How do I choose a beach chair being a plus-size individual?

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Do you want to chill in a comfortable beach chair that can easily support your weight? Then you will likely ask yourself this question: How do I choose a beach chair being a plus-size individual?

how do I choose a beach chair being a plus size individualIndeed, you must have a strong beach chair with a high weight capacity.

Every summer, families and friends like to go out to the beach.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the pleasure of the sun, the sea, the water and the sand during those hot summer months?

One of the main things that people bring along on their trips to the beach is a beach chair.

Not only do beach chairs provide you with a relaxing seat to unwind and relax. They also enable you to get a tan with ease.

However, people who are a little heavier and taller often have trouble finding a good beach chair that supports them adequately.

Beach chairs for heavier people are readily available

Most beach chairs for sale on the market have a relatively low weight carrying capability. In other words, they can’t support plus-size people.

Before you head to the beach, make sure to buy one of the best heavy-duty beach chairs with a high weight capacity.

If you happen to be overweight and/or tall, you will only be able to fully relax on the beach if you can sit and relax in a heavy-duty beach chair model.

It is the only option to avoid sinking through the beach chair in front of other people!

Furthermore, you can avoid and minimize neck and back pain, injuries and expensive medical treatments if you buy an appropriate, sturdy beach chair.

How to select a beach chair with a high weight capacity?

Not everyone likes to spread out a towel on the sand and simply sit there for a whole day…

If you plan to spend hours on the beach, beach chairs provide comfort and a fantastic option to relax.

It’s essential to find the ideal beach chair with a high weight capacity if you weigh heavier than the average person (but losing some weight before going to the beach is probably a good idea too).

Here are the things you should really consider when selecting an appropriate beach chair for your plus-size body:

Weight of the beach chair

It doesn’t mean you have to carry around an extremely heavy beach chair when choosing a beach chair with a high weight capacity.

This is why it’s crucial to identify and select a “balanced” beach chair.

Look out for one that’s made of resilient and strong material. But the beach chair itself still needs to be lightweight enough to carry it around easily.


The weight capacity of a beach chair isn’t the only factor to be thought of.

Picking one with the ideal accessories can be a huge bonus. Lately, many fancy beach chairs have all kinds of extras.

Nowadays, beach chairs come geared up with cup holders, armrests, footrests, and even their own foldable umbrellas.

These combos can save you a lot of space! Your beach chair is already equipped with all those gadgets you want to take to the beach.

Back comfort

Everybody knows their body best. So it’s important to find out what kind of back support you need.

There are beach chairs with either a low back or a high back. Most are adjustable so you can choose and adjust the height and the angle of inclination of the backrest.

This helps to prevent getting backaches when relaxing in your beach chair for a long time.

Body posture while seated

How do I choose a beach chair being a plus-size individual? One important thing to consider for people on the heavier side is their body posture while seated in the beach chair.

Some people choose a beach chair with a lower seating so they can sleep in a relaxed position.

But this can make it a lot harder to get in and out of the beach chair, especially for a heavier person.

Higher seated beach chairs are a better option if you are plus-size as they allow you to easily sit and stand up.

If you want to enjoy both, try to find a beach chair with an adjustable and reclining back which is not bad for your back.

Just make sure that the beach chair still supports plus-size people and their weight load!

Mobility of the beach chair

While the weight of a beach chair is important, you should also pay attention to its mobility.

Try to look out for one that’s portable and easy to fold.

There are solid and sturdy beach chairs for sale that can still fold easily and are pretty compact.

This makes them easier to take along with you and clean up after a long relaxing day at the beach.

Material and composition of the beach chair

Do beach chairs have a weight limit? Yes, they do! The material used for the beach chair frame is crucial in this regard.

When you select a beach chair to support your weight properly, you should definitely pay attention to the material used for the frame.

There are 3 types of materials that are frequently used for beach chairs:


Since aluminum is lightweight, this type of material is often utilized for the frame of beach chairs.

An aluminum frame makes transporting a beach chair easier. As a result, you can move around faster with it.

It’s also easier to move spots on the beach, whenever you want to!

But watch out: Aluminum beach chairs are lightweight, meaning they are also vulnerable to getting damaged. They also have a lower weight capacity than beach chairs made from steel.

The secret is to choose a suitable model with a higher-than-average weight support capability.


Wooden beach chairs look elegant and stylish. They are less sensitive to heat compared to both aluminum and steel.

With a wooden beach chair, you don’t have to worry about burning your bottom or arms on the frame.

You won’t burn your skin on wood when it’s been out in the sun for long. Wood doesn’t heat nearly as much as metals.

A disadvantage of wood beach chairs is that they’re much heavier to carry around compared to aluminum beach chairs.


Beach chairs made from steel are strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. However, they can be more expensive than beach chairs made from other materials.

Another concern with steel beach chairs is that they need appropriate care and maintenance to prevent them from rusting.

You should also avoid leaving them out under the sun. They heat up very fast and can cause you to burn your skin!

Steel also weighs a lot so it’s a less interesting material to wear to the beach.

Steel beach chairs aren’t a good idea if you have to walk a certain distance to reach the beach. This is mainly because they’re so heavy.

How do I choose a beach chair being a plus-size individual? Conclusion

How do you pick the best beach chair? There are many elements and factors to consider when buying a beach chair.

However, after taking into account all these factors, together with our tips, your search for the perfect model can begin!

Of course, the most crucial factor is your comfort. The beach chair should fit all your needs.

It’s a good idea to measure your weight and then buy a beach chair with a higher weight capacity. It’s always a good idea to build in leeway.

Build in leeway in terms of carrying capacity

For example, if you weigh 260 pounds, you should try to select a beach chair that has a max weight limit of no less than 300 pounds.

By doing this, you build in extra safety as you avoid testing the limits.

The most important thing is that you avoid tipping over with your chair.

In addition to the carrying capacity, the material of a beach chair is a crucial factor that you should investigate.

Although an aluminum beach chair is far more lightweight than a steel beach chair, it might not be the best option for plus-size people.

Aluminum is more fragile and gets damaged or deformed easier. It also heats up after a while in the sun.

It might be wiser to choose a heavier material, that is more solid, durable, and able to hold and support more weight.

Opt for steel or wood as a plus-size person

In that case, your main options are steel and wood.

How do I choose a beach chair being a plus-size individual? We recommend considering all the criteria and tips above when picking a beach chair!

Only with a heavy-duty beach chair, you’ll enable yourself to enjoy those summer days and nights at the beach, no matter your weight or size.

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