How do I pick the right toilet seat? Buying guide

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How do I pick the right toilet seat? This buying guide discusses a toilet seat’s material, design, shape, and size.

How do I pick the right toilet seat? Buying guide

In addition, we’ll go over a couple of interesting accessories that could add value to the experience.

How do I pick the right toilet seat? Introduction

Did you know that a toilet seat can also suffer from wear and tear? Sometimes, an unseen force can act on it, and the toilet seat can simply break.

Think of situations where you accidentally drop the seat rock hard on the lower part of the toilet. Or when you have to go very urgently, and all your weight hits the seat too abruptly and wildly.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some tips and insights for selecting the perfect toilet seat.

The selection of toilet seats is large, and quite a few different types are available. But how do you know what is the best choice for you?

In this blog post, we’ll teach you what to look for when buying a new toilet seat.

This is even more important if you weigh more than average.

Because you weigh more, you put more force than average on the toilet seat, and this must be considered! With that in mind, we’ve written another post to help you find the best toilet seat for heavy person.

Material of the toilet seat | How do I pick the right toilet seat?

Roughly speaking, we can classify toilet seats into two types of material: wood and plastic.

They both have their own pros and cons, which we will discuss briefly.

Both wooden and plastic toilet seats are low maintenance and can last a long time if used with care.

Buy a toilet seat made of plastic or wood?

Do you desperately need to find a new toilet seat because your current one is broken? Then you have a choice of two classics: Plastic or wood.

Both wood and plastic have their own characteristics that make for specific differences.

Wooden toilet seat

A wooden toilet seat offers more sitting comfort because it doesn’t feel as cold as a plastic toilet.

It is usually heavier than a plastic toilet seat, so it gives a sturdier and more reliable feel.

Because wood naturally absorbs moisture, toilet seats made of wood are always lacquered. In this way, they can withstand the humidity in the toilet (water and feces).

Plastic toilet seat

A plastic toilet seat typically offers more features and options than a wooden toilet seat. So with plastic seats, more variety is available.

These toilet seats come in all kinds of shapes, colors, weights, and degrees of strength.

Wider variety in shape and color is also easier to achieve with plastics. This is the biggest reason why there is such a wide variety of models available!

Design of the toilet seat

You also have the necessary choice of look and design of the toilet seat.

In addition to a wide range of numerous colors, you can also choose toilet seats with a motif and print these days. So you can pick out a toilet seat that perfectly suits your own style and needs.

The shape of the toilet seat

Most toilets have a standard shape, so a universal toilet seat fits most. However, there are some less common toilet shapes that don’t just fit any universal, standard toilet seat.

So always check that the toilet seat perfectly matches the toilet bowl. If you don’t, chances are the seat won’t fit properly and will break down faster.

Selecting the right size is important | How do I pick the right toilet seat?

Selecting the right size is crucial. This sounds obvious, but it sometimes happens that people do not pay enough attention to the dimensions of the toilet seat.

You certainly won’t be the first whose toilet seat doesn’t actually fit the toilet properly. So take the time to take the measurements and then select an appropriate toilet seat.

Interesting gadgets that can add value when you pick a toilet seat

A toilet seat these days is far from what it used to be. Technology does not stand still, and toilet seats have also advanced in comfort and ease of use. For example, a toilet seat can have several additional features:

Soft-close function

Such a feature causes the toilet seat to gently come down and close automatically.

This type of toilet seat has a built-in system that allows the toilet seat to close gradually and silently. This prevents damage, breakage, and loud noises.

As a result, such a type of toilet seat is highly suitable for families with children.

Easy clean function

This feature makes it really easy to clean the seat.

Hygiene is most of all important on the toilet!

Comfort seat for people with a larger size

A comfort toilet seat is extra-large, has a higher load capacity, and offers extra seating comfort for larger and heavier users.

Family toilet seat

A family toilet seat is a toilet seat with 2 functions. First of all, it’s equipped with a regular adult seat. And secondly, it’s also equipped with a smaller seat for children.

When your children are still a little smaller, this kind of family toilet seat is ideal. You not only have a regular seat, but also an extra seat suited for children.

This prevents your children from sliding through the seat. It keeps them safe and secure during their toilet visits.

Toilet seat with built-in night light function

You can also go for a toilet seat with built-in LED lights that automatically turn on when you make noise in the restroom.

Correct value for money is crucial

Both plastic and wooden toilet seats are available in varied price ranges. Focus on models that offer solid value for money.

So whether you go for old-fashioned sturdiness or modern versatility, select a durable model that will bring pleasure and comfort in the long run.

How do I pick the right toilet seat? Conclusion

In this buying guide we’ve discussed how to pick the right toilet seat based on material, shape, size, and design.

There are so many options out there that you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

We finished up with a number of accessories you may find useful, from a soft-close function to a built-in night light for your toilet seat!

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