormat effect for some!

Scrub to clean your legs | How can I make my legs more attractive?

There’s nothing like a good scrub for clean legs.

To do this, use a kessa glove or loofah sponge, apply black soap and scrub in small circular motions.

Alternatively, use a commercial scrub or a DIY coffee scrub based on coffee grounds mixed with vegetable oil and scrub by hand.

You can exfoliate your entire body this way.

Exfoliation eliminates dead cells, makes the skin more beautiful and clearer, allows for optimal hair removal (but not on the same day!).

It also allows for  better moisturizer absorption.

Scrub 2 or 3 times a week maximum.

Hydrate your legs with moisturizer

After the scrub, we move on to moisturizing!

The legs are one of the driest parts of the skin, so it is important to moisturize them well.

To avoid crocodile skin and ingrown hairs resulting int small pimples, moisturize every day with a cream.

You can try an aloe vera gel followed by a vegetable oil, for example.

Peach skin effect guaranteed!

Eat healthy

For beautiful legs, take plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin E, which is good for blood circulation, and vitamin C, which is essential for the production of collagen.

Also on the menu:

  • Oleaginous fruits (almonds, walnuts…) and vegetable oils
  • Grapes, red fruits and citrus fruits: antioxidants that fight free radicals, thin the blood and strengthen the vascular walls
  • Potassium, for its draining effect

Practice sports to slim and strengthen your legs

Yoga, Pilates, swimming, aquabike, aquagym, biking, surfing, paddle, running: the best sports to slim down or strengthen your legs.

Do you dream of muscular and tapered legs? Here are 5 sports to sculpt and refine your legs!


This is the most effective activity for firmer thighs and beautiful calves.

You will need to run at least half an hour several times a week to see the effects.

Plus, it’s good for your heart and helps you de-stress!


There’s nothing like cycling training to get your legs in shape!

In addition, this sport stimulates blood circulation, which helps fight cellulite.

For more treatments against cellulite, have a look at our other post What is the most effective treatment for cellulite? Insights

Not too keen on cycling or an unsuitable environment? Go for the elliptical (in the gym or at home) or for aqua bike classes!

Alternatively, opt for a daily series of squats, the magic move for thighs: legs hip-width apart, bend your knees, buttocks back, back straight, pull up and repeat.


Nothing better than swimming to shape your figure!

Less strenuous than running or cycling, swimming will help you lose fat in your thighs and lengthen your figure.

What type of swimming? It depends!

Breaststroke shapes the inner thighs, the crawl hardens the glutes and calves, and the backstroke works the front of the thighs and buttocks. It’s up to you!


Rollerblading is an ideal activity for building leg and buttock muscles.

The front and inner thighs are very mobilized and the result can be seen very quickly.

Make sure you wear protective gear. A leg in a cast isn’t a great look.


Dancing strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and tones the calves while helping us work on our posture and flexibility.

Plus, you’re spoiled for choice: Zumba, salsa, modern-jazz, rock, body jam… You are bound to find something you like!

Walk for more defined legs | How can I make my legs more attractive?

If you sit in front of the computer all day and only ever walk to your car, you can forget about pretty, tapered legs!

So for beautiful legs, make sure you walk as much as possible: walk to work, park further away or get off at the previous subway station.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

Get up and walk from time to time if you’re sitting down all day.

And if you’re really up for it, try hiking!

Treat bruises, bumps and scrapes on your legs

Bruises and small wounds do not look good on the legs!

To treat bruises quickly, you can use arnica, one of the most effective natural products against blows.

Fresh aloe vera gel will relieve inflammation and accelerate healing for lesions and burns.

You can also use witch hazel in infusion to relieve the pain after a blow and to de-inflame.

In terms of essential oils, you can count on the essential oil (EO) of immortelle to prevent a hematoma from spreading.

This EO is also known as the Italian strawflower or helichrysum italicum.

Finally, green clay, thanks to its cleansing, healing and protective properties, can be used as a dressing on a cut or a scratch.

Cheat sheet for more attractive legs | How can I make my legs more attractive?

To have beautiful legs, or rather to make believe that you have beautiful legs, you can cheat a little!

First, you can wear sneakers mounted on pads that work the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calves.

Then, to really cheat, we have a few tricks:

  • Unstrap the ankle, it gives the impression of a thinner ankle
  • Forget the ballerinas, they only fit tall, thin girls and teenagers
  • Wear shoes that match the color of your pants. The optical effect lengthens the leg considerably
  • Go for vertical stripes, which have a slimming effect
  • Focus on the dress or skirt split, this shape also slims the leg
  • Wear wedges
  • Wear a large top to lighten the bottom
  • Wear comfortable shoes to avoid blisters and foot deformities that affect gait
  • Wear opaque tights
  • Avoid thin heels for thick ankles

Drink enough to stay hydrated

It is essential to stay well-hydrated to eliminate toxins and limit water retention, which can impact the beauty of the legs.

Don’t limit yourself to water, try also green tea.

It’s very good for your health, and has a marvelous draining effect. Get those toxins out.

On the other hand, avoid prepacked juices and other carbonated drinks, too full of sugar!

Massage the legs

Even the slimmest women are prone to cellulite. And to get rid of it, nothing better than a good massage!

Using a cream or oil, massage your legs from bottom to top (important for blood circulation).

Finish with a palpate and roll on your thighs: in concrete terms, knead the skin of your thighs like bread, pressing hard.

Repeat the operation as often as possible, ideally every day, while applying your moisturizer or vegetable oil.

Tip: Another method to treat cellulite is ultrasound cavitation, read all about it here: How does ultrasound cavitation work to treat cellulite?

How can I make my legs more attractive? Conclusion

It does take a little work, but if you can incorporate some vitamins and basic care in your beauty routine, you’ll find yourself with the legs of a Greek goddess!

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