How do I choose a camping bed?

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How do I choose a camping bed?

How do I choose a camping bed?The camp bed is a piece of equipment that could help you in many situations.

To get the right one, you need to see who is going to use it and where.

It can be used as an extra bed when you have guests or as a more secure bed when hiking or camping.

The choice may be difficult as there are a multitude of models on the market today.

In order to help you find the perfect camping bed, we have analyzed several products.

The models in our buying guide can also be of great help to you, find them on our best camping bed for heavy person page.

They have been specially selected according to a few criteria as you can see below.

How do I choose a camping bed?

As you can see, not all camping beds are created equal.

Thus, it is essential to know how to distinguish between them.

You also need to determine your needs to find tone that suits your budget as well as your expectations.

For this, we have prepared some determining factors that will allow you to find what you need.

The protection

At a good height, it can offer you the protection you need against humidity of the ground.

It will also protect you from unwanted visitors.

Whether in a traditional campsite or in the wilderness, you must have a mosquito net in the absence of a camping tent.

Make sure it also has a locking system when folded.

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Type of camping bed

First of all, you need to define the type of camping bed that suits you best.

There are two choices:

The folding camping bed

This model is easy to assemble and store because this type of bed is, as its name indicates, foldable.

So you will only need a few seconds to set it up.

Since none of the elements are detachable, you can be sure not to lose anything.

However, you need to understand that the folding camping bed is quite bulky when folded.

The camp bed in kit

A camp bed kit is made of canvas with a sturdy frame made of a few steel tubes.

These can be interlocked.

As a result, this type of bed is more complex to assemble than the folding model.

Also, if you’re not used to it yet, it may take you a few hours to assemble.

However, this type of bed is very easy to transport because all the parts take very little space.

The ease of use

In general, a camping bed is relatively easy to use.

With a folding bed, you need to know exactly how to fold and unfold it without wasting your time.

Refer to the user’s manual, try to do it in the store or ask for a demonstration from the salesperson.

You will also be able to read other users’ camping bed reviews if buying online.

The dimensions

This criteria depends mainly on where you’re going to use it.

It also determines your comfort levels.

Choose a model with measurements larger than yours, both in height and width.

You need to measure the available space, your size and build in order to find the model for you.

The materials

It is possible to find a sturdy and durable camping bed at the best price.

You just need to know where to look for it and what materials are most recommended.

In terms of bed structure, we recommend a model with a steel or metal tube structure.

This will provide you with optimal security while ensuring a longer life for the product.

Although metal and steel are heavy, they are very strong and less susceptible to deformation.

Be aware that plastic or wooden camping beds are lighter, but are also very fragile.

As for the canvas used as a mattress, you must make sure that it is well stretched to the maximum and relatively thick.

This way, you can be sure that it will not deteriorate over time and that it can support your weight.


Before buying a camping bed, it is important to define your comfort needs and to decide if you’re better off with an air mattress instead of a camp bed.

Ensure that the fabric is made of cotton or polyester that can be stretched according to your needs.

Try several models and go for one that offers enough space for your measurements.


It is imperative that your camping bed is as easy to use as possible.

Make sure that the assembly is easy.

For this, you can try to assemble and disassemble it before making your purchase.

You should also check the locking system, its stability as well as the quality of the seams and the fabric.

Make sure that it is safe with no sharp metal parts and without risking a collapse.

How do I choose a camping bed? Conclusion

To assure yourself of a good night’s rest in safety and comfort, make sure that you find the right bed.

Take into account location, terrain and your own measurements before purchasing.

There’s one to suit everyone’s needs and budget!

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