How tall should a recliner be for a tall person?

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If you’re wondering how tall a recliner should be for a tall person, then you need to find a chair with a backrest that is high enough, and with a deep seat and a foot rest with adequate support.

How tall should a recliner be for a tall personDo you want to know how to find the perfect reclining chair for your height? Then you’re on the right page since that’s what this blog post is all about!

Whether you’re 6 or 7 feet tall, this guide will help you find the best recliner for you.

There’s honestly nothing better than kicking your feet up and reclining your way into a relaxing evening.

However, this isn’t the case when your head lays unsupported on the backrest, and your feet dangle over the footrest. This situation is absolutely not relaxing or pleasant, to say the least.

Sadly, this is what many taller people encounter every day. Some people don’t even know that reclining chairs for tall people exist, so they withstand the discomfort and pain.

But not anymore! If you know someone that has been tolerating short-length recliners, it’s time to save them from this misery.

Once you finish this page, you will no longer want to tolerate an uncomfy chair. You’ll know that the market has much better fitting reclining chairs to offer.

Because no matter your height, everybody should be able to enjoy the comfort of a reclining chair and its options.

But before you buy anything, there are a few things you need to know.

Find out how tall should a recliner be for a tall person and how to pick the right size recliner

You can read all you want about reclining chairs online. But it’s not the same as trying out the recliner in person.

It’s always a gamble to buy a chair without knowing if it’ll fit your body. Luckily, the chair’s measurements should always be mentioned, so you can always compare with a regular chair.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get comfy in a chair that isn’t created for someone over 6 feet.

So to help you pick the perfect match, this buying guide will explain what to think about when buying a recliner for tall people.

Guide for tall people to buy a recliner chair

Buying a recliner online is gaining popularity, but not everybody is convinced by the convenience of an online store.

It’s true that you can physically touch, feel and smell the recliner in a brick store. And it’s easier to see if the chair is big enough for you.

But it’s harder to make a thoughtful decision in real life! It’s easier to get lost by the feel and thought of a recliner and impulsively buy one.

So it’s important to not get sidetracked by attractive features like extra padding, buttons, and cup holders. So we want to find the recliner that fits your unique body!

Sometimes first-time buyers get so amazed by the comfort of the chair that we forget our feet are dangling far over the edge. Or maybe our heads aren’t properly supported by the back of the recliner.

All of these appealing features can end up with you buying a poorly fitting chair. When the “wow-factor” disappears, you’ll start to notice that the reclining chair is too small for you.

Always remember it’s a tall person you’re trying to find a recliner for. Don’t fall for a comfy cushioning alone!

Consider this when buying a recliner chair for tall folks

Search for adjustable functions

Just because a recliner extends enough to ‘fit’ your entire body doesn’t always mean it will be comfortable.

Choose one with adjustable features for more precise support.

Inspect the measurements

It seems so obvious to always check the measurements of a chair before buying it. Unfortunately, many people forget to check the sizes of a fully extended recliner.

The standard sizes noted on a website will usually refer to the reclining chair’s upright (non-extended) position.

There’s always the possibility of calling the retailer and asking for the extended sizes. You can also ask to check out the recliner in person and get a real feel of the chair and its measurements.

Tip: Learn more about the size of your body, how to take your measurements and how it affects the size of the recliner on our other article What does user height mean for a recliner?

Try one in a shop if you have no idea

Do you have absolutely no idea what you want or how to compare sizes with your body? Then you can always visit a brick store and try out some things.

Some things, like fabrics, are hard to pick online if you’ve never seen or touched them.

Other things you can read up on to improve your understanding, such as How does a recliner mechanism work?

What to look for in a recliner for tall people

There are the obvious measurements you will have to figure out. But not all tall people are 6.5 feet high.

So a reclining chair fit for a 5.5-foot person most likely won’t be suitable for a 6-feet tall person.

If you want to buy a reclining chair online, which is perfectly fine to do, you need to make sure you have your sizes ready.

The dimensions you need to pay very close attention to are the following:

A footrest that provides enough support

It goes without saying how essential this part of a recliner is. However, some people don’t mind if the feet somewhat hang off the footrest’s end.

Most recliners are well padded and don’t dig into your ankles when they hang a little over the edge. Many recliners are actually designed to be used this way.

But if you want your entire foot supported, be sure to check the length of the footrest and how far it extends.

The base of your heel needs to be well supported by the footrest when it’s angled downwards a little.

A backrest that is high enough

Not everybody will get the luxury of a complete head supporting backrest. Some people are simply too tall… But don’t give up! We highly recommend looking for a backrest that is at least 26 inches tall.

A seat that is deep enough

The seat’s depth is the distance from the back of the seating area to the front edge. This is an essential dimension for people with longer legs.

If you have a lengthier upper body and your legs aren’t that much longer, a seat with too much depth will be uncomfortable. The seat will be digging into the back of your legs.

How tall should a recliner be for a tall person? Conclusion

A reclining chair for larger people should be highly durable, but how tall should a recliner be for a tall person? A high backrest, supportive foot rest and a deep enough seat are all essential.

It’s easy for manufacturers to call a reclining chair extremely resilient, but what does it really mean?

There are actually certain elements that you can look for in a recliner chair. These elements will help decide whether the recliner is truly durable.

For example, check out the weight capacity. This can usually be found in the same section as product details like size and used materials.

Above all else, the weight capacity needs to be a crucial factor when picking a highly durable reclining chair for heavy and big people.

Another way to see if a reclining chair is highly durable (and, as a result, heavy-person-friendly!) is the frame design.

A metal frame usually is more long-lasting than a wood frame, so scan for materials like “steel” in the product description.

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