How do you relax at the beach? Stress relief tips

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How do you relax at the beach? Try these stress relief tips to really relax when you’re at the beach:

  • How do you relax at the beach? Stress relief tipsAvoid the digital noise
  • Make a conscious effort to relax your body
  • Let go of work-related worries
  • Try a positive mantra
  • Live in the moment

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How do you relax at the beach? Introduction

Sunbathing is not necessarily a relaxing experience when you’re between noisy neighbors, teenagers playing music on the stereo, and couples having a spat.

How to keep your self-control and make the beach a relaxing moment? Here are our tips:

Try a digital detox

Screens, television, and social media platforms are constantly calling us. Even if we like it, it triggers our brain, tires our eyes, and stimulates our body generally too much. For some, it even becomes a cyber addiction!

So to really let go on vacation and come back fully relaxed, we try to get as far away as possible from the screens.

Especially from everything related to work! Say goodbye to emails, Zoom, LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, or job search site notifications.

So stop trying to take the best selfie for your Instagram story in front of the ocean. Instead, enjoy the view, the sea air, and the seagulls screaming in the distance. Your little technology-weary brain will thank you.

How do you relax at the beach? Progressive relaxation of the whole body

Lay down comfortably on a towel with your eyes closed. Your hands are placed along the body, legs stretched, and heels in the sand.

Feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, but obviously, protect it with sunscreen.

Feel your face slowly relax: your forehead rests, your cheeks loosen, your jaw slightly opened. Feel the relaxation of your neck and shoulders.

This “wave of relaxation” travels down your arms to your fingertips. Then your chest, organs, pelvis, and legs relax in turn, down to the tips of your toes.

Your body is now well relaxed and sinks a little more into the sand, soothing and reassuring you.

Step away from work

All year long, we always have to do some kind of work:

  • the education or training you are following
  • problems with clients, partners, and/or colleagues
  • the job, whether you have a permanent contract, a fixed-term contract, an internship, or a work-study program
  • or in search of a job

Our first tip is to try and put it all aside while you’re on vacation. But this is easier said than done, isn’t it? Totally!

But for this to be successful, it needs a little preparation before you even leave for your vacation.

Plan the return from your vacation to have a good idea of what to do when you get back. You’ll then have peace of mind, as you know that everything is planned for when you return from vacation.

Leave your study books or anything else related to the project you are working on behind. Leave it at home before departing, or put it in a drawer if you are staying at home.

And if you’re bored during the vacations, it’s out of the question to go back to work just to pass the time!

How do you relax at the beach? A positive evocation

To freeze this soft mental and physical inactivity, we will fill ourselves with the positive oath of a word.

Choose a word that evokes calm and well-being, for example, “relaxation”, and breathe in, repeating it internally like a mantra.

Trap the air inside your breath for a few seconds while you focus on this word. Blow and fill your body with the positive evocation of this word.

Live the moment to the fullest

The brain tends to chew a lot on the past or predict the future outside of vacations. These two elements need a lot of energy and create stress, even unconsciously.

But on vacation, you have no responsibilities except to take care of dinner tomorrow night.

So follow your natural rhythm, living in the moment:

Turn off your regular alarm clocks

We often forget to do it at the beginning of the vacation, but it’s a little happiness you shouldn’t miss!

Eat only when you are really hungry

As you know, we tend to eat at specific times to free ourselves from hunger, even when we’re not really hungry. So learning to find the sensation of hunger, and relieving yourself of it by enjoying your meal, is only good.

How do you relax at the beach? Agree to lower the pace

Avoid overwhelming your vacation schedule. Instead, let yourself be carried away by the present moment.

For example, you’ve planned a walk in the city this afternoon, but you feel like chilling at home instead? Put it off until later, no worries.

A comforting breath

You feel safe and confident. Now that your body has slowly given in to relaxation, it’s time for your mind to give in and let calmness take over.

There is no way to let your mind flutter around, so to do this, focus on your breathing.

Breathe in deeply, keep it in for a few seconds and exhale through your mouth, letting out an “A”.

This therapeutic sound vibrates within you with each exhalation. It frees you a little more from any tension.

Feel what is happening within you as you breathe. Feel the air entering your nostrils and providing every cell in your body with oxygen.

Follow the path of the air that feeds your body. The sound of your breath is the only one that disturbs the silence inside.

How do you relax at the beach? Conclusion

Our busy lives can easily prevent us from relaxing and making the most of our time at the beach.

The 5 helpful tips described in this article can be a good starting point for you to try and relax more next time you want to have a good day at the beach and having difficulty switching off:

  • Enjoy the moment,
  • Don’t think about work,
  • Try out a personal mantra that works for you,
  • Relax your whole body consciously, and
  • Get rid of your digital devices to really allow yourself to relax.

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