How do you get rid of cellulite bumps? Expert tips and advice

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How do you get rid of cellulite bumps?

How do you get rid of cellulite bumps? Expert tips and adviceFirstly, almost every woman has them.  If your cellulite bothers you, don’t give up the fight.

Because however stubborn it may be, cellulite can be significantly improved with the right care and perseverance.

Cellulite bumps can be reduced by eating healthy food, regularly exercising, and by drinking plenty of water. There are also specific cellulite treatments that can help, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, massages, and cold baths.

Even if you’re not one of those women for  whom a beach vacation sets off alarm bells, this post is for you too.

By applying the recommendations we share with you below, you can keep cellulite at bay.

How do you get rid of cellulite bumps? Introduction

Cellulite results from congestion of the connective tissues due to poor drainage of the tissues.

This congestion affects the lymphatic and venous vessels.

The blood is then pushed back in front of the obstacle, and the veins dilate, which increases the porosity of the veins.

These leak a serous liquid that adds to the congestion of the tissues.

From a moderate pressure, we go to a congestion of the tissues, which becomes more and more dense following the process.

Cellulite is an organic burial site

As you may know, venous blood has the function of draining cellular waste.

Therefore, when part of the venous blood is discharged into the connective tissues, these become more or less a deposit of toxins.

These toxins are perceived as foreign bodies by their environment and cause chemical reactions, a phenomenon that is accompanied by irritation and dissociation of the connective tissue fibers.

The tissue becomes more and more dense, making it almost impossible for vital exchanges to take place.

The cellulite comes to form islands of tissue, physiologically cut off from the rest of the body.

Therefore, it is impossible to oxygenate the cells or to rid them of their toxins. We are witnessing a real sclerosis.

If your cellulite has reached this level of condensation, you certainly have a medical problem that may lead to others.

Take charge of your life, right now.

The compression of nerves can cause continuous tissue irritation, while the compression of veins and arterioles gives rise to various disorders related to poor blood circulation.

You may suffer from cramps, numbness, varicose veins, swelling, heaviness, bruising and cold feet.

Causes of cellulite | How do you get rid of cellulite bumps?

Hormones are of course to blame, but also a poor diet, insufficient blood circulation, a poorly functioning liver, a sedentary lifestyle as a result of sitting excessively long in your office chair, excessive stress, constipation, wearing tight clothes, crossing of legs, smoking and drinking too much and insufficient breathing techniques are to blame too.

As for genetics, opinions differ but one thing is certain: the influence of your family environment, especially your eating habits, is major.

Ways to get rid of cellulite bumps

Even if the causes of cellulite remain the same from one approach to another, the solutions differ.

But first, here are 2 basic tips that everyone agrees on and that can’t be ignored:

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Eat healthily to melt your fat cells

Although weight loss does not eliminate cellulite, a few pounds less will still reduce bulky saddlebags.

Remember that cellulite is mostly made up of fat.

In the event of an influx of fats, the volume of fat cells can be increased by as much as 50 times per cell.

You must therefore limit your caloric intake.

Despite all the bad things that have been said about dieting, it is still the most certain way to lose weight.

If you have bad eating habits, replace them permanently with better ones:

  • Limit your intake of fat, harmful foods that disrupt metabolism (caffeine, alcohol, salt, etc.) and empty calories (refined sugars).
  • Instead, focus on lean protein (pulses), whole grains, vegetables and fruit.
  • Certain foods with diuretic or high-fiber properties are particularly helpful.
  • Here’s a list you should consult regularly: apple, celery, cherry, asparagus, whole grain bread, cress, fennel, ground flaxseed, grapefruit, parsley, dandelion, leek, seaweed, rhubarb, spinach, turnip, strawberry, rye flour and tomato.
  • Limit your salt intake. There’s no need to shake the salt shaker over the pot or your plate because your food naturally contains all the salt you need. Any excess salt promotes water retention.
  • If salt retains water in the tissues, the water you drink allows better drainage. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day.
  • The less mineralized the water is, the better it works. Drink throughout the day in small quantities, preferably between meals.

Homeopathy against cellulite

Some homeopathic remedies work on water retention and help boost lymphatic circulation.

However, the treatment is not slimming. Useful medications include:

  • Natrum Sulfiricum, for superfluous kilos in the waist and thighs. This medication is perfect for you if you of an emotional disposition.
  • Thuja, for pounds on the hips and thighs coupled with a rapid appearance of orange peel skin. This remedy is especially suitable for you if these physical characteristics are accompanied by an anxious temperament and you tend to wake up in a sweat around 5 a.m.

Acupuncture to combat cellulite

It acts on 2 fronts. It promotes decongestion and drainage of sclerotic tissues.

In addition, acupuncture helps the body to regain a good energy balance. All organs benefit.

Other useful measures to get rid of cellulite bumps

After a bath or shower, get into the habit of rubbing your body with a horsehair glove, focusing on cellulite areas. Nothing like it to activate the blood circulation.

Add coarse sea salt to your bath water.

Take a cold sitting bath every morning. In addition to firming your buttocks and fighting cellulite, cold sitz baths benefit the intestines.

How do you get rid of cellulite bumps? Conclusion

By eating healthily, exercising, drinking water and trying out some alternative remedies, you will find that you are looking better, and have adopted a healthier routine. which will have other benefits too – what’s not to like?

You can do it on a budget too, you might just need a little more careful planning.

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