How does eating healthy improve gut health?

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How does eating healthy improve gut health?

How does eating healthy improve gut health?Eating healthy harmonizes our body and brain, and allows the gut to absorb all the necessary nutrients for physical and mental well-being.

Our diet is becoming more and more important in the context of health and well-being.

The choice of solid and liquid foods, is very important.

It is an essential function for our physical and mental survival, i.e. to assimilate before eliminating waste.

The choice of food is as important as the way we swallow it, regularly and slowly.

How does eating healthy improve gut health? Introduction

Our food choices not only influences our physical fitness and protects us from orders and diseases.

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It also impacts our mental health and daily behavior.

We are what we eat.

An average man or woman consumes 62,000 pounds of food and 13,000 gallons of liquid in a lifetime.

The food we eat does much more than feed us.

Our belly, our digestive and intestinal system, continuously sort out the elements necessary in our food.

The body determines what to absorb and what to expel, thanks to its nervous system, toxins, bacteria and viruses.

With the exception of intellectual performance and artistic creation (no direct links to food yet), all of our behavior is affected by food choices.

And, it is now scientifically established, it works both ways through a recently identified network of the famous neurotransmitters.

The improvement of the psychological state is also important

By improving our gut health, we can reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, we can heal most disorders and we can self contribute to the healing of more serious diseases.

By improving mentally, the disorders of digestion and assimilation often disappeared as if by miracle.

The psychological state can be improved by reducing stress and anxiety, better breathing, eating regularly and better.

If you are always under pressure, and unable to relax you can seriously damage your digestive system.

And in this case, the tummy troubles have their source in the brain.

It is important to start eating differently and slowly, to vary your diet, to eat more regularly and to do some easy exercises.

For example, you can cut out all acidic foods including coffee and eat slowly and regularly

Focus on fish, white meats, vegetables, pasta, rice and fresh fruit.

Diets are a real danger

Choose what you eat well to harmonize your two brains, the belly and the real brain with your body.

This may seem simple, obvious and even simplistic. But the truth is, it does take some thought.

Forgetting any diet is crucial

Any diet based on the elimination of one or more basic foods from the diet (fats, carbohydrates, proteins essential to the metabolism) should be avoided.

Everyone has heard of or even followed one of these diets without fat, protein, sugar, or anything else, or based on the exclusive consumption of certain products (pasta, vegetables, fruit or meat, for example).

But a diet like that is a disaster!

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All foods are essential

All foods, even those that have the worst reputation, are essential to the general balance and harmony of the stomach (read the gastroparesis dietary guidelines) and brain.

It is now proven that lipids (fats), which some diets vigorously chase, largely condition sexual pleasure.

And it is also proven that carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, starches) have a calming effect on the nerves and are essential for alertness.

They also affect our sex lives.

It is also proven that proteins (meat, fish, dairy) stimulate the supra-renal glands and act directly on the creation of euphoria.

Fibers are considered essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids and to the proper functioning of the digestive system.

And did you know that wine plays a role in preventing heart disease?

Did you know that a diet of only vegetables and fruit can be deadly?

How does eating healthy improve gut health? Conclusion

Studies have shown that eliminating one food type is enough to modify the creation of immune cells by the stomach, thus opening the door to all kinds of infections.

It disturbs the harmony between the belly and the brain.

Your food choice, a condition for a healthy belly, will therefore be dictated by three essential and complementary factors:

  • taste (your taste is essential, it corresponds to your food fingerprints)
  • the energy and nutritional content of foods
  • variety
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