How do you do a cycling holiday? Essential guide

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How do you do a cycling holiday? It’s really quite simple.

How do you do a cycling holiday? Essential guideMake sure that you are aware of what sort of trip you want and whom you’re going with and adapt accordingly.

Traveling by bicycle, also known as bicycle touring, is a great way to discover new regions or countries.

It allows you to be free, stop when you want, take the time to meet people, and enjoy the moment.

How do you do a cycling holiday? Introduction

Traveling by bike still seems like a daunting challenge to many but it really doesn’t have to be.

In the last few years, bicycle travel has become very popular.

There has been great development of roads for cyclists and COVID-19 has thrown a spotlight on slower and different local holidays.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to preparations.

We’ve been there so we decided to share all we know to help you go on a great cycling trip.

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What is a cycling holiday?

At first glance, bicycle travel seems to have a simple definition! Basically, it’s leaving for a trip by bicycle.

In reality, there are dozens of different types of bicycle touring.

Indeed, a bicycle trip can take so many different forms that it can even seem difficult to find what will suit us best.

It depends on what you want, your budget in terms of time and money, and the trip’s constraints (children, animals, work on the road, etc.).

How do you do a cycling holiday and why?

Why choose to travel by bike?

Here is why we think traveling by bike is the bee’s knees!

Infinite freedom

A bicycle usually allows you to carry a little more weight than a backpack.

This offers the opportunity to take a tent, a mattress, a good sleeping bag that can properly warm your body, and camp, if necessary.

Traveling in this way, you are completely living in the moment.

We bike, we eat and we look for a place to sleep.

For more detailed tips on what equipment to take on a bicycle trip, read our other article What should I pack for a cycling holiday? Equipment list

An economical trip

Traveling by bicycle is very economical, and between camps, home stays and camping, expenses are more limited.

The main part of the budget will be the food, which is the fuel of the biker.

Sure, it’s a slow mode of transportation, but it’s also a slower budget drain.

An eco-responsible trip

Traveling by bicycle offers the opportunity to leave home and return home, without using other means of transportation.

If you want to travel without harming the planet by using motor vehicles, a bicycle trip is really something.

Something in between the two extremes would be a trip with an electric bicycle, more info on that here: Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday?

Meeting people

A bike traveler easily arouses the curiosity of the locals, which works in your favor.

The fact of being more accessible and not locked in a vehicle allows to share even more with the locals.

Even if you’re a shy person, you can still make friends.

Who can go on a bike trip?

In principle, everyone. But obviously, it all depends on the trip and its objective.

For small trips, we would tend to say that anyone can go.

One thing is sure, age does not seem to slow down the cyclists.

Cycle touring allows everyone to go at their own pace, try crazy challenges or not, and surpass themselves.

Thanks to the development of bicycle routes, bicycle tourism is now accessible to all.

If you want to go for a round-the-world trip on a bike, climb mountains, and push yourself beyond limits, then you need to prepare yourself mentally and

Who to travel with by bike?

The bicycle trip as a couple

Going on a bike trip with a partner is wonderful. Obviously, it takes a little bit of adjustment to go as a couple.

First of all, you’re leaving your comfort zone and living constantly with the same person.

If this isn’t someone you already live with, you don’t really know how the other person may react.

A bicycle trip allows us to learn more about ourselves and the other person in sometimes strenuous circumstances.

Some will say that the disadvantage of being in a relationship is that you have to make concessions.

If it’s too much to bear, the person you’re sharing it with may not be that much of a match for you.

It is also important to be able to take time for yourself, if you feel the need.

If you leave as a couple, you will often come back stronger.

Traveling by bike with your dog

Biking with your dog can have many benefits, especially at night, if you feel you need extra protection in a camp.

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling by bike with your dog.

First of all, it means more weight, between kibbles and the weight of the dog.

You’ll probably have to carry it at some point.

Then, you will need a passport for him with a well up to date vaccination to be able to enter the countries you intend to visit.

Finally, it requires a small investment because you will need a trailer to transport it.

Today, there is a great offer of bike trailers for dogs.

The important thing is to make sure that the wheels and tires are strong and durable.

Traveling by bike with friends or family

The key is to really agree on the basic project.

Sometimes sharing someone’s intimacy on a daily basis is like being in a couple, it can get difficult.

Make sure that you’re on the same wavelength and talk about it beforehand to adapt to each other and have a great time!

Traveling by bike with children

It is quite possible. You’ll have to potentially go slower and make more allowances.

Kids can get tired and fractious so you may need to pump up that patience level.

The solo bike trip

As is often the case, solo cycling is not a solitary journey.

The fact that you are alone attracts curiosity. In the end, you will easily find yourself interacting with the locals.

In addition to that you will probably meet other bikers on the road.

How do you do a cycling holiday? Conclusion

While there must be a certain amount of planning for a successful trip, it really isn’t too much to stress about.

Make sure that you are well aware of your needs and aims beforehand and allow yourself to go with the flow.

In short, bicycle touring offers you the opportunity to do as you wish!

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