How do I get rid of big calves? My calves are ugly, help!

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How do I get rid of big calves? A healthy diet, rich in diuretic foods to avoid water retention, in combination with plenty of exercise through low-impact sports will help to slim down your calves.

How do I get rid of big calves? My calves are uglyHave you always had a complex about your calves?

Not very well drawn, a little soft, too big…

We will give you our advice to slim down your calves here.

Remember also that big calves need not necessarily be a problem. since there are solutions out there for women with big calves. For example, check out the best rain boots for wide calves here.

How do I get rid of big calves? Introduction

The calf is a very complex body part.

Once fat has accumulated in this area, it is very difficult to remove.

However, having large calves can be a handicap in everyday life, from choosing your boots to picking your new favorite denim.

It is impossible to burn fat in only one part of the body during a workout.

But on the other hand, it is possible to focus on certain areas to match our dream standards.

We give you the instructions for dream calves, whatever those might look like.

How do I get rid of big calves? First, ask yourself what’s the problem

Several factors can influence the size of your calves, the most obvious being weight gain and inactivity.

Fat storage is the main culprit in the formation of large calves.

Another factor may be playing a high-impact sport like tennis or sprinting.

Sports where your calves are under a lot of stress, and sports during which you are often on your toes.

A final factor that plays an important role is water retention.

Depending on the diagnosis, you will need to adopt a different strategy.

  • Are your calves too muscular? Practice less intense sports (we’ll tell you which ones below).
  • Do your calves have too much fat? Get moving and exercise more!
  • Do you suffer from water retention? Reduce your salt intake and eat a few special foods (detailed below)!

Combine a healthy diet with sports

There is no magic formula!

If you’ve gained weight lately, it’s bound to lead to an accumulation of fat in your body.

And this weight gain can take a toll on your calves!

In this case, sport and a healthy diet are your allies.

Which sport is interesting to refine the calves?

It’s up to you to define your desires.

Do you prefer a very muscular calf or, on the contrary, a thinner and less defined one?

If it’s the first option, you should focus on an intensive activity like tennis or sprinting.

For the second option, you should focus on cardio exercises such as running, swimming, or other physical activity involving moderate intensity.

These activities, practiced regularly, allow you to refine your calves without developing them.

Tip: Don’t forget to stretch regularly. This is an activity that is all too often forgotten.

Indeed, extending your muscles allows you to slim down your silhouette while decongesting fatty deposits.

How do I get rid of big calves? Adapt your food

It is also possible that your calves are larger because of water retention, a common phenomenon in women. Water retention affects 1 out of 2 women.

To remedy this, there is nothing better than a diet that gives pride of place to fruits and vegetables to promote water elimination.

Be careful, this does not mean that you should stop drinking water!

Far from it, drinking half a gallon of water a day is the key to good health.

Diet, a natural remedy against water retention

To avoid water retention, you need to reduce the consumption of salt and eliminate foods that promote this water retention:

  • delicatessen
  • industrial sugars
  • sauces (like mayonnaise)
  • fatty meats
  • fats (especially saturated fats like butter), etc.

On the plate, fruits and vegetables are the most interesting.

They provide water and minerals (especially potassium) that help combat water retention and antioxidant compounds that protect the vessels and promote the proper circulation of fluids in the body.

Choose diuretic foods such as asparagus, celery, peach, melon, pineapple, etc.

These draining foods will help eliminate excess water in the body more efficiently.

The best foods against water retention


Broccoli is a dietary vegetable thanks to its high potassium content, which acts on eliminating water.

Boiled broccoli contains more potassium than raw broccoli, while the opposite is true for carrots.


Melon is rich in minerals, potassium and calcium.

It has diuretic virtues that make it a good ally against water retention.

As it is very low in calories and increases the feeling of satiety, it is even more recommended to consume it when it is in season.


Cabbage is also a natural diuretic. The best choice is small Brussels sprouts because they are particularly rich in potassium.

Potassium works well to eliminate water thanks to complex mechanisms in the kidneys.


Its interesting contribution in potassium confers a diuretic effect which helps to eliminate the water retained in the body.

Its anti-water retention effect is also thanks to inulin, a sugar of the fructan family.


Carrots are vegetables with a high potassium content.

This relatively high quantity of potassium allows them to be effective against water retention.

Choose raw carrots which contain more potassium than boiled carrots.


This fruit is the fruit par excellence against fluid retention.

It contains an enzyme, bromelain, which has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema (anti fluid retention) action.

Be careful, bromelain is only found in fresh pineapples, not in canned ones!


This is another diuretic vegetable.

Its high potassium content counterbalances its sodium content, which helps stimulate the elimination of water with the help of the kidneys.


Cucumbers are themselves rich in water content which gives them diuretic virtues.

As it is very low in calories, it can be consumed very often!

For heavy legs, prepare a draining smoothie by mixing cucumber, fennel and celery.


Asparagus is an excellent diuretic thanks to the presence of several substances such as fructosan (a carbohydrate) and asparagine (an amino acid).

These substances help stimulate water elimination with the help of the kidneys.

It also benefits from a high concentration of potassium which helps to eliminate excess water in the tissues.

How do I get rid of big calves? Conclusion

Focusing on your diet and getting enough exercise is the best way to get rid of big calves.

Specifically, introduce diuretic foods into your diet and practice sports that will not cause your calf muscles to grow bulkier.

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