How Do You Prepare for a Tent Camping Trip?

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How do you prepare for a tent camping trip?

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip?Know your budget, choose a tent, find a sleeping bag, towels, clothes and gadgets (don’t forget your toilet paper!)

Imagine that this year, for the first time, you have chosen the tent option for your camping vacation.

And when it’s time to load up the trunk, you’re probably wondering how to properly equip yourself for tent camping.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Introduction

What could you have forgotten?

What do you need to take with you so that you don’t miss anything and have all the necessary comfort?

Don’t panic! In this article we tell you everything you need to bring to prepare your tenting vacation.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Tent

How to choose your tent?

Before starting on that list, you must choose your tent!

Here are the questions to ask yourself splurging!

What type of mechanism?

A tent canvas is set up differently depending on the model.

You can find the standard tent with poles.

The 3-second model is a very practical tent that unfolds very easily.

However, be sure to read the instructions carefully as storage is more tedious!

Finally, you can find tent covers with inflatable hoops.

Even if they are smaller for storage purposes, you should still think about getting a manual or electric pump.

This one will also be very practical if you have air mattresses for camping.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Budgeting

What budget do you have?

There is a large choice of tents. There is something for every budget, depending on the level of comfort desired and the number of people.

You can choose a model with a lounge, an awning or a more basic model.

Be careful though, the more different parts the tent has, the longer and more difficult it will be to assemble/dismantle for the uninitiated.

What do you want to do?

Are you going to spend your vacations at a camping site with extra amenities?

Or do you think you’ll be a cowboy and try wild camping? 🀠

The sturdiness of the material and the ease of transport and storage will be criteria to consider.

The weight is also important, especially if you have to carry everything on your back!

In addition, the number of people must be anticipated in order to choose an adequate capacity.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Tips

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on your choice of tent if this is your first time camping.

You should not buy a tent blindly!

Don’t hesitate to test your equipment before leaving, whether you have already camped or not, there is no guarantee that your equipment is still operational.

Moreover, a night in a tent in the garden or in the living room will certainly delight the children!

Tip: Read our other post for more information about camping with the family.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Equipment

Once the tent has been chosen and tested, it is now time to prepare the suitcases or backpacks.

Taking the time to equip yourself for camping in a tent is necessary in order not to forget anything.

Here is the checklist of camping equipment that we recommend you to take:

A sleeping bag

You choose a sleeping bag according to the temperature.

For the summer, opt for a light sleeping bag and for the other seasons a warmer comforter to avoid being cold in your sleeping bag.

The difference between the sleeping bags is in the composition and how you can wash the sleeping bag after the camping trip. Some are made with synthetic insulation, and are therefore less expensive.

Down is made of small feathers from geese or ducks that trap the warm air produced by the body.

It will take much longer to dry but will be less heavy and very effective against the cold.

A microfiber towel

While a nice and thick terry towel is nicer to dry yourself off with, it is bulky and heavy to carry along and dries very slowly since it can absorb so much moisture.

Instead, a microfiber towel will dry much faster and is much lighter to carry. However, it will not wipe as well as a traditional towel.

Toilet paper 🧻

Please note that at many campsites, there are no toilets.

You will have to take your roll under your arm before going to do the small (or big) deed.

But that’s also the joy and appeal of camping!

A pair of flip-flops

It is the essential accessory for camping vacations!

To reach the pool or to go to the common sanitary facilities, they will be very practical with wet feet.

A rechargeable headlamp and flashlight πŸ”¦

If you want to go to the bathroom for example, it will be very useful to move at night.

Don’t worry though, the campsite is still lit at night and you won’t be in total darkness!

Earplugs 🎧

Because when your neighbor snores, it is really very useful.

Read our other post for more tips on how to camp with a snorer.

Device chargers πŸ”‹

Cell phone charger, camera charger, camera, your drone, etc.

We all have many battery-operated devices, and you don’t want to have something running flat!

Also consider taking a power strip to charge the family’s devices.

An air mattress or a camping mattress or a cot πŸ›

If you are only staying a few days, you can be satisfied with a foam floor mat.

It depends on how comfortable you want to be, and the space you have left in the trunk of your car or in your backpack.

Twine 🧡

You can always use it for a few things. For example, drying your laundry, fixing a tent tensioner that may have blown out, etc.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Pests

Mosquito repellent and citronella candles 🦟

In the summer, these annoying little bugs could ruin your vacation.

Especially if you are the person taking the shots for the whole group!

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Kitchen

Going camping, especially in a tent, requires some organization in terms of meals but also some recipe ideas.

Indeed, you do not benefit from the same equipment as in a mobile home.

That’s why, when we talk about getting the right equipment for camping in a tent, we must not neglect the kitchen equipment:

A camping table and chairs πŸͺ‘

It’s ideal for breakfast or an aperitif! You may not feel like carrying it but is so much more comfortable than a blanket on the ground.

Check out these reviews of top camping chairs for plus-size people.

Small equipment

On a tent camping vacation, coffee filters, garbage bags, paper towels, and tissues are a must.

Tableware 🍴

Plates, glasses, cutlery, etc. are the essentials. The plastic ones will be more resistant when washing dishes in the bathroom.

When it comes to glass, stainless steel or ceramic, they will be charming on the table but will require a lot of care and attention.

You can pack the dishes in a large box. You will need to add a pot and pan, cups, and a can opener. Don’t forget the corkscrew either!

Finally, a basin is a great way to carry all your dirty dishes and bring them back shiny. Don’t forget the washing up liquid in your luggage either!

A cooler ❄

Especially in summer to have cool drinks. But also to keep food cool before cooking, or keeping leftovers for a few hours.

A gas stove πŸ”₯

It is a simple, practical and solid cooking accessory. Ask the manufacturer about the life of the gas cartridges beforehand.

Often the calculation is done per liter of boiled water according to the weight of the bottle.

This will allow you to take a suitable number of cans without overloading the trunk.

Cooking tip? Always remember to put a lid on your pan/dish. This will save you a lot of gas.

And in case you’re running low on supplies, don’t worry!

Even if many campsites are in the countryside, there are still stores to provide you with this type of equipment.

Naturally, if you’re wild camping off the grid, you’ll need to provide for all your needs yourself.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Choosing a place

Where to pitch your tent? β›Ί

You need to choose the right place to set up your tent.

Be careful to choose a flat area, free of roots and rocks to avoid back pain and tearing your equipment.

When pitching your tent, tighten the ropes at the anchor points sufficiently so that the tent does not blow away in windy conditions or get soaked in bad weather.

Now you know how to equip yourself for tent camping.

How do you prepare for a tent camping trip? Conclusion

We hope that this article has set you in the right direction.

Establish your budget, and then proceed to choose the right tent, the right sleeping bag size, clothes and equipment according to your trip.

It’s not that difficult, use some common sense and ask anyone experienced for some advice!

Not convinced about camping yet while there are so many fun reasons to go camping anyway? Perhaps you’re thinking you’d rather stay in a hotel instead of a campsite?

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