How do I choose a mini trampoline? Ultimate mini trampoline buying guide

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How do I choose a mini trampoline? You may be surprised to know that it’s not as easy to choose as it is to jump on one.

How do I choose a mini trampoline? Ultimate mini trampoline buying guideHere is our advice to make the best choice of mini trampoline, according to your needs.

As a general rule, the critical parameters to consider before buying a mini trampoline are where it is going to be used, inside or outdoors, the age and weight of the users and the trampoline maintenance. You should also keep in mind that buying a high-quality mini trampoline from the outset might be cheaper in the long run.

Read on for more information on how to choose a mini trampoline, so you can easily make the right choice.

How do I choose a mini trampoline? Introduction

The trampoline has long been considered a toy for children, but it’s time to think again.

This fitness practice has many virtues and will allow you to burn a maximum of calories in a minimum of time while at the same time improving your endurance.

Choosing a mini-trampoline for your home will depend on several things, depending on your needs and desires.

How to choose a mini trampoline?

Rebound quality of the mini trampoline

The rebound on a mini trampoline can be provided by two different systems:

  • The springs, which ensure a qualitative and firm rebound.
  • Elastic bands, which allow for a silent bounce.

The best is to test both systems, which are equally effective, to find out which one will work best for you.

So when it comes to springs or elastics, what to choose?

Generally, mini spring trampolines are of much better quality. Mini trampolines with elastic bands are cheaper because they are less durable and stretch over time.

Generally speaking, the more springs you have, the harder the mat will be, and the less bouncy your jumps will be.

Mini trampoline for indoor or outdoor use?

The mini trampolines can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Check the product specifications when you purchase the product to see if the mini trampoline is designed to withstand bad weather (rain, wind, snow, freezing temperatures, etc.).

Outdoor mini trampolines are often sold with a protective cover to protect them from dirt and moisture.

When used indoors, the mini trampoline will take up very little space. Remember that the mini trampoline is not a trampoline made to perform high jumps, so it shouldn’t be a problem to have a mini trampoline at home.

Especially true since some mini trampolines are foldable, even if they are not recommended because of their lower stability on the ground once unfolded.

Dimensions and diameter of the mini trampoline’s jumping surface

The diameter of mini trampolines will be of more or less importance, depending on your purpose.

Choose a smaller diameter if you use the mini trampoline for joint stability or muscle strengthening exercises.

However, suppose your goal is to follow mini trampoline video lessons.

In that case, you should choose a larger jumping surface, which will provide you with enough comfort and safety to focus on your screen to follow your favorite trainer’s movements.

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There are mini trampolines on the market with a diameter of 13 inches to 55 inches and anything beyond that is called a trampoline and not a mini trampoline.

Remember that the larger the mini trampoline, the more deviations it allows when jumping. Also, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to choose a slightly larger mini trampoline.

If the mini trampoline is meant for child’s use, choose a mini trampoline with a diameter of 55 inches for the same reasons we just mentioned.

There are also square mini trampolines, although these are less common.

Maximum load on a mini trampoline

The maximum weight capacity of a mini trampoline is an important specification. A child’s weight is not the same as a teenager’s or an adult’s, so you should buy a mini trampoline adapted to the user.

Advice for people with a larger size: there are also different types of heavy-duty mini-trampolines with a higher load capacity.

Mini trampoline with removable balance bar

Choose a trampoline with a removable front balance bar if you would like to diversify your exercises.

The balance bar attached to the trampoline allows, as its name suggests, to keep yourself in balance.

This bar is designed for people in rehabilitation and/or young children who have not yet acquired sufficient balance to keep themselves upright when landing on jumps.

It can also be helpful if you use the mini trampoline in extreme use (advanced jumping exercises).

Safety net for a mini trampoline

The safety net is recommended for children under 12 years old.

The child will then be able to jump safely with the net’s height adapted to your child’s age.

Also, the net should allow for easy entry and exit from the trampoline. As such, the zipper should be clearly visible for safety reasons.

Other options on a mini trampoline

Some trampolines also offer the possibility of being inclined. However, this is only recommended for use by advanced practitioners.

Some mini trampolines are also sold with fitness accessories, such as straps attached to the mini trampoline. You can also buy a mini trampoline that includes rebound training video lessons.

Sometimes you can also find mini trampolines sold with protective skirts (especially for the bigger models). The protective skirts prevent one child from crawling under the trampoline while another child is using it.

Manufacturing quality of a mini trampoline

The mini trampoline mat should be high-quality polypropylene to withstand repeated assault by users.

Galvanized tapered springs are better quality and offer better flexibility and dynamics during jumps.

If you live in an apartment or simply don’t want to disturb the other inhabitants of your house when you do your mini trampoline session, you should buy a high-quality mini trampoline.

The noise will be reduced even more during the multiple jumps made on your trampoline.

Design and color of a mini trampoline

Because tastes and colors are not debatable, it is up to you to choose the mini trampoline of your choice.

They come in all colors: black, orange, gray, blue, yellow, red, etc.

However, the most common colors are black or grey.

Safety first

Because we do not skimp on safety, especially when it comes to our children, choose a mini trampoline meeting the following requirements:

  • Protective cushions all around the mini trampoline
  • Non-slip feet for good stability
  • Protective net with zipper
  • Foam-covered posts
  • Safety skirts

How do I choose a mini trampoline? Conclusion

We hope that this article has clarified things somewhat.

Essentially, keep in mind who is going to be using it and where, and make sure that the safety features are adequate.

Happy rebounding!

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