How do I choose a bra for large breasts?

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How do I choose a bra for large breasts? One that is comfortable yet provides the necessary support?

how do I choose a bra for large breastsWe read you. Trying to find the best bra for our big busts is… Trying (to put it mildly….)

But once found, your plus-size bra can be a genuinely uplifting experience (did you get that?!).

At PlusSizeZeal, we believe that big-boobed women must be allowed to select the bras they love instead of just having to settle on what is available in their size.

How do I choose a bra for large breasts?

We hope you feel spoilt for choice!

With the tips we are giving out when it comes to underwear and bras for the larger size, we’re trying to make things easier for you.

How to pick the best bras for large breasts? Read on and find out all about it!

Comfortable bras for large breasts begin with the fit

How can I wear a bra with big boobs?  A few excellent tips:

The underband (the part that extends around your back) is the primary support for your bra and should sit just below your shoulder blades.

It should only allow you to slip to two fingers in.

Wires should never rest on breast tissue but instead should sit flat at all points between the breasts and against the ribcage.

Not an underwire fan? Not to worry. Non-underwired bras for big busts exist too.

The cup should totally encase the breast, without any overspill at front or sides.

Straps should be adjusted in such a manner that you can fit only two fingers under them.

The strap is meant to only hold the cup in place and not support your breasts, which is a job for the underband.

It is important to get the right bra size

Ladies, whatever you’ve been told until today: Size matters.

And if you’ve got a bra size that’s anything above a DD, then it matters even more.

If your bra is uncomfortable, you’re wearing one that’s the wrong size.

Many of us wear a bra that doesn’t fit well, and it makes you think about how restrictive one may find it when searching for larger cup sizes.

Never ever underestimate the value of a professional bra fitting (you can book an appointment or use an app to help).

You can also choose to measure your bra size yourself (a DIY solution). Read How can I measure my bra size at home? for practical DIY tips and advice.

If you’ve lost or put on weight or even had a baby, then it’s more than likely that your bra size has changed.

Avoid the pitfalls of too-tight straps, underwire digging in your ribcage, or a ‘mono-boob’ with a bra that fits your torso and cup size.

And don’t forget about the shape of your bra to the rest of your body.

Go for a plunge or full cup style if you have a small frame and close-sitting breast.

If, on the other hand, you have more angular shoulders and a visible gap between your breast, then you might want to try a balconette bra.

Modern bras for larger busts can be any style you like

Research shows that more than 25% of ladies own 7 bras but only wear 3 regularly.

The rule of thumb says you should buy at least 3 bras and change them every 6 months.

Bras that have DD cups (or more) need to be changed more frequently to ensure the support and fit required.

Once you have actually established your size, clear out your underwear drawer and start from scratch.

A full cup Tee shirts bra, a pretty balconette bra, and a sports bra will have every situation covered (if you’ll excuse the pun).

With that sorted, you can start looking at fancier models.

Bra styles that provide various shapes for large breasts

It’s not about the letters and numbers written on your bra labels.

To discover the most comfortable bra for big boobs, you must first find out which shape works best for you.

Thankfully, manufacturers use varying designs to cover all shapes and sizes. Here’s some of them:

How do I choose a bra for large breasts? 7 Options


Bralettes offer the protection and support that those people with big boobs so desperately seek.

From athletic-inspired crop tops to lace styles, look for a bralette that inspires confidence and makes you feel on top of the world. There are loads to choose from!

Sports bras for large breasts

Beat the bounce and go for it!

Whichever sport you’re doing, various available collections mean that absolutely nothing is off-limits!

From high-impact HIIT exercises to low-impact stretching on the yoga mat, you can discover the bra that’s right for you and the activity you’re doing.

Strapless bras for big boobs

How do I choose a bra for large breasts with no straps?

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you…

Ladies with huge breasts can go strapless.

Revel in the freedom of choosing whatever bra you want, and feel that you are well supported and covered.

Balconette bras for larger busts

Balconette bras, aka veranda bras, are a fantastic choice for those of us blessed with big boobs.

They offer us support, coverage and work well with a lot of dress choices.

Sleep bras: How do I choose a bra for a big bust?

If you like to sleep with a bra, you’re not the only one!

Many women (especially those with big boobs) prefer falling asleep with a bit of assistance in the chest area.

Some big-boobed females feel comfier wearing a bra to bed because it keeps things ‘in place’ even as they unwind and sleep.

Wireless bras

Wireless support? Yes, it is possible! And we’re not talking about your WiFi connection here.

Wireless bras are a comfortable option for plus-size women to wear while relaxing or sleeping.

Specialized bras, such as those used during maternity, nursing, and post-surgery, are often non-wired.

T-shirt bras

You’d want one of these when you’re looking for a smooth line.

Various brand names have bra collections that include molded (seam-free) and non-molded designs.

These bra styles keep you feeling safe and secure and simply disappear under fitted tops and dresses.

Plunge bras: How do I select a bra for big boobs

Plus-size females can wear plunge bras too!

They provide less coverage but still give the support that heavy-chested women need. It’s ideal under lower-cut clothing.

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