How to camp with a snorer: Sleeping tips & strategies to try

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How to camp with a snorer?

How to camp with a snorer: Sleeping tips & strategies to tryIn this post we’ll talk about how white noise can help, as well as changing sleeping positions and seeking medical help.

Sometimes people snore (and talk) and if you’re sharing a tent, it can be disturbing to say the least.

It’s even worse if you’re a light sleeper.

Snoring is not something that is easily controlled.

In most cases, a light tap or a small gesture on the snorer is enough for him to stop snoring.

How to camp with a snorer? Introduction

Getting a person to stop snoring is almost impossible.

While there are solutions to this, we will focus on the partner who has to put up with it.

There are various ways to learn to live with it. In fact, it is quite possible that you already tried some solutions unsuccessfully.

But have you tried them all?

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How to camp with a snorer?

Best solutions to sleep better with a snorer in your tent

Create white noise

Have you ever heard of white noise? It is simply a neutral noise. Often, relaxation music for sleep works well. They use repetitive tunes and will continue over time.

This allows the brain to focus on it to fully concentrate on it.

This way, you won’t have that sensation of hearing your partner’s snoring, far from it.

White noise can be created by different sound sources

Think of the fan. This is a common noise that is often heard in the summer.

The sound does not vary and can help the brain to relax by being focused on it.

Another source of sound is the air conditioner or the pump of an aquarium.

The trick is that they both emit a regular noise. All ideas are good. The most important thing is to find the sound that will allow you to relax fully.

Then you can make the most of your night’s sleep.

If you don’t want to use such devices, then you should know that there are white noise generators.

These are very interesting. They can be listened to through built-in speakers or earbuds.

This is a good idea not to disturb your partner who is snoring peacefully.

No matter what type of noise you choose, you will be told that it is all about the loudness.

It has to be strong enough without disturbing the partner and keeping your brain awake.

This is an adjustment that should be made regularly.

Make an appointment with the doctor

Snoring can hide other symptoms than the problem of airflow. Common causes are blocked nasal passages sometimes due to certain allergies, or sleep apnea.

The latter is relatively common and can be treated very easily.

Sleep apnea is not to be overlooked as it can cause serious breathing problems.

There have been cases where people have stopped breathing during the night. Fortunately, medicine has made it possible to find effective remedies.

If there is any doubt, a doctor can help.

Finally, there are some temporary solutions, but they do not guarantee results for everyone.

Think of the anti-snoring pillow, which results from a good position during your sleep and the type of pillow used.

How to camp with a snorer

The snorer: Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is recommended for snorers. When you lie on your back, your tongue will rest on the back of the palate.

Thus, the air passage is obstructed and breathing will create a noise.

Sleeping on your back will only amplify the sound of snoring.

That’s why you have to be so meticulous about it. The snorer will have to get used to sleeping on his stomach or on his side.

This is not always easy, since during the night the snorer may instinctively return to his back!

How can we stop it? Sew a tennis ball or a billiard ball in the back of the pajamas. It works, honestly!

You’ll also need to the right pillow for sleeping on your stomach, it will be more suitable than your present one.

Use earplugs

This is the first solution that comes to people’s minds when they realize they are sleeping with someone who snores.

This means you will no longer hear the slightest noise around.

As you might expect, this includes snoring. And that’s the main problem: some people will say they can’t hear their alarm clock anymore.

That makes it more complicated, nevertheless, it frequently works.

Earplugs are available in different forms

They will be found in plastic, foam or rubber. How do you know which material is best for you? Try them.

Each person’s ears are different.

We mention in particular the sensitivity which is not at all the same from one person to another.

The choice of the material will be made according to this and what is the most comfort during the night.

Some earplugs can last several nights because they are reusable.

This is not the case for all models. Be sure to buy earplugs that can be used over and over again.

To avoid getting an ear infection, be sure to clean them as directed on the instructions.

This will save you from many ear infections. The earplugs do not go too deep into the ears.

Otherwise, you may experience unpleasant sensations due to the inner ear being tampered with.

On the other hand, don’t worry if you can still hear the person snoring, the noise reduction is doing its job.

Over time, your brain will no longer pay attention.

How to camp with a snorer? Conclusion

Sleeping with a snorer, and especially in a small tent, is irritating to say the least.

This post mentions different solutions for both the snorer and partner.

Between white noise, earplugs and tennis balls sewed into PJs, we hope that you will both sleep.

After all, you want to enjoy your camping experience and not go home more tired than before!

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