How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Excellent tips

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How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling?

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Excellent tips

The right clothing, posture and anti-friction solutions are your answer.

You have certainly already asked yourself this question during or after an outing.

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Introduction

Whether you’re a weekend cyclist or a seasoned professional, we’ve all experienced bum pain at one time or another.

It might even make us regret our ride!

Pedaling for a few hours on a saddle can make your buttocks burn or feel numb, a symptom that is often overlooked!

Plus, it will make you apprehensive about your next ride, not to mention that cycling trip you were thinking about.

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However, if you make the right decisions, you can stop having a sore butt while cycling. Let’s see how!

What is buttock pain on a bicycle?

Here’s how it’s caused:

Gluteal pain is often caused by prolonged sitting in the saddle and is due to:

  • lumps
  • redness
  • overheating
  • irritations, etc.

Pain often hits us in the ischium (the bones of the pelvis that rest on the seat), the perineum, the genitals, the coccyx, the sacrum.

The result is sore and painful areas with pimples or unbearable sores on a buttock.

This pain in the buttocks from sitting should be soothed and must be taken seriously. It can lead to extremely embarrassing physical injuries with unfortunate effects such as:

  • sexual problems (e.g. erectile dysfunction for men)
  • difficulties with intestinal transit
  • urinary problems
  • pelvic burns

Before we get to that, let’s take a look at solutions to avoid sore butts while cycling.

What factors increase the pain in the buttocks when cycling?

Generally, pain occurs due to poor settings, inadequate materials or lack of training.

Your backside hates humidity.

During a race in the rain, the soaked fabric of your shorts will help you warm up.

The same goes for outings in hot weather. In this case, you sweat and the salt irritates the skin.

Moreover, we water ourselves to combat heat, and that isn’t appreciated by our posterior, our crotch or groin.

A rider who rides leaning on the saddle lip, gains power but he also adopts a bad posture by crushing the perineal part.

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Saddle and handlebars

Choosing a bicycle saddle adapted to your use

Check our other page for the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders.

A saddle shape adapted to the use

How to choose a bike saddle that doesn’t hurt?

To pedal easily without trauma, you can opt for a rounded, semi-rounded or flat model. The more curved the seat, the more comfortable it is.

On the other hand, the flat saddle is more appropriate for long distances, and would be needed for 5-hour trips.

Ergonomic saddles with great comfort

There are also hollow or openwork saddles. Some products combine both effects to improve the comfort of the cyclist.

The models without beaks are suited to a triathlon or time trial while minimizing or eliminating pain.

It’s all a matter of feeling, each case differs when using a painless bike saddle to preserve your buttocks.

The saddle adjustment to avoid pain in the buttocks

An adapted seat is good, but if it is badly adjusted, the problem persists.

To relieve gluteal pain while cycling, make adjustments that provide a natural posture.

Height, backwardness, inclination, are all important and shouldn’t be left to chance.

For example, raising or lowering the seat helps prevent pelvic rocking and, therefore, crotch irritation.

Are you still suffering despite these corrections?

A visit to a cycle store or a specialist is necessary for advice on how to adjust.

And if you’re on your bike for extended periods, go for a postural study that will often solve the problem.

It may be costly but it is definitely worth it.

Adjusting the height of the handlebars

When we go for a ride, the position on the bike impacts the crushing of the hindquarters.

Pedaling an urban bike, a mountain bike or a triathlon bike involves a more or less upright position.

You’re sitting entirely upright in the first case, more bent forward for mountain biking or road biking and almost entirely on your belly for a time trial or a triathlon.

How do you manage to change this parameter without affecting the saddle adjustment?

It’s all in the handlebars!

You can raise or lower the stem to reach the zero pain in the buttocks position…

This way, you relieve the perineum or the soft tissues of the buttocks, depending on the posture.

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Choose high-quality cycling shorts

The cycling shorts, the basic garment against your bum hurting

If you want to ride your bike without getting a sore bottom, choose a quality cycling short that acts as a second skin.

Go for a lycra outfit that fits and is designed to be as close as possible to your body shape.

In addition, avoid models that cut too small or too large: either you compress your sensitive parts, or it chafes.

You won’t like it, trust us.

Opt for models with straps that keep the garment perfectly in place.

This way you avoid unnecessary rubbing.

The maintenance of the shorts: very delicate!

In terms of maintenance, the shorts should be washed after each use, preferably by hand with soap.

You let it dry in the open air, turned inside out.

Moreover, drying in the sun is known to be sanitizing as exposure to the open air, eliminates bacteria and bad odors.

Shorts haven’t dried out for your next ride? Avoid wearing it, humidity is guaranteed, and so is skin irritation.

If you are going on a long bike tour, take extra lycras so that you don’t put on a dirty or wet garment.

Your buttocks will thank you!

No discomfort when touching the buttocks

Finally, to alleviate buttock pain while cycling, know that the shorts can be worn without underwear.

No intermediary to avoid the spread of bacteria and irritation. Briefs, boxers and panties are all to be avoided.

Also, the seams can hurt where contact is made.

When choosing your shorts, make sure that the garment has flat stitching, with no extra thickness that could impede movement.

Cycling shorts for women: respecting the female morphology

Ladies, choose clothes that are tailored to your body type, don’t dress in the men’s department!

Many women’s shorts are designed without straps.

Female cyclists are entitled to a different ergonomic insert than men.

For example, the women’s range even has a magnetic central clasp for pee breaks… Clever!

Some brands offer skirts with an integrated chamois. You keep your class without having a sore butt on the bike!

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Stop the friction

Use anti-friction solutions

To relieve the pain of the buttocks while cycling, you can also use several kinds of creams to protect the exposed parts:

  • washable protective strips that protect and isolate painful nodules and previous injuries
  • balm to protect against overheating
  • chamois cream, with anti-friction and anti-bacterial properties, particularly effective in preserving the qualities of the insert
  • ointment used to fight against the redness of babies (the famous diaper rash of our offspring), also appreciated by adult cyclists
  • Vaseline on sensitive areas to prevent rubbing
  • talcum powder on irritations to soothe pain and prevent the spread of bacteria

Always test the product on a small part of the skin before applying it to the area to be treated.  You could be allergic.

Switch to laser hair removal…

If you suffer from ingrown hairs that can become inflamed, then you’re familiar with the stabbing pain you feel while cycling.

If the problem recurs frequently, you may want to consider laser hair removal by a dermatologist.

You thus eliminate definitively the source of your pain, much to your own relief.

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Training

Train regularly over long distances to avoid pain in the buttocks on the bike

What technique should I use to avoid pain when riding a bike?

No secret, regular training has proven its effectiveness.

By scheduling regular sessions, the skin on his backside adapts to the body’s movements.

With practice, pedaling becomes natural and, if the adjustments are well made, you don’t feel any pressure on your buttocks.

Riding becomes a pleasure and no longer an ordeal, you don’t stop anymore.

How do I stop my bum from hurting when cycling? Conclusion

Make sure to get the right saddle, keep yourself as dry as possible and pay attention to your clothing and posture.

As you can see, having a sore buttocks while cycling is no longer a necessity.

By employing a number of solutions, you spare your posterior to go on longer outings without stress.

From the choice of cycling shorts to saddle adjustments, including life-saving creams and regular training, you’ll never have a sore bottom again!

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