How do you exercise while camping? Workout tips

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How do you exercise while camping?

How do you exercise while camping? Workout tipsIt’s the easiest thing in the world! Walking, hiking, horseback riding and different sports are all easy ways of getting in some exercise.

How do you exercise while camping? Introduction

Does vacations rhyme with rest in your ears?

Well, you’re right!

Did you know, however, that the campsite relaxation can be associated with sport?

Alone, children, parents, or with friends… burn your energy in a glorious natural setting!

For the more sporty among you, explore your surroundings and take advantage of any campsite activities.

How do you exercise while camping?

Easy does it


Calling all hikers!

The majority of the campsites are home to a rich nature that immerses you in a small world of plants and animals.

You can actually go for marvelous walks while remaining in the campsite itself.

Whether you’re an avid nature lover or just seeking to relax, several campsites offer some very tempting trails.

Swimming in the pool

Working out in the pool does not mean hard core swimming for 60 minutes.

So get out the bathing suits, the towels and all to the water!

Your mind will enjoy the relaxation and the sun.

At the same time, your body will revel in the benefits of the movements in the water.

The more athletic ones will be to swim at their own pace, as long as they don’t disturb anyone.

Traditional camping sports

The youngest ones will be able to take advantage of specially designed areas for them on most of the campsites!

Often there is a climbing cage and a trampoline, nothing better to release the energy of your children and their friends.

There’s something for older children and teens too.

There are often ping-pong tables at your disposal, and sometimes tournaments are held.

Ping-pong is one of the most accessible sports and can be played at any age. So take advantage of it!

The petanque (boules) court is ideal for having fun and sharing laughter with your family and other holidaymakers.

This sport, typical of camping, is a relaxing and fun time, where you can play for fun as well as for winning!

These activities are the basis of the sport at the campsite.

Enjoy the vacations where you and your children can have fun, alone but also together!

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How do you exercise while camping?

Athletes: enjoy the great outdoors

The soccer field

It’s quite normal to find a soccer field in a campsite.

Everyone can participate, friends, families, children and their new vacation friends, so start kicking a ball around!

Often the campsite has an animation program and a soccer tournament every week.

The garden of the campsite

Wondering what sports have to do with a camping garden with grass?

Because of its size, this green space allows you to continue your usual sports practices.

You might start a new sport and continue to practice it at home.

Get creative with a volleyball game with your family or other vacationers and physical challenges with friends.

A large garden offers multiple possibilities and you won’t be bothered by the lack of space!

Set up your own daily routine to keep up with your sports at the campsite.

How do you exercise while camping? The campsite


Combine business with pleasure by taking the kids fishing.

It can be cooked over the fire as an alternative to the classic burgers and hotdogs of a BBQ.

If you don’t have a fishing rod, ask your campground, they’ll be able to guide you.

Walks or runs

Discover a unique region with many trails and paths that are easily accessible while being close to the campground.

Visit a resplendent vegetation through family walks, runs, bike rides or horseback riding!

You will easily find walking routes in the vicinity of your campsite, known and recognized by hikers in the region.

Find all the information on this link or ask at the reception.

You can also find cycling tours, it all helps to burn off any holiday fat.

Horseback riding

If you’ve always wanted to go horseback riding, your camping trip is the perfect opportunity to introduce the whole family to the equestrian world!

Most campsites are located near equestrian centers and there are even sites that offer horseback riding!

An equestrian center passionate about horses can help you discover new horizons.


If you are close to a mountain, the rivers in the heart of the mountain are home to the most beautiful canyoning sites.

Let yourself be tempted by a fantastic experience that will leave a lasting impression on you!

You can also organize first flights in paragliding or try canoeing or kayaking.


Have you tried caving?

This sport consists of descending into an underground cavity to explore all its nooks and crannies and live a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to share your findings with friends and family!

Try to find the caves and grottoes near your campsite. Again your receptionist will prove to be a fount of knowledge.

How do you exercise while camping? Choosing a campsite

The choice of a campsite must be made according to your budget and the sport activity you wish to practice.

Choose the ideal campsite for practicing your favorite sport.

The level of comfort of the campsite should be considered too as well as the quality of the services it offers.

So take the time to learn about all this and check out any online reviews.

Knowing that you will need to relax and rest after games, you should choose a site that will also allow you to rest.

That’s why you shouldn’t forget to bring one of these camping chairs that are top rated for big guys.

How do you exercise while camping? Conclusion

It is really much simpler than you may think.

Many campsites offer more than just accommodation.

Look for the right place that fits your budget and that offers different activities that you’re interested in.

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