How Much Weight Can Most Recliners Hold? Insights & Tips

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How much weight can most recliners hold? Most recliner chairs have a 300-pound capacity except for the extra-large models.

How much weight can most recliners hold

Luckily, there are some producers that noticed the demand for these high-weight capacity reclining chairs.

They launched recliners on the market with the ability to safely support people who weigh 550 and even 600 pounds.

How much weight can most recliners hold? First, make sure the recliner is durable and comfortable

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A high-capacity recliner chair will support our weight in both seated and reclining positions.

But the weight capacity shouldn't be your only concern: the seat needs to be wide enough too.

Plus, it needs to be comfortable! After all, a block of concrete will hold my weight but is hardly a delicate way to sit.

We all need a recliner that can hold our weight and width in all comfort, even if you're a little bigger than average.

The good news is that most decent recliners are large enough and pretty comfortable.

But, strangely, there are even recliners on the market that are so incredibly tight that even "skinny people" struggle to fit in them.

When you first get in them and want to lean back into the reclining position, there's a significantly large force on the recliner to support and lift your weight.

The sad truth is that there aren't many recliners out there that comfortably and safely carry a person over 400 pounds. And if you're lucky enough to find one, they're probably extremely pricy...

Luckily for you, we've already reviewed a number of heavy-duty recliners with a 500 lbs weight limit so you can save some time.

How much weight can most recliners hold? Tips for buying a heavy-duty recliner

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When you go shopping for the best sturdy recliner for bigger and/or taller people, there are a few crucial elements to think about.

The process of both shopping and buying will be way more effective if you are well informed and know the best questions to ask.

Here are a few of the things you need to consider before, while, and after buying a heavy-duty reclining chair!

Why should I buy a durable, heavy-duty recliner?

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A heavy-duty recliner can be a pretty big financial investment. Still, it offers many benefits that exceed a regular recliner chair.

The top heavy-duty recliners can support at least up to 500 pounds, while some can support even more.

These recliner chairs are developed with sturdy materials and an extremely solid frame, which is needed to handle that amount of weight!

On the other hand, regular reclining chairs are only meant to hold around 200 to 275 pounds. There even are some recliners on the market that aren't even capable of carrying 200 pounds.

Tip: Read our related article What are the most durable recliners? for more info on how to choose a durable recliner.

The point of a reclining chair is to be comfortable. This is why durable recliners are an excellent option for those who can't fit in a regular recliner chair comfortably.

Sturdy recliner chairs are made to be resilient. They also have a variety of functions and gadgets that makes them even easier to use.

Most sturdy recliner chairs have an interior that's made from steel. This is because it's one of the most reliable products, especially in strength.

So which parts should be in steel? A sturdy recliner consists of a steel base, interior structure, and (for many models) reclining system as well.

Be aware though, the more steel is used in your recliner chair, the heavier it will be. Check our related article Are reclining sofas heavy? to learn more about the weight of recliner chairs and sofas.

This may or may not be an issue, depending on whether you plan on moving it often.

They are developed to last the test of time, at least when they are well-maintained and used correctly.

What functions should I get on my recliner?

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Reclining chairs can include many functions that are all designed differently.

It's important to think about some functions that you would like your recliner to have. So when you start your search for the perfect chair, you'll know what to look for.

Make a list of which features you most certainly want and which would be a nice extra if they're available.

We made a list of the most common features that some heavy-duty reclining chairs have and their benefits for you and your body.

Higher backrest

A high back recliner with an extra-tall back is a must-have for those who are a bit taller.

It makes sure that the user can sit comfortably in their recliner while still having enough back support, neck support, and head support.

Many comfy recliner chairs have a back height of about 25 to 32 inches. Still, some people are above average height.

They may want to think about a chair with a back height of about 36 inches or even more. This should keep your neck from hanging off of the edge when you lean it back.

Pockets on the side

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This may sound like an unnecessary luxury, but it can be a vital detail for people who struggle to get around on their own.

Side pockets on the inside of the chair can help the user store papers, remotes, books, or other things.

It makes the user less dependent on others by having their belongings within reach when sitting in the recliner.

Many people enjoy this because they can switch from reading a book to checking out the newspaper without having to get up.

Larger armrests

Usually, sturdy reclining chairs are also larger than regular ones. But strangely, they don't always have bigger armrests.

This can be a great detail if (one of) its user(s) needs a bit more arm support or room to let their arms sink comfortably.

Large enough leg rest

A typical recliner is 16 to 18.5 inches from the top of the seating cushions to the floor.

But a recliner with a leg height (floor-to-seat height) of 19 to 23 inches is better suited for people with an above-average height.

Your leg weight should always be divided evenly, and your blood circulation should be optimal, no matter your position in the recliner.

Whether you are in an upright, reclined, or flat position, your body should be able to relax.

Leather Recliner With Extended Footrest That Should Be Large Enough So That You Can Sit And Lie Completely Relaxed In The Recliner

This is why leg height is so important! Your legs should be supported by the leg rest at all times (while your feet can hang over the edge of the footrest, no problem).

A recliner chair that's too short can leave your legs hanging over the edge of the leg rest.

This position is not only incredibly uncomfy. It might even cause the recliner to tip forward (what should be avoided at all times).

Depth of the seat

For a tall person, seat cushion depth is an essential factor to think about when buying a recliner.

When leaning back into your recliner, the depth of the seat can directly impact how comfortable you will sit.

The average seat depth of a recliner is about 20 to 22 inches. So search for a seat depth of 24 to 26 inches (or more) when you're one of those taller people.

Electric motor

Close Up Of Small Electric Motor Typical For Powering Power Recliners

This function is incredibly helpful for those who need help taking a seat or standing back up.

With an electric motor, no more changing the angle on the recliner by hand. With one push of a button, the recliner will automatically change the angle itself.

Some reclining chairs also have a power lift function. This function will raise the chair off the ground to help support the person sitting.

How much weight can most recliners hold? Conclusion

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While most recliners can hold 300 pounds, luckily there are also heavy-duty recliners on the market that can hold up to 600 pounds.

Hopefully, the above tips have given you an idea of where to start and what to look out for when you're considering to buy a heavy-duty recliner of your own.

Besides the weight limit, remember also that no amount of fancy gadgets or features will make up for a recliner that is uncomfortable or low quality, so don't skimp on these core qualities.

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