How to create a more relaxing backyard, no matter your size

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How to create a more relaxing backyard? No matter your shape, size, weight, or age, backyards are meant to be a source of joy and freedom.

how to create a more relaxing backyard tips and tricksA place where you can go to escape the daily stress when you want to relax, unwind and have fun.

Is your backyard currently a place you want to get away from rather than an inviting spot in your garden?

A backyard that’s packed with too much patio furniture, outdoor structures (like gazebos), and children’s play equipment can look chaotic…

In fact, you might find yourself avoiding the backyard if there’s too much stuff.

It makes it more challenging to move around or there is always a task waiting for you.

Below you can find a few ideas to get the most out of your patio and yard.

Clear the clutter

Rearrange your backyard by clearing out the mess, cutting overgrown trees and hedges, selling play equipment, or donating it if your kids are too old for slides and swings.

Get rid of or recycle broken furniture, accessories, or other things that don’t seem to belong on your lawn. Store anything inside that can be removed from your yard and you do not want to get rid of yet.

Start with a new slate. Evaluate your lawn for things that will make it a place you want to escape to (and not escape from).

Your yard needs to become a sanctuary for relaxing and peace.

It should be a place where you can enjoy the things you like, such as:

An outdoor patio has much potential too and can provide sun, shade, views, and fresh air.

When transforming your backyard into an oasis, try to enjoy all it offers and think about the following ways to upgrade your backyard:


Outdoor lighting can make the difference between a typical or exceptional evening.

You want to install the right kind, wisely positioned to brighten parts of the lawn used for activities in the evening.

It will definitely draw you and your guests outdoors and keep you there for as long as you wish.

Shade to hide from the sun

Umbrellas can provide much needed shade when the sun is shining. But the sight of an umbrella creates a specific vibe.

It makes you feel like you’re on holiday at a resort, on a sandy shore, or next to a pool.

There’s something about its round shape, creating shadow on the other pieces of outdoor furniture, that looks enjoyable and welcoming.

It invites you to sit under its colorful top (or patterned or striped), unwind, and maybe drink a healthy shake, coffee or tea.

But not all shade needs to originate from umbrellas, though.

You can create shade using gazebos or pergolas, screens, vines growing over arbors and leafy trees.

Integrate a water feature

How to create a more relaxing backyard? By integrating water in your garden!

The sound and sight of water has a soothing, therapeutic effect.

The perfect water feature in a yard is a private pool, which cools you off and allows you to work out in the privacy of your own backyard.

But the majority of people don’t have the space or budget to get one installed.

Thankfully, smaller, more budget-friendly water attractions are available too. Definitely consider them as they could be even more soothing!

The possibilities are endless… Either enjoy the sound of dripping water, a bird splashing in a birdbath, a koi pond, or a water fountain.

Privacy is very important

How to create a more relaxing backyard? By making sure your yard and/or outdoor patio are private.

Privacy is an essential part of a calm and relaxing outside area.

Transparency and voyeurism need to be prevented at all costs.

Society nowadays doesn’t seem to value privacy enough. But that doesn’t mean that you have to!

Dividing and covering the outdoor location with well-put screens, walls or fences of a proper height will also offer your outdoor area a sense of privacy and surprise.

Arbors and overhead roofings likewise add to that feeling of privacy while providing essential shade.

If you prefer a more natural outdoor area or patio, go for tall shrubs, thick bushes, hedges, or perhaps even bamboo.

Comfy seating makes the difference: How to create a more relaxing backyard

Outdoor seating is one thing. But having a comfortable seating set, high weight capacity outdoor chairs or (sun)loungers allow you to truly relax in your yard.

It doesn’t matter where you are… Whether it’s under an umbrella, by a pool, on a patio, or even on the balcony of a high-rise apartment building.

If the seating is comfortable, you’ll most likely love it and spend some quality time outside.

You’ll want to stay outside instead of going straight back inside after finishing eating at the outdoor dining table with comfortable and sturdy dining chairs for heavier users for example.

Tip: How about including a hammock for some serious relaxation on a higher level?

And if you’re plus-size, tall, or both, then consider buying a chair which is on the list of the best big XL lawn chairs with a high weight limit.

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