How much weight can pool steps hold?

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How much weight can pool steps hold is a frequently asked question by plus-size swimmers and it’s a totally legit concern.

How much weight can pool steps holdRealistically speaking, standard pool ladders have a weight limit of about 250 to 300 lbs.

So if you’re bigger than average, you should find a swimming pool ladder with a weight limitation of at least 400 lbs.

How much weight can pool steps hold? Introduction

There is no hard and fast answer to this question: Many pool ladders usually cater for weight in the region of 300 pounds.

The first thing to do is check the instructions that came with your pool. In other words, examine your product handbook!

Chances are, the maker will have provided clear guidelines regarding the weight limitation of their items.

A word of warning: You should know that you will easily find Chinese knock-offs mimicking premium swimming pool steps made in the US.

Since they aren’t produced and assembled as per the necessary quality standards, these knock-offs tend to break down much quicker than the original.

What are pool steps or wedding cake pool steps anyhow?

Have you ever seen those steps that take you safely into the water? Usually circular?

They’re called wedding cake pool steps and are developed for above-ground swimming pools.

They make your water entry much easier (and safer), and they’re precisely what you want if you’re not a fan of jumping in.

So you can sit on them and ease yourself gently step by step into the comforting embrace of the water.

They are particularly recommended if you use a deck for an above-ground pool, so you’ll have more support.

They’re more expensive, we’re with you there…

But think of it as an investment in your (and anyone else’s) safety, especially when compared to a ladder with rungs.

What weight limit for pool steps should a plus-size swimmer be searching for?

There’s nothing quite as awkward as not being able to get out of the water without any help, even more so if it’s because the ladder isn’t sturdy enough.

It’s a big enough deal to put off plus-sized people from swimming, mainly because of the dangers that a flimsy ladder holds.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been in the same situation.

So if you’re in the market for a pool ladder or steps, make sure that they cater for a minimum weight of 400 lbs.

You might need some time to find a reputable brand name that fits the bill, but we promise that they do exist.

Take a look at this list of swimming pool ladders for plus-size folks for inspiration.

How much weight can pool steps hold? Conclusion

To sum up, pool steps and ladders can usually hold between 250 and 300 pounds.

So if you’re a plus-size swimmer, we would recommend that you look for something that caters to 400 lbs plus, and that gives you peace of mind and boosts your self-confidence.

Don’t miss out on some great times in the water with family and friends just because of this!

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