How Long Do Power Recliners Usually Last? Tips & Insights

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Every power reclining model out there provides a variety of actions and comfortable features. But how long do power recliners usually last and can these kinds of seats be considered a smart purchase?

how long do power recliners usually last

As the name suggests, power recliners are all powered by a motor that provides the reclining motion.

Are you the type of person who likes to maintain his/her furniture properly and regularly?

Then it's time to talk about power recliner chair motors!

How long do power recliners usually last? Introduction

Handwritten Words Product Lifecycle Reference To Lifespan Of Power Recliners

The brand quality and specific assembly policy influence the dependability of power recliner motors.

A big part of making your recliner last is up to you and your immediate actions. Check out our guidelines below!

They'll give your recliner chair a longer life if you want to keep your power reclining chair and its electric motor in top shape.

When considering the planned lifespan of any device, like power recliner chairs, the first thing you'll want to focus on is frequent reclining chair maintenance.

The main point of concern is the recliner chair's electric parts.

The way you look and take care of the electrical parts identifies the time your power recliner chair can work efficiently.

To be sure that your motor lasts, you'll need to work on the little things.

If you are careless enough, though, your power recliner chair will not last long, let alone the power recliner motor. So let's get into it!

Recliner maintenance: Tips and recommendations

Woman Who Polishes And Maintains Leather Recliner With Orange Rag Tips And Recommendations Concerning Recliner Maintenance

Cleaning routinely is highly recommended

Woman Who Is Cleaning Under Recliner Regularly Removing Dust From Under It Is Important To Avoid Overheating Motor Of Recliner

Frequently clean underneath the base of the reclining chair, and mind any particles that may be blocking that area.

If you find any obstacles, clear them out to avoid overheating the power motor.

Protect the cushioning of the recliner chair

Look after the recliner chair's cushioning.

It might seem unimportant, but the less careful you are around your furniture covers and materials, the faster it shows wear.

Nobody likes a damaged and stained reclining chair.

It's not pleasant or comfy to be in. So encourage reasonable care for your chair, both in yourself and your family.

Avoid wet environments, basements, and the outdoors

Wet Concrete Support Pillar And Floor In Basement Area Not Suitable For Placing A Recliner In It

It's reasonable that many elements of running a home can be rather unpredictable.

So please try to keep the recliner in a dry and warm space and make sure that the recliner cannot tip forward because that's dangerous..

Excessive moisture in the air can impact the electrical wiring and other electrical and mechanical features.

This also implies keeping the reclining chair inside. This should be taken seriously!

Power reclining chairs, specifically advanced models, decay much faster in unpredictable outdoor environments.

You should never trust weather forecasts...

A damp, humid day can quickly turn into a colder, drier night. This negatively affects the recliner chair's motor.

Evaluation of wires and cords is essential

Damaged Power Cable Dangerous Periodically Examining Cables Of Recliners Is Important

Ideally, make it a weekly event to check each cable or wire of the recliner's motor unit.

It's essential to weekly or biweekly monitor your wiring. This can help you have a clear image of the state each wire is in.

Inspect whether they show signs of tear or other possible structural problems.

Even if there are no obvious damaged points, you can still check and prevent future tears.

Avoid power extension cords

Try to link your power recliner chair to a direct source of power. Plug it in the main socket if possible, and prevent using an extension.

Extensions might lead to power overloads and cause damage to the reclining chair's electrical system.

This is especially dangerous during voltage leaps or power spikes.

Prevent powerful motions in the reclining chair

Another fundamental part of routine maintenance is to limit any sharp or strong movements while seated in the recliner.

This is part of smart and ergonomic sitting and relaxing. By the way, How should you sit in a recliner with good posture? is an excellent article about recliners and ergonomics.

Kids can get quite excited on a comfy bit of furniture, so try to limit their bouncing or jumping.

Prohibition Sign That Does Not Allow Jumping Into Recliner Important To Avoid Strong Forces Acting On Recliner

And since power reclining chairs are created to do your reclining for you, let them do it and do not press them by hand with excessive force.

This way, you avoid possible damage to the structure or jarring something loose.

Do power recliners last long?

Wooden Blocks With Lifespan Written On Them Accompanied By Hourglass And Round Clock In Context Of What The Lifespan Is Of Power Recliners

On average, power recliners with easy mechanics can last between 10 and 20 years, depending upon the quality, handling and frequency of use.

Another aspect that plays a significant role is how intensively you use the power reclining chair:

  • How much pressure will you put on its frame during the kickback
  • The amount of rising and reclining motions it is asked to do
  • How much weight it needs to support and bear on a regular basis

Try to find a well-balanced technique for the way you use it, especially if you need the recliner chair for specific types of sturdy applications.

For example, if you are plus-size, you might be interested in buying the best big man recliner with a high weight limit!

By keeping actions that cause early wear to a minimum, you will still be able to use your recliner chair for a long period of time.

In conclusion: How long do power recliners usually last?

Closeup Photo Of Hourglass With Greenish-Blue Sand In To Symbolize Average Lifespan Of Power Recliners

For what it's worth, power recliners can last much longer than manual models. Tip: Read Power recliners VS manual recliners to discover more pros and cons of both models!

Both kinds of recliner chairs have independently moving parts that undergo various levels of wear.

Nevertheless, power recliners supply a smoother operation, which is better for the durability of the frame and essential joints.

In terms of electronic devices, their frequent study and maintenance will always help your power recliner remain fully operational for a longer time.

Proper care is the key to durability, so your power recliner chair will treat you right if you treat it right!

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