How many types of rocking chairs are there? Overview

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How many types of rocking chairs are there? Progress has allowed the evolution of rocking chairs to be available in many different types today.

How many types of rocking chairs are there? OverviewWe thought of giving you a rundown on the most popular rocking chair types out there.

There are numerous types of rocking chairs available on the market, the most popular ones are: modern, classic, glider, spring, and swivel rocking chairs. Generally, the fewer features a rocking chair has, the more durable, affordable and less prone to part failure it is.

Read on to learn more about each of these types of rocking chairs.

How many types of rocking chairs are there?

Modern rocking chair

The modern rocking chair is very similar in construction and technology to a classic rocking chair.

Like the traditional rocking chair, modern rocking chairs also have only 2 points of contact with the floor.

The difference is mainly in the material used, the comfort and the design. Modern rocking chairs respond to today’s demand for comfort and choice.

Therefore, modern rocking chairs are covered with soft fabrics, extra lining and more comfortable backrests with an almost infinite choice in terms of color, type of fabric and design.

Since such a modern rocking chair does not contain complex mechanisms, the price is relatively low and still has an extended lifespan.

Classic rocking chair

The traditional rocking chair has two curved wooden extensions that attach the front and back legs together.

There are really only two points of contact with the floor in this design.

This type of rocking chair is usually the most common (and most affordable) of all rocking chair models.

In addition to the timeless design, they are also very sturdily built and therefore very durable.

The chairs have no moving parts which minimizes any damage or issues.

These seats are quite rigid and inflexible though, even a bit clunky at times, which may not to be to everyone’s taste.

Glider rocking chair

Unlike classic rocking chairs, gliders move from front to back on a flat surface rather than in an arc.

These chairs often come with large cushions and softly padded textile upholstery.

One advantage of these chairs is that sliding takes up less space compared to traditional rocking chairs.

Then again, the downside is that the mechanical complexity of such a chair increases the price and the risk of breakages.

In addition, some of the rocking motion is lost (it is about gliding rather than rocking).

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Spring rocking chair

Spring rocking chairs are a bit of a mix between the traditional rocking chair and the glider rocking chair.

They rock back and forth like traditional rocking chairs but are supported by mounted springs that provide the rocking motion.

Thus, the contact points with the floor itself do not move and are static.

The mechanism is a rather complicated piece of engineering albeit fairly durable. The price is usually between traditional rocking chairs and glider rocking chairs.

Swivel rocking chair

Swivel rocking chairs use a mechanism that allows them to rock on more than one plane of motion.

You’ll also find this feature fairly often on glider rocking chairs and spring-loaded rocking chairs to increase the functionality of the chairs.

As with gliders and suspension rocking chairs, this more complex design comes with a higher price tag and a higher risk of wear and failure of parts.

How many types of rocking chairs are there? Conclusion

With so many to choose from, we could go on for quite a while.

So, instead we gave you some tips about the 5 most popular rocking chairs on the market to get you going.

Enjoy browsing through the top heavy duty outdoor rocking chairs.

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