How much weight can a swimming pool ladder hold?

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The million-dollar question is: How much weight can a swimming pool ladder hold and is it a major concern?

How much weight can a swimming pool ladder holdA standard pool ladder can only support 325 pounds or less while a heavy-duty one has a weight limit of up to 700 pounds.

The weight limit of a pool ladder is a major concern if you (or friends or family members) are heavier than the average swimmer!

Many manufacturers make swimming pool ladders for pools above ground, which are meant to be used by heavier people.

It’s no fun using a pool if you’re scared of getting in or hauling yourself out of the water.

Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, we’re here to help!

How much weight can a swimming pool ladder hold? Introduction

The security and peace of mind of a sturdy pool ladder allow larger persons to enjoy swimming without finding problems getting in and out of the water.

If the ladder feels inadequate, you’re not going to feel confident in using it.

A standard, one-size-fits-all pool ladder just won’t cut it if you are a plus-size swimmer.

It could be dangerous to use as it might not be strong enough and break.

So let’s find out how to pick the right ladder for your weight.

Why select a sturdy pool ladder?

A regular pool ladder can’t provide safety and convenience for everyone. So if you’re overweight, you’re in danger of getting hurt.

Even the best pool ladders in the market can’t hold more than 275 to 325 lbs.

If you weigh more, then you need to find the right one.

A more robust pool ladder with a weight capacity of 600 to 700 lbs, or more, will support probably anyone.

You can’t stop kids from having a good time in a swimming pool, and you may want to join. Hence the need for a sturdy ladder.

It will last longer and won’t be dangerous: Easy to understand why people go for a robust model.

How to choose a heavy-duty pool ladder for a plus-size swimmer?

If you are a beginner, finding the right swimming pool ladder won’t be that easy.

But don’t rush into things!

Read on, and you’ll find out precisely what you need to look out for:

Avoid ladders that are adjustable in height

Ladders that are height adjustable will not have the stability you need.

It will offer some strength, but it has an extension that reduces that solid feeling, so look for a straight ladder.


A pool needs to be safe too, and without rails, you won’t get enough security or stability.

So you see, rails will give you more to hold on to before getting.

They will help to disperse your weight evenly and reduce the risk of any sudden slips or falls.

If you can, find a sturdy pool ladder with rails.

What is it made of?

A bigger person needs their weight to be dispersed evenly, and steel ladders are the best for that.

Weight limit of pool ladders

Most of the time, ladder manufacturers show the weight capacity in the item’s description.

Handy, but don’t be taken for a fool…

Even if you’re told that that load capacity stands at 300 lbs, the pressure goes up to a weight equivalent of 400 lbs for that first step.

And that is why we are telling you to get a ladder with a 400+ lbs load capability.

The higher the weight carrying capacity, the safer it is.

Weight of the ladder

When you put down your foot, the ladder’s weight will determine how robust it is.

For example, aluminum swimming pool ladders are light and aren’t suitable.

More durable pool ladders are heavier than the usual out-of-the-box ladders.

Width of the ladder

The width of the ladder has nothing to do with its weight.

Remember that the water’s buoyancy means our movements are less precise, so the wider the steps, the better.

If your ladder has handles and rungs far apart, your weight will continue to be at the center.

Chances are, the ladder will break after some years.

Don’t let your body weight hold you back

For most people, showing off their body at the poolside is not their only fear.

Those pool ladders seem to shimmer with evil delight, and it’s no wonder that it’s made enough people turn tail.

Being too heavy to pull oneself out of the water is a common fear, as is being unable to get out.

And the mere idea of needing help to get out of the water is enough to discourage anyone, whether it’s friends, relatives or complete strangers.

Frequently Asked Questions: How much weight can a swimming pool ladder hold?

How do you weigh down a swimming pool ladder?

The best pool ladders have a cavity to attach weight to them.

Just attach some plastic bottles filled with sand or stones.

If your choice doesn’t have a cavity, then tie the weight to the ladder with a piece of rope.

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What is the most long-lasting above-ground pool ladder?

The market offers an enviable amount of sturdy, above-ground swimming pool ladders.

Their stability and durability will make them last for years to come.

Tip: Read Can you leave a pool ladder in the winter? to learn more about the impact of the weather elements on the lifespan of pool ladders.

How do I get back in the pool being overweight?

The very best feature of a swimming pool is that it offers practically weightless exercise.

It reduces the impact on your joints to negligible levels, especially if you compare it to treadmills or road running.

Of course, that’s only true if you can get in or out of the water in the first place.

In some cases, it’s amazingly tough to pull yourself up a ladder.

Thankfully, numerous manufacturers have solutions for us heavy people.

Just as swimming floats encourage heavy persons back into the water, there are specially made ladders for big people to make our swimming sessions easier.

Stairs with rails make getting in and out of above-ground swimming pools way much easier.

In-ground swimming pools always have steps and a ladder, so this only affects people using an above-ground pool.

What is the weight limitation on swimming pool ladders?

The weight limit of pool ladders depends upon their structure and material used.

The high-end, heavy-duty ones can usually take up to a limit of 600 – 700lbs max. These sturdy pool ladders are perfectly suitable for plus-size swimmers.

In comparison, run-of-the-mill pool ladders have a weight limit of around 325 pounds or less.

How much weight can a swimming pool ladder hold? Conclusion

Before you dive into buying any pool ladder, you should check out what your particular needs are.

A typical ladder can hold up 300 to 325 lbs and will not last long.

On the other hand, sturdy, premium ladders can take up to 700 pounds.

It’s an easy decision: If you weigh more than 350 pounds, you’re better off investing strong swimming pool ladder with an optimum weight capacity than going for a cheaper one.

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