How to choose plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs

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Are you decorating an outdoor living area in your garden? And are you looking for comfortable plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs?

plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs in garden with viewThen it’s essential to find comfy, durable patio furniture and lawn chairs that satisfy your wants and needs. As a plus-size person, this is even more important!

The furniture that you end up buying is pretty important: it will make or break your outdoor experience!

The furniture will decide whether you want to hang out on your patio and enjoy the fresh air in comfort or not.

The wrong furniture makes you want to head back inside after a few uncomfortable minutes in your narrow lawn chair.

Characteristics of plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs

Furniture used for your outdoor patio needs to be more than just pretty. It needs to:

  • handle all weather conditions
  • be durable
  • carry the weight of the user
  • be long-lasting

Only with all of these features, outdoor patio furniture will offer a good value for your outside furniture budget.

Let’s check out a couple of things you should keep in mind when picking outside home furnishings, like strong lawn chairs:

Don’t undersize your options

You’ve most likely seen many elegant lawn chairs, such as wire chairs, that look stunning. However, they can be a bit uncomfortable.

They are sold as lawn chairs, but that doesn’t mean that you would actually want to spend any time in them.

One problem is size. Some lawn chairs are simply too narrow and short.

Other patio chairs have a frame and seat which are very low to the ground.

Getting out of them can be completely embarrassing, which is especially the case for plus-size and/or elderly people.

Picking the appropriate size for loveseats and sofas can be challenging too.

Some loveseats and sofas are pretty deep from front to back. This makes them uncomfortable to sit in for a longer amount of time.

When looking for outdoor furniture, such as solid lawn chairs, you should take your time to explore your options.

Explore and find out which ones suit your wants and needs, such as your convenience, budget, and weight.

Select remarkable quality

From sloppy welds to split casters to amateurish paint finishes…

Most outdoor furniture deals are only bad buys that probably will not last until next season.

There are a couple of crucial lessons here: It’s easy to think that outdoor furniture can be of less quality than the stuff you buy for indoor use.

But in fact, the opposite is true!

What you buy to use outdoors needs to withstand direct sun exposure, wind, rain, and probably some snow and ice too.

And if you weigh more than the typical adult, then your lawn chair needs to have a high weight capacity to support you.

Read more details and information on:

Examine every furniture piece you’re considering for defects, especially if the deal looks too good to be true.

For patio furniture and lawn chairs, a higher price generally is a sign of better quality.

Two common errors when choosing lawn chairs

Here are 2 things you should know before you select the very best outdoor lawn chairs for your patio and/or garden:

Certain materials may be unsuitable for your residence

As you know, there are pros and cons to every material.

You should always pay attention to your specific outdoor situation and climate.

Think about the different metals, for example.

Aluminum is lightweight, which implies it’s not fantastic for locations that can experience strong winds.

Stainless steel is low-maintenance and heavy. However, it can get super-hot when put under the sun.

So, it’s not ideal if you are preparing to leave it exposed to the sun.

If you live in an especially damp climate, you may want to skip wooden lawn chairs and other types of wooden furniture.

Even teak, a long-lasting and all-weather wood, will need to be dealt with every year to protect it against contorting and breaking.

As for natural wicker furniture: This type of furniture is meant for covered outside areas because they can’t really stand up to the weather conditions.

If you like the design and want to use it outdoors, artificial wicker furniture is better.

Do your own research for plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs

Don’t be fooled, though. Even if you find a certain item in the outdoor furniture section, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your outside situation or climate.

Do your own research and make sure the furniture you choose suits your region and the level of exposure to the weather elements.

For example, will the lawn chair be in the shade, protected under a roof, or in direct sunlight?

Low-cost lawn chairs may end up costing you more

When you start looking around on the internet for suitable outdoor lawn chairs, you’ll notice that there’s a massive variety in prices.

On the high-end, you can find single lawn chairs with a price tag of $ 900 or more.

While on the low end, you can find lawn chairs starting from $ 93 per item.

Though it might be tempting, don’t automatically choose for the most affordable price you can get on outdoor furniture like lawn chairs.

The really low-cost stuff tends to be fragile, lightweight, and unsuitable to support plus-size bodies. Discover more about the weight limits of lawn chairs on how much weight can a lawn chair hold?

Types of materials and frame constructions

When deciding on the ideal items for your outside patio furniture (such as lawn chairs, for example), think about how you want to use the furniture.

You also need to consider the required weight capacity.

This is particularly important if you’re weighing more than average because you’re tall, overweight, or a combination of both.

You should also think about maintenance and how much of your time you want to spend maintaining your outdoor furniture.

Wicker, natural grasses and rattan

Natural materials like wicker turn out pretty amazing when treated with a resin finish.

Not only do they look better, but they also last a lot longer outdoors.

They might need additional weatherproofing every couple of years, though.

Wicker is suited for both outdoor and indoor use. This makes it a fantastic option for sun parlors, decks, greenhouses or outdoor patios.

Outdoor wicker furniture works best with cushions.

Most outdoor wicker lawn chairs are solid and have a high weight capacity to assist and support plus-size individuals.

Wooden plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs

Natural wood looks very attractive and beautiful in outdoor patio furniture.

Wooden furniture is durable and it can be just as comfy as anything you use inside.

It does need regular treatment with a preservative and it might also need UV protection.

Do you want to buy a strong lawn chair with a wooden frame that lasts until the end of your days?

Then you should choose weather-resistant woods like teak, cypress, redwood, or cedar.

Iron, wrought iron and steel

Steel and wrought iron are sturdy and strong but will rust if not weatherproofed or painted periodically.

Steel is heavier and more powerful than aluminum. However, it’s not as heavy as iron. Steel-framed furniture is quite resilient.

Iron is the most solid and heaviest of all metal patio furniture options and definitely won’t blow away.

Tip: Iron lawn chair frames need cushions to provide more comfort.

Suggestion: Since wrought iron is rust-resistant (but not completely rust-free), it might need occasional paint touch-ups.

Plastic, PVC and aluminum plus-size patio furniture and lawn chairs

These materials are rustproof, lightweight, reasonably low-cost, and need minimal treatments against the weather conditions they face.

It is very easy to wash them with a bit of soap and water.

Aluminum is rust-resistant, lightweight, durable, and rigid. It can hold up against wear and tear.

Finishing layers stick very well to aluminum, which is necessary. Because you probably know that your outdoor furniture will most likely be exposed to moisture and extreme weather conditions.

There are also plenty of color and surface options available.

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