How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair? Ultimate Prevention Tips

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How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair? is one of the most searched questions/keywords in Google during the hot summer months.

how do I keep my butt cool in an office chairWe hear a lot about how important it is to choose the right chair for your neck, shoulders and back.

But have you ever considered the first place that is in constant touch with your seat?

That’s right, ladies and gents, we’re talking about your bottom.

Your derrière is constantly taking the toll, and one unhappy price to pay is bum sweat.

How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair? Introduction

Can any of you dear readers honestly tell us that they’ve never had bum sweat marks?

Not only is it somewhat humiliating, but believe it or not, it affects your office chair too.

Sweat and rubbing will invariably affect the chair’s longevity, and healthwise, an accumulation of germs will lead to unsightly skin problems.

No one likes a spotty rear end! Now that our secret is out in the open, what can be done about it?

Can we do anything, or are we condemned to sport an outline of our buttocks for the rest of eternity?

No. We’re not. And towards this end, we have come up with a few tried and tested ideas to halt the march of the Sweaty Rump.

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Personal hygiene solutions to deal with bum sweat on chairs

You know, a few easy methods can help in this.

Some of them might be rather obvious, but you’d be surprised so read on!

Change into fresh underwear when needed

Cotton underwear is an excellent idea, but it can become quickly saturated with excessive sweat.

If you’re a compulsive sweater, then consider keeping a spare set of underwear on hand, so you can just change whenever you need it.

You’ll keep your bottom discreetly dry (and no more wet patches!).

Use loose fitted clothing: How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair?

There’s a reason why loose-fitting clothes are de rigueur in hot countries.

This type of clothing avoids all sweating issues, even more so in the bottom area.

Air is allowed to flow freely around your body, quickly enough to keep you dry and cool.

Dry powders or talcum powder are practical

Talcum powder can be extremely helpful in controlling excessive sweating since it absorbs extreme moisture.

Many types are made for delicate baby skin, so there are rarely any adverse side effects.

As always, however, a word of advice:

If you have particularly sensitive skin, or any doubts at all really, make sure to seek the advice of your GP.

How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair as a woman? Use a panty liner

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies in the house.

Pantyliners are a lifesaver – they absorb all the sweat, keep you dry, and are nothing less than an outright relief when it comes to the bum bit.

Completely hygienic (as long as they are changed frequently), just make sure they are made from the most natural materials possible.

You don’t want to get your knickers into a twist, so find a make that sticks securely to your pants.

Get some cotton underclothing for the summer months

We know we’ve said it, and we’ll say it again:

Underwear must be breathable and comfy.

Cotton keeps your body cool and allows airflow. This is especially useful if you work out a lot or simply someone who sweats profusely.

And you can see where we’re going with this: More air, less moisture, no bum sweat.

What not to do when trying to prevent butt sweat

We’ve already advised you how to avoid bum sweat, but the following merits another mention, so bear with us:

Do not neglect your hygiene

Personal hygiene is an essential part of avoiding sweat in the first place.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – changing your clothes for a workout might be enough to do the trick.

You should also invest in body wipes; they really help you keep cool, clean, and sweat-free.

Not only will your body remain dry, but you’ll be avoiding infections and rashes.

Do not use deodorants on your bum

There’s nothing quite like a pleasant smell, and we have been taught to eliminate odors by using different products.

However, using underarm deodorant to keep our privates smelling nice is not the best thing to do, and there’s a reason for that.

Smells are produced by apocrine glands, found mainly under our arms and in the groin and nipple area. Not the butt.

So your smelly bum is not a glandular issue, and hence, using your underarm deodorant down under will do more harm than good.

How to prevent bum sweat on chairs

So! You’re sitting down for hour after hour after hour… How to avoid bum sweat?

We hear you…

And so after ordering half the team to sit for hours on end in various positions and office chairs, we’ve come to the following conclusions:

Avoid having to sit at the same location for a longer duration

If you simply have to sit down at work for hours on end, then you’re likely to encounter some unwanted moisture at your tail-end.

Simple: Get up and move around. It prevents the sweat from accumulating and does wonders for your back too.

Just go to the restroom or make yourself a coffee. An effortless way of breaking the monotony with ancillary health benefits.

And no one can fault you for that (especially if you’re offering a coffee round)!

On the other hand, what if you simply can’t stop because you’ve got a deadline looming or you don’t want to lose steam?

Then you should read our related article What is the most comfortable office chair for long hours?

And we’ve also got some other ideas to stop you from being bummed out…

Consider a chair cushion with cooling gel

If you really have no other option than to be chained to your chair, then look out for a gel cushion. Allow us to explain.

A gel cushion is made to reduce the pressure on the skin by distributing the weight more evenly.

Also designed to prevent chafing and painful rubbing, a gel cushion encourages airflow, and yes, keeps you cooler where it matters.

Don’t use office chairs made of leather

Sweaty bottom? Then you really should avoid a leather chair.

If you’re using one, pay attention.

Have you noticed a damp patch on the seat after prolonged use? Yep, it’s the material. Go for mesh.

If, on the other hand, your boss will be unimpressed by your seating preferences, or if you’ve already forked out for a leather bottom holder, then use a towel.

And try to make sure that the color and size are as unobtrusive as possible.

A shocking pink towel on a brown chair can be somewhat distracting.

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Ensure a correct temperature level: How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair?

The hotter it is, the more you sweat. Right? Right.

So if you’re prone to sweating, then make sure that the temperature is at a comfortable setting.

No sweat, no damp patches on clothing or chairs.

Keep some wipes close at hand

The easiest and most discreet way to clean your chair is by using wipes.

Remember what we said about sitting down for prolonged periods?

If you get up and see a spot, then reach out for the wipes you’ve ingeniously put in the nearest drawer and clean your seat.

By doing so every time you get up, the chair remains clean, and you avoid temporary stains becoming permanent.

How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair? Consider a beaded cover

An excellent solution for added seated ventilation is the wood beaded covers you can find in shops or online.

With proper ventilation, sweat marks are hardly noticeable on your chairs.

The space between the beads guarantees airflow and lowers the temperature just where you need it.

Cleaning liquid to wipe down your chair

If you persistently sport wet spots on your chair, and you think that wipes are not enough, then invest in some cleaning liquid and a cloth.

You’ll have a cleaner chair with less effort.

How do I keep my butt cool in an office chair? Conclusion on bum sweat in office chairs

While sweating is the body’s natural cooling system, it doesn’t have to be a bum deal.

No one likes to be humiliated, even if we don’t believe you should be.

Try out the tips we’ve given out here, and see what works best for you.

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