How Tall of a Recliner Do I Need? Recliner Height Guide

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How tall of a recliner do I need to ensure maximum comfort and an ergonomic sitting position?

how tall of a recliner do I need recliner height guide

Many people love recliner chairs because of the comfort they offer.

Instead of being forced to sit straight up, recliners allow you to lean back and relax without having to lie all the way down.

When picking a reclining chair, it's essential to select one that has the correct height.

Many people feel that much shorter recliners aren't as comfortable as taller ones.

Others may find that taller recliners look too large or bulky.

How tall of a recliner do I need and how to pick a recliner by height?

Black Ruler Measuring Vertical Height Symbol For Determining Correct Height Of Recliner

To pick the best reclining chair height, allow the tallest or heaviest person in your house to fit the recliner.

When this test person is sitting, the top of their head can't be higher than the top of the recliner chair.

Lots of modern recliners are much shorter to offer a sleeker appearance.

However, when picking one of the best recliners for heavy people, make sure that the top at least comes near the top of the tallest user's neck.

If you can't check the recliner chair in person, sit down in a chair you already own and examine your height.

Have someone measure the distance between the top of your head and the bottom of your back to find the sitting height you need.

Height of recliner in a reclined position (extended horizontally)

The seat height of a recliner is the height in the reclined position.

This is determined by measuring the range between the chair's bottom to the reclined head.

The resting height is always lower than the sitting height.

Many reclining chairs have a resting height of about 18 to 22 inches.

A lower resting height frequently shows how far the chair will recline back. It can also represent a much smaller-sized chair.

Height Icon Two Black Arrows In Context Of Height Of Recliner In A Reclined Lying Position

Recliner height in sitting position (upright)

Black Recliner From Leather In Front Of Window With Lots Of Sunlight In Sitting Position With Straight Back Of Which Height Is Important

A reclining chair's height in sitting position is its greatest height. The height can vary depending on the size of the recliner chair.

Lots of recliner chairs are 40 to 60 inches high in the sitting position.

Now, you're probably asking yourself: How can I find the recliner's sitting height? Well, that's pretty easy!

Move the chair into the sitting position and measure from the bottom of the chair to its top.

Steps to pick a recliner that fits you

7 Steps To Select Suitable Recliner That Fits Your Height Body And Weight

The chair's height, depth, and width must provide personalized comfort based on your unique shapes and size.

Step 1: Height

Man With Beard And Black Tshirt Measuring His Own Height With A Yellow Meter Phase 1 Of Roadmap To Find Right Recliner

Determine your height and choose a reclining chair from within your height range.

Many recliner chairs are divided into four primary categories to pick from:

  • extra small (5' 4" and lower)
  • small (5' 5" to 5' 9")
  • tall (5' 10" to 6' 2")
  • very tall (6' 3" and higher)

This is just the beginning of finding your perfect fit. It is essential that you sit in the chair to get an idea of the feel and the fit.

Step 2: Sitting position (How tall of a recliner do I need?)

To sit perfectly in a recliner, you must lean back into the depth of the seat.

Your knees are supposed to be at a 90-degree angle, while your feet should easily reach the floor.

Step 3: Reclined position

As you lay back, your shoulders need to naturally lay on the joint where the two back cushions meet.

Tip: Pay attention to the balance in the chair, read How to keep a recliner from tipping forward? for more details.

Step 4: Lumbar support

Drawing Of Back Of Male Upper Body With Spine Colorized And Focus On Lower Back Important That Recliner Provides Adequate Back Support

It's essential that your chair offers great back support!

When resting in your chair, you want to be sure that the middle cushion gives enough support to your lower back.

The cushion must support the natural curve in your back, guaranteeing that it does not cave inwards and cause stress.

Step 5: Headrest (How tall of a recliner do I need?)

Adjusting your headrest is probably the hardest part. First of all, you should rest your head back.

The cushion needs to support your head and neck without triggering extension or stress forward.

Your neck must rest easily and stay aligned with your spine. Your head must naturally relax into the cushion.

Step 6: Feet position

When you're in a reclined position, your feet shouldn't hang too far over the edge of the chair.

The heels of your feet must just fall off the edge of the footrest.

Tip: Read more about it in our blog post Should your feet hang off a recliner?.

How tall of a recliner do I need? Summary

Three Different Rulers In Yellow White And Red That Measure Height In Context Of How High A Suitable Recliner Should Be

Because of the comfort they offer, lots of people love relaxing in recliner chairs.

Many recliner chairs are 40 to 60 inches high in the sitting position.

A lower resting height often shows how far the chair will recline back.

If you can't check the reclining chair in person, take a seat in a random chair.

Next, have someone measure the range between the top of your head and the bottom of your back to find the sitting height you need.

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