How should I prepare my body for the beach?

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All those months spent sitting inside during the winter… At some point, we all crave summertime vibes. And then the following question inevitably arises: How should I prepare my body for the beach?

how should I prepare my body for the beachIt’s the time of barbecues, long entertaining summer evenings, and getting your swimsuit out of the closet to go for a swim in a pool or lake or in the sea.

Does the idea of wearing a swimsuit or swim trunks make you nervous?

No problem! There’s still enough time left to get your body beach-ready!

But don’t worry. We’re not talking about extreme, unsafe diets. We won’t strip you of food and leave you feeling tired, hungry or frustrated.

Instead, we’ve created this beach body guide that everyone can use to get a body they’ll be proud of!

How should I prepare my body for the beach? Tips and tricks

Sleep 7 to 9 hours every night

Sleep is vital to accomplishing any mental or physical objectives.

Whether your perfect beach body requires weight loss or muscle gain, sleep will be a key to your success.

Sleep enables your body to recover from intense workouts and to grow and repair muscles.

Sleep deprivation can disrupt your hormone balance and lead to extreme appetite and cravings.

Not sleeping enough can worsen your self-control and can cause you to start skipping fitness exercises and cheat on your diet.

People who get little sleep eat more late night snacks (and these are most likely high in carbohydrates).

Do workouts that focus on your core

A strong, firm core is on everyone’s beach body list.

You can slide extra core training into your workout by choosing workouts that focus on additional core strength.

A few ideas are the following:

  • Trade the bench press for pushups
  • Try deadlifts and front squats to train both your lower body and your core
  • Replace cable rows with bodyweights rows

Eliminate booze such as beer, wine and cocktails

Is your current body not as lean or toned as the beach body of your dreams?

Then you’ll need to minimize your caloric consumption so your body starts to burn stored body fat.

Every glass of alcohol is an unnecessary calorie bomb.

Males, for instance, can easily consume more than 400 calories extra on days when they have had only a few alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol also tends to reduce our reserves and makes us less likely to stick to our diets.

If your main focus is a slim beach body, avoid the bar and drink lots of healthy water.

Stop snacking (How should I prepare my body for the beach?)

Even healthy snacking can hinder weight loss and prevent you from losing those last couple of pounds.

A few fast bites of healthy food may not seem like much. However, the hurried and often mindless way most people snack can be bad for getting your beach body ready.

A few additional calories here and there get quickly out of hand and can cause you to overeat unconsciously.

Instead of snacking, sit down for a balanced meal 3 or 4 times a day.

If you have well-defined meal times, it’s much easier to keep track of your consumption.

Are you finally losing some excess pounds and getting closer to your dream beach body?

Then an added benefit of this is that you put less pressure and weight on your beach chair designed for tall and big people.

By the way, are you plus-size and currently looking for suitable plus-size beach chairs with high weight capacity?

Then definitely read our checklist integrated in How to select a beach chair as a plus-size man/woman.

Eat proteins with every meal

Obviously, eating enough proteins is vital for increasing muscle mass. But did you know that protein also contributes to fat loss!?

Spreading your protein intake throughout all 3 meals can help you to lose weight before going to the beach.

Scientists found that people who took in protein multiple times during the day had better weight-loss results while protecting more lean body mass.

Conclusion: Eating proteins with every mail is important if you want to achieve that perfect, attractive beach body.

Train for a better posture | How should I prepare my body for the beach

It’s challenging to show off an impressive beach body if your posture is worthless.

A poor posture is not only unappealing but it can also hinder your training and weight loss efforts.

Poor posture can cause a waterfall of anatomical defects that lead to severe issues:

  • Joint discomfort throughout your body
  • Hip discomfort
  • Reduced flexibility
  • Backache
  • Endangered muscles, etc.

All of these physical ailments and problems can limit your ability to burn fat and to get fit.

Almost everyone could benefit from improving their posture!

Follow a diet that prevents a bloated feeling

A bloated stomach could trigger your beach body to look puffy instead of tight and toned.

Adopt a specific anti-bloat diet plan for abs if you are just a couple of days away from your beach body reveal.

For starters, avoid high-sodium packaged foods. These can trigger water retention.

Surprisingly, even some healthy foods can cause you to look bloated too.

Avoid cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower. These kinds of vegetables contain slow-digesting carbohydrates that can cause gas inside your body.

Other healthy foods that may cause bloating are apples, beans and peas.

To prevent water retention, eat high-potassium fruits like bananas, kiwis, avocados and oranges.

Tip: The best veggies for reducing bloating are asparagus and cucumbers.

Do not ignore upper back training

Every dream beach body has a narrow, trim/slim waist.

Many people don’t understand that strong, well-developed upper back muscles will make the waist look smaller and more defined.

If you ignore training the upper back, your body can look out of balance. Your waist might also look bigger than it actually is.

Start shaping the upper back that your beach body needs by adding bent-over rows to your training program.

Practice high-intensity interval training to lose weight and burn fat

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a strategic type of exercise that alternates between brief sessions of high-intensity exercise and short, slower recovery sessions.

When compared to conventional cardio tradining, interval training is a more reliable way to lose fat.

To give you an example: People burn more fat by doing 4 to 6 times a 30-second sprint (with 4-minutes of rest in between), than by slogging through 60 minutes of treadmill walking.

Increase your physical activity

Keeping your diet and workout program on-point will already help you a lot if you want to look hot and attractive on the beach.

You also need to pay attention to what you do outside of the kitchen and the fitness center.

Increasing your daily physical efforts (non-workout exercises) will improve your training results. It will also make it a lot easier to maintain your beach body properly during autumn and winter.

Simple changes can make a significant difference in the long run.

Consider using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking in the neighbourhood as a form of leisure time instead of watching TV, and being active on the weekends.

Conclusion: How should I prepare my body for the beach?

The beach body you’ve always wanted is closer than you think!

Imagine just how much more self-confidence you will have in just a few weeks or months.

Plus, you can achieve your goal without putting your body on a nasty and unhealthy crash diet.

Applying all the tips and suggestions mentioned above will provide you:

  • A brilliant and easier workout plan,
  • A high-quality nutrition plan,
  • And an energizing night’s sleep

Once you integrate all of these tips into your day-to-day life, you’ll get the body of your dreams in much less time than you believed was possible!

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