How do I choose the right pants for men? Men’s pants fit guide

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How do I choose the right pants for men? Easy.

How do I choose the right pants for men? Men's pants fit guideYou’re sure to find the right pair by taking into consideration:

  • your age,
  • look,
  • height, and
  • body shape.

How do I choose the right pants for men? Introduction

Finding a suitable pair of pants can be quite a task as they come in many different fits, types and sizes.

The sheer volume of choice can make you want to give up and turn tail.

It’s a pity because it is important to choose a pair of pants that really suits you since it’s well-known that clothes can transform your mood and boost your self-confidence.

After all, pants that fit well emphasize the good parts while hiding what you don’t like.

If you have firm or muscular legs (calves or buttocks), jeans with a wider fit will fit your figure well.

If on the contrary, you have a slim build then different rules apply. So it’s not just any pants you buy.

Wondering how to choose the right pants for men?

I’ll give you some advice about the different fits available and how to choose.

Different fits of men’s pants

Every season we are surprised with new fashion trends, men and women alike.

From straight, fitted jeans to pants with elephant legs to skinny jeans that cling to the legs and can be bad for your health, you’ll find them all.

The look of our pants has evolved considerably over the last half century.

Today, both men’s and women’s pants have never been more comfortable.

In fact, pants are roomier and wider around the body, which makes them easy to wear. This is a change now that skinny seems over the top.

In other words, the skinny fit is increasingly giving way to looser styles, including the wide fit and regular fit.

The slim fit or tapered fit was created as an alternative to a skinny fit.

The actual skinny fit jeans aren’t very popular so we’ve skipped them.

Wide fit men’s pants | How do I choose the right pants for men?

There is the wide fit for the true fashion lovers,

When skinny jeans still dominated the street scene, wide-leg pants were a real no-go. Nowadays, however, wide-legged models are hip again.

Wide fit pants are wide from the waistband to the bottom of the hem.

Extra room is created over the entire leg. This makes wide fit pants extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear.

For which figure type?

This oversized model is flattering for just about every body type.

This is a fit especially popular with the younger guard who like to bring out their creative personality.

Not so young anymore? Then best let this men’s trend pass you by.

Combining a wide fit

Are you small in stature? Then it’s best to choose wide fit pants in a dark color.

In fact, with a wide, oversized model, you tend to emphasize being smaller. A darker color balances this out better.

Again, the rule is to wear connecting outerwear on this model.

In fact, a loose t-shirt paired with oversized pants gives a sloppy look. So avoid overly wide tops.

Finally, it is also better not to combine a wide fit model with a classic shoe.

A sturdy boot or eye-catching sneaker is what you need. Dress shoes are not compatible with this fit.

Tapered fit pants for men | How do I choose the right pants for men?

Do you have firm, muscular thighs or buttocks?

Then a tapered fit model is right up your alley. Tapered fit pants are roomy on the thighs and narrow at the ankles.

In other words, this model is an extremely interesting choice for gentlemen with muscular and/or thick thighs.

In fact, tapered fit pants are a combination of regular and slim fit: looser at the top and tight at the bottom.

This type of men’s pants is ideal for lovers of the skinny look, who like a little more room around the thighs.

What figure type are tapered fit pants suitable for?

This fit is ideally suited for men with fuller or muscular thighs who like a slim look.

Because the tapered fit tapers at the lower legs, it actually gives a slimmer look.

The tapered fit is hugely popular with young men because it is the ideal combination between style and comfort.

Tapered pants give you a skinny look without having to effectively squeeze yourself into tight pants.

Keep in mind that men with short legs often appear shorter in this style because some tapered fit pants have a low crotch.

So pay attention to this when making your purchase!

Combining tapered fit pants with what tops?

For a contemporary look, it’s best to pair tapered fit pants with a trendy pullover, a casual men’s shirt or a loose t-shirt.

Finish with accessories such as a belt or watch.

Do you prefer to go for a tough, sporty look? Then pair your tapered fit pants with a pair of sneakers.

However, make sure your sneakers aren’t too bulky or large. It may be too much of a contract to the narrow ankles of the jeans.

Bootcut fit pants for men | How do I choose the right pants for men?

Do you prefer a trendy look? Then you’ll love a bootcut. A true nod to the seventies, this fit is back on the scene.

Unlike the classic straight jeans or the close-fitting slim fit, the bootcut fit has flared legs.

This model falls just below the hip and sits adaptively on the hips when worn.

The name of this fit suggests that the leg is as wide as the length of your boots. The wide legs fall nicely over boots or big shoes, which is what this model was originally designed for.

For which figure type?

Are you muscular on your thighs or on your hips? Then the wide legs of the bootcut fit ensure that you look slim on your lower body.

It’s all an optical effect.

If you surround a heavy object with an even heavier object, the first object will appear proportionally smaller.

Men with a firmer lower body can therefore make good use of the bootcut fit to appear slimmer.

Combining a bootcut fit

With a bootcut fit, you can go any way you. If you’re going for a casual look choose a distinct bootcut in a light denim color.

Then pair with a pair of sneakers and a colorful t-shirt.

Could it be more formal? Then a bootcut jean in a darker color is more appropriate.

Paired with a shirt, this creates a casual look. It may not be suited to a formal office environment.

Regular fit pants for men | How do I choose the right pants for men?

Not every man is a fan of narrow pants. Some men have very muscular thighs, while others prefer a more classic look.

For the latter, the regular fit is ideal: it is a common model with a classic look that is endorsed by many men.

A regular fit lengthens your silhouette and guarantees excellent comfort.

The legs of a regular fit model are straight from the thighs to the ankles. This makes this fit roomy around the legs.

It is literally straightforward men’s pants. Not too narrow, not too wide. The pants are just right.

For which figure type are regular fit pants interesting?

You may call the regular fit a one-size-fits-all solution.

This fit is in fact suitable for every figure, although it will suit some figures more than others.

Are you small and have thin legs and thighs? Then a regular fit may not be right for you

Because this model is a little roomier around the legs and knees, it can quickly look like your pants are a size too big.

Men who are heavier or more muscularly built, on the other hand, can (and do) wear a regular fit model much better.

The straight leg also brings any tummy into proportion, which will make you look proportionately slimmer.

Combining regular fit pants with what tops?

A regular fit is the classic cult model among the various fits and therefore, like the slim fit model, can again be easily combined with other garments.

You can smoothly combine this model with various clothing styles.

However, it is better to wear tight-fitting outerwear on this straight cut as a general rule.

Loose, wide-fitting outerwear, in fact, quickly give off a clunky look. So avoid overly wide tops.

A nice polo or pullover is ideal!

Slim fit pants for men | How do I choose the right pants for men?

As you read earlier, the slim fit is a great successor and replacement for the skinny fit.

A few years ago, the skinny fit was the most fashionable.

However, this look isn’t a current one and is therefore increasingly being replaced by the slim fit: a close-fitting, but not too tight fit.

A slim fit men’s pant can be recognized by its narrow legs.

Unlike a skinny fit that is tight all over your body, slim fit pants taper towards the hem.

For which figure type are slim fit pants suitable?

The narrow legs of these men’s pants add extra spice and provide a contemporary look.

Be aware that a slim fit isn’t for just anyone.

For example, are you tall in stature? Then you need to avoid this fit.

With a tight slim fit model you draw attention to your long legs and that’s usually not what you want.

Also, men with muscular, firm thighs and buttocks are better off not wearing a slim fit model. Pants that are too tight around the buttocks don’t look pretty.

It also doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

So do you have a solid pair of thighs? Skip slim fit jeans!

The slim fit is simply best suited to gentlemen with a slim build. Even if you are a bit smaller in stature, you can easily get away with a slim fit model.

Indeed, because this type of pants fits nicely, it makes you look taller.

Combining slim fit pants with what?

Slim fit pants come in a variety of materials and prints from jeans to chino pants. A slim fit model is therefore easy to combine.

You can dress both casual and chic with it.

For example, at the office, combine slim fit pants with a shirt and blazer.

For a more casual look, combine with a polo shirt, t-shirt or pullover.

Would you like to go for a trendier look? Then you might try folding over the hem of your slim fit pants about five inches.

Paired with a sporty sneaker, this outfit then looks particularly trendy and hip.

How do I choose the right pants for men? Conclusion

It’s all in the fit! The right jeans will make you look slimmer, taller, younger or in better shape than you actually are.

I hope that I have been able to guide you through the jungle of pants and fits for men.

Now you no longer have an excuse to take away just any old pants after endless fittings.

You can now look for a comfortable pair of jeans that will fit you!

The variety of styles, colors and lengths mean that there is choice for every body shape and figure.

Final tip: Also consider a high or low waist, wide or narrow, denim or dressy and with or without a wash.

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