How to choose a mobility scooter: Best tips and tricks

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Mobility scooters are becoming even more popular. On this page, you will learn how to choose a mobility scooter that fits you perfectly.

how to choose a mobility scooter best tips and tricksIt’s a convenient and comfortable transportation aid that resembles a wheelchair.

But it’s easier to use because of its electric/powered configuration.

A power-operated scooter helps with transportation for those who find it hard to walk distances, no matter the circumstances.

Continue reading if you are interested in the best tips and tricks on how to choose a mobility scooter, when to purchase one, how they work, Frequently Asked Questions and a short summary at the end.

Tips and tricks on how to choose a mobility scooter

Where will you primarily use the mobility scooter?

If the device is for indoor use, you might want to choose a three-wheel scooter that maneuvers around corners more easily.

If you choose a four-wheel scooter, select one with smaller wheels and a tighter turning radius.

Measure entrances to guarantee the scooter will fit through. If the doorway has a hinged door, then you automatically lose an additional 2″ of the passage.

If the mobility scooter is for outdoor usage, a four-wheel scooter is advised.

This is because it drives over bumps and rough surfaces much easier and better. Bigger wheels and pneumatic wheels will also make the ride smoother.

Pay attention to the following aspects when you are screening the market for the best buy:

Comfortable chair

Do you plan on spending most of the day on the mobility scooter?

Then a comfortable, contoured, and well-padded seat of a full-sized 3- or 4-wheel mobility scooter will be a great choice.

A captain’s seat usually offers the most support and comfort.

A portable/travel scooter is more compact in size but the seat has less cushioning. Keep this in mind!

Right size

Measure the seat height to make sure you can sit conveniently on the mobility scooter.

Your feet need to be flat on the footrest, and your knees should bend at a 90-degree angle.

You must also have the ability to reach the tiller comfortably without curving your back.

Check the noted weight capacity of the electric mobility scooter to guarantee that it can properly support your weight and the products you intend to transport with it.

Ease of transport and disassembly

Choose a portable or travel scooter if you intend to travel by car, truck, or plane.

A travel/portable mobility scooter can either be folded or easily disassembled.

Always pay attention to the weight of the heaviest piece, and make sure you can lift it up and stow it.

It is important to pay attention to ergonomics!

Ease of use

Can you operate a basic tiller?

To operate a standard T-shaped tiller, you first of all need to have the ability to hold it with both hands.

Second, you must have the manual skills to control speed and other options (such as turn signals).

Many scooters need continuous pressure to move on and to shift into reverse. When you don’t put pressure on the gas lever, it will engage the brakes.

Delta tillers are an alternative for individuals who lack manual ability and hand strength.

A Delta tiller is a special wrap-around handle that completely minimizes the strain on your hands.

A Delta tiller enables you to rest your wrists on the handle. You can control Delta tillers by either hand.

When to purchase a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are ideal for those who don’t have the arm/shoulder strength or the stamina to operate a manual wheelchair.

They are also ideal for people who struggle with lung or coronary diseases, arthritis tendencies, and obesity.

Mobility scooters are also perfect for people with physical conditions in which the driver is unable to perform certain “normal” things.

A few examples of this are:

  • Standing up straight is impossible
  • Strolling a few steps is difficult
  • Sitting upright without supporting the torso is painful
  • Being able to control a steering wheel is not possible

In the cases mentioned above, electric heavy-duty mobility scooters for adults can be a real added value!

How do mobility scooters work?

There are a lot of different types of mobility scooters readily available for purchase.

This mobility aid consists of:

  • A seat over the two rear wheels
  • A flat surface for the feet and
  • Handlebars or swivel chair to turn the steerable wheels (either one or two wheels in front).

Mobility scooters are battery-powered, with the battery often found under the seat.

Mobility scooters versus power wheelchairs

Electric mobility scooters are generally controlled through a steering column called the tiller.

The tiller is comparable to the handlebars on a bicycle. It needs the rider’s arms to stay outstretched, with the upper body entirely up during the trip.

This is different from how the majority of basic power wheelchairs work.

The guiding mechanism of powered wheelchairs is a joystick controller that lies easily on the chair’s side armrest.

When deciding whether a power mobility scooter is the most suitable choice, soon-to-be users are strongly recommended to talk to a doctor for a total mobility evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions about mobility scooters

When it comes to choosing which type of mobility scooter to buy, it’s a good idea to start by answering a few questions yourself.

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a mobility scooter:

  • Does the intended user have the capability to follow guidelines for maneuvering the power ran device?
  • Where will the mobility scooter be stored for charging its batteries?
  • Does the intended user have the mastery, strength, and physical ability to sit upright, guide the tiller and handle the controls of the mobility scooter for long periods?
  • Is there a max weight capacity and size requirement? This question is very important if you are plus-sized and/or tall. Read more detailed information about this topic on bariatric mobility scooters for overweight people.
  • Will you mainly use this mobility vehicle for activities outside of the house?
  • Where will you use the mobility scooter? Will you utilize it inside, outdoors, or even both?
  • Could severe movement limitations, minimum strength and/or other disabilities disrupt the safe handling of a power scooter?
  • Are you sure that a mobility scooter is the right option for you?
  • How frequently will you use the mobility scooter?
  • Will you use this mobility aid to replace your car? Or will you transfer this mobility aid in a larger vehicle and only use it for short ranges?
  • Would you be able to successfully navigate inside the house with minimal problems?
  • How frequently will you transport your mobility scooter?
  • Will you need mobility scooter accessories such as ramps, locks, etc?

The answers to these questions will definitely help you to pick your mobility scooter.

It might also help you to figure out which accessories you would like.

How to choose a mobility scooter: Conclusion

Mobility scooters can be extremely useful for people with mobility issues who simply need a little additional assistance to get around.

How will you know if an electric mobility scooter is the best choice for you? Read why buy a mobility aid: Fundamental reasons to invest in a mobility scooter.

And look online and choose from a selection of quality mobility scooters to buy the best-suited electric mobility scooter for your specific needs!

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