How can I make my terrace look beautiful? Design ideas & tricks

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How can I make my terrace look beautiful? The terrace is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family on beautiful summer days.

How can I make my terrace look beautiful? Design ideas & tricksEspecially if you have decorated the place practically and attractively. But how do you best go about decorating a terrace and what do you need to pay attention to?

Making a terrace look beautiful can be done easily and budget-friendly. Options and tips include: providing warmth, light, shade, paving, decorations, a practical layout, comfortable furniture and a good location.

Read on for the details about these design ideas and tricks to make your terrace look beautiful.

How can I make my terrace look beautiful?

Provide warmth and light

To use your patio in the evening in a pleasant way, 2 things are absolutely essential: warmth and light.

If you are planning to install a patio cover, be sure to consider a cover with (lockable) walls. With that, you can easily solve the problem of cold and wind.

Installing a windbreak is another option. This is easy to assemble, takes up little space and protects well from the wind.

Such windshields are available in different designs, fixed or mobile, vertically or horizontally extendable, etc.

Also popular are patio heaters. These are available in a standing form but you can also attach them to the wall/wall or ceiling.

Do you rather want a combination of warmth and atmosphere? Then go for a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, if space permits.

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Protect from the sun

Few people like to sit in the scorching sun for long. So think about sun protection when decorating your patio.

This can be done through a parasol, articulated screen, patio cover, etc.

The great advantage of a patio cover is that it protects from the sun and the wind and rain so you, your patio and furniture remain better protected.

With so many options available in terms of designs and materials, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Pave the terrace nicely | How can I make my terrace look beautiful?

Which design and material you choose for the decking depends on the look and style you want, the budget available and the maintenance you want to spend on it.

Keep in mind that patio paving is under the influence of changing weather conditions and therefore needs to withstand a beating.

The most popular versions are the following:

Terrace tiles

  • Available in a variety of materials: concrete, natural stone, ceramic, composite, wood,…
  • Possible in different laying patterns: block bond, elbow bond, diagonal bond,…
  • Prices of terrace tiles strongly depend on the chosen material

Terrace decking

  • Available in a variety of materials: wood, composite, plastic,…
  • With or without anti-slip function
  • Popular because of its warm and sleek look.
  • Target price for decking depends on the material chosen

Clinker brick tiles

  • Available in different designs: clay clinkers or concrete clinkers.
  • Popular because of its robust character.


  • Available in several unique varieties: Belgian porphyry, Swedish granite, Kandla,…
  • Possible in different designs: platines, mosaic cobblestones and farmers cobblestones.
  • Popular because of the authentic look (unique look)

Finish it off with stylish decorations

With the right decoration you can turn your terrace into a cozy and atmospheric place where it is lovely to linger. Provide pillows and blankets, some mood lighting, some candles, background music, and so on. Blankets definitely come in handy when it cools down in the evening.

Plants and flowers are also a nice idea. They create a cheerful atmosphere, deliver a natural hue and provide a natural transition between the garden and the terrace.

Find out in advance which plants and flowers can stand some sun and which you’d better put in the shade.

Ensure a practical patio layout | How can I make my terrace look beautiful?

Perhaps the most difficult thing about patio design is the layout of the patio.

How many people is the patio intended for and how much space do you need to give everyone a seat? In other words, should you set up a large or small patio?

Do you want just a table and chairs on the patio or will there also be loungers, heavy-duty outdoor rocking chairs for relaxing, a barbecue, Jacuzzi, outdoor fireplace, etc.?

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When setting up a terrace, think carefully about the surface area required and how you are going to fill it with furniture.

Choose a layout which allows for easy movement.

Draw a floor plan of the patio layout and determine the space need to walk between items.

A professional can advise you on this and help you make the right choices.

Choose comfortable and stylish patio furniture

On a terrace, a table and chairs cannot be missing. Terrace furniture is manufactured in a variety of materials.

Which material you choose depends primarily on the look you want.

Wood, for example, creates a warm and cozy look. On the other hand, aluminum furniture looks rather cold, but it is sleek and modern.

Make sure the furniture you choose matches each other and your home and garden in style, so everything integrates seamlessly.

Also, keep in mind the maintenance needed. For example, wood requires much more maintenance than aluminum or PVC.

Do you prefer not to have a standard table and chairs? A nice picnic bench is a nice alternative. Moreover, you don’t have to limit it to a table and chairs.

If your patio is large enough, you can also place, for example, loungers, a lounge set, rocking chairs, a hammock, etc.

Think carefully about the location of your terrace

Where should your terrace be located? You can feel free to think out of the box here. A terrace should not necessarily be adjacent to the house.

You can also place it somewhere else in the garden, all by itself or adjacent to the pond or pool for example.

Do you have a small garden or no garden at all? Perhaps you can have a roof terrace? Please note that your roof must have sufficient bearing capacity for this.

When deciding on the location of your patio, keep the sun in mind. Consider whether you want your patio on the sun or shade side in advance.

For a terrace in the sun, it is best to provide protection. A parasol or patio cover, for example.

How can I make my terrace look beautiful? Conclusion

Let your imagination run riot, and merge it with some careful planning.

Practicality meets aesthetics for your new space, which with the right furniture, furnishings and plants can become a focus point of your home.

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