How do I start jogging plus size? Tips to make it a success

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The world of running can seem a little challenging if you’re a beginner and even more so if you are plus-sized. Hence, “how do I start jogging plus size?” is a frequently asked question.

how do I start jogging plus sizeNevertheless, remember that, unlike other sports, you do not require a specific standard to get going or to sign up with a group.

Whatever your age, weight, physical fitness, size, experience or level, running does not discriminate!

How do I start jogging plus size? Tips for the plus-sized beginner runner

If you’re plus-size and a beginner to boot, check out the jogging tips below:

Ignore the critics

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when out running, especially if you’re new to the sport.

You really shouldn’t care about others’ opinions. The vast majority of other runners will appreciate you for joining the running fraternity.

More than anyone else, they can relate to the hurdles you need to overcome to start running!

As for other non-runners, try not to worry about them.

Just revel in the beautiful experiences you are enjoying and which they are losing out on.

If you’re ashamed of your appearance but really want to start jogging, you should seriously consider buying a durable, heavy duty treadmill for plus-size people.

You can use it whenever you like. You can run and walk on the treadmill in surroundings with which you are entirely at ease.

Read more information about this fitness machine on What to do on a treadmill to lose weight.

Be careful of chafing

You might experience some chafing (clothing rubbing against skin or skin-on-skin rubbing to cause enough irritation to be painful).

Armpits and thighs in particular are the areas where you’re most likely to feel the burn.

Prevention tip: To avoid this common running affliction, apply a skin lubricant (such as Vaseline) to any chafe-prone locations before starting your jogging session.

Prevention tip 2: Pay attention to your clothing! Avoid wearing pants or shorts with seams on the inner thigh.

Bonus tip: Opt for stretchy athletic clothing and do not wear baggy shorts or pants if you go jogging.

Find training buddies

If you’re not great about motivating yourself, put together a Facebook or WhatsApp group for your close friends, next-door neighbors or anyone who wants to join you.

Like this, you can easily share locations and times where you’ll be training so people can all support one another and share your triumphs and challenging times.

You’d be surprised to find how many individuals are as nervous as you are to start jogging.

Tip: If you don’t have training buddies in your same location, don’t let it stop you. There are excellent online and Facebook support systems.

Consider the help of people far away by using email, video calls, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Text them when you’re going out for a workout, share your achievements when you’re done jogging, and they can do the same!

Decrease the effect of impact: How do I start jogging plus size

If you’re not used to jogging, you may find that it takes your body a little while to adapt to the high-impact nature of running.

With every foot strike on the ground, an impact that measures more than three times your body weight is hitting your lower legs.

So it’s no wonder that running can sometimes feel painful.

To reduce injuries, it’s a great idea to take some of your running off-road.

A softer surface such as a Finnish track made of wood chips, a dirt route, a grass runway, etc. is much kinder on your muscles, bones, and joints as the impact level is less.

Also consider some alternative low-impact activities such as swimming, walking or riding a bike.

These activities will help you increase your fitness levels without your body taking such a pounding.

Throw away those weighing scales

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. We’re telling you to ditch the weighing scales.

It’s wonderfully liberating to be physically active without taking into account a number on a scale.

You need to measure success in other ways! For example, take note of everyday tasks becoming easier.

Has using stairs become more manageable? Are you finding it less challenging to get out of bed? Are you experiencing higher energy levels?

Running is a brilliant stress buster. Thanks to all the endorphins you’re releasing through exercise, you will feel much happier.

Running isn’t just about weight loss!

It’s about learning to enjoy the body you’re in today (self-love and body positivity are so important) while at the same time making healthier choices for tomorrow.

Start slow

If you’re a complete novice, the ideal way to exercise is to begin slowly and gradually build up.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Too intense too soon will likely lead to injury and disappointment.

It’s completely acceptable if you alternate walking and jogging in the same workout.

As the weeks pass, you should slowly increase your jogging time while reducing walking intervals.

The ultimate goal is to complete a run without walking or perhaps stopping.

You will gradually adjust to your new routine and enjoy an improvement in your fitness levels.

If you don’t like running outside during the winter months, you’re probably wondering what to do instead of running outside during winter

Well, a heavy duty treadmill can be a great investment as you can continue exercising while avoiding the freezing cold outside, with the added benefit that treadmill exercises are beneficial to your health and to fat burning!

One more thing: Stay consistent! Suppose you’re going back to square one as a result of being lazy.

You would then need a minimum of 5 or 6 weeks of jogging/walking multiple times a week.

Self-belief and self-love are important: How do I start jogging plus size

Rolling out of your comfy bed or forgoing the sofa after an exhausting day at work to exercise is already a challenge in itself.

In addition, it’s very discouraging to be judged by others when you’re barely changed into your exercise gear.

Surround yourself with individuals who support you.

Psychological support is crucial for people who are a little heavier, especially in the early days.

You need to believe in yourself!

This is your own, unique journey, and if someone wants to make fun of your wobbly bits, then that’s their issue, not yours.

You’ll most likely come across naysayers who will attempt to discourage you. They’re probably jealous of your courage and determination.

Running’s greatest reward is more love for the fantastic machine that is your body.

Adequate running gear

Whatever your size, a correctly fitted sports bra is a must for women.

Without one, you run the risk of long-term breast damage, not to mention a great deal of pain.

Breasts are primarily made up of fat, supported by skin and vulnerable ligaments.

In repetitive, high-impact sports such as running, the breasts bounce and pull on these ligaments, forcing them to stretch.

Ligaments are non-elastic, and once they have stretched, the damage is irreversible.

Without adequate support, you will likely encounter back pain and shoulder problems, particularly if you have a huge bust.

After all your efforts, injuries are the last thing you want.

We advise you to invest in a good pair of running shoes too.

Although they might seem expensive to start off, you will likely get a great deal more out of them than a cheap version.

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