How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust?

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How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust?

How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust?It’s a question which puzzles many women. As always, the right fit is all you need.

How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust: Introduction

Do you have a large cup size?

You may not know how to select a comfortable bra for yourself.

Most women with a large chest has probably despaired in poorly lit fitting room and wondered what to do.

Having breasts is fantastic, whether they are small or large.

But if you happen to have large breasts, you don’t always have it easy.

Fitting clothes doesn’t come without a struggle, not to mention sports.

In short: How can you make your life easier? How can you comfortably go through life with a larger cup size?

Unfortunately, we can’t wave a magic wand and make your problems disappear like snow in the sun.

But we can give you some helpful tips that will make it a little easier for you.

How to find the perfect bra for a large cup size?

Do you have large breasts? Then good support is important.

So you need to start looking for a good bra but where do you start?

You may want to ask someone you trust to help you.

Otherwise, and we do recommend this, you can visit a lingerie store specializing in bras in your area.

They know the brands they sell inside out and know exactly which fit suits you.

Lingerie tips for ladies with large breasts | How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust?

Are you blessed with large breasts but sometimes struggle to find lingerie that fits perfectly and looks good too?

With the following tips, you’re sure to score the perfect lingerie set.

The right fit

The average cup size of women is getting bigger.

That’s why more and more lingerie brands are offering increasingly larger sizes.

This is really important because the larger the cup size, the more important the fit of a bra becomes.

After all, fuller breasts need optimal support.

Proper girth and cup size are very important because they determine the support your breasts receive.

It’s best to have your bra size determined at the lingerie store but these tips will also help you along the way.

Tips to find a bra that fits your heavy breasts

  • Make sure the back panel is parallel to your underwire and that the bra feels tight, but not too tight.
  • Furthermore, it’s best to make sure that the underwires and cup enclose your breasts nicely and that the centerpiece sits against your body.
  • The straps are also important: they should pull up nicely without cutting into your shoulders.
  • If you have to keep adjusting the straps the clasp creeps up then the circumference probably too big.

The right bra

If you have a fuller bosom, it’s best not to choose a bra that flattens your breasts.

This is how you make your bosom even wider, in fact.

Rather, go for one that wraps and lifts your breasts nicely. This will give you a flattering silhouette and highlight your waistline.

So you should pay close attention to the type of bra you select.

For example, you have a choice of pre-shaped bras, strapless bras, balconette bras, and more.

The choices seem endless and sometimes you think you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Fortunately, we’ve also got another article with style tips to help you on your way: Fashion for large-chested women: Styling tips at a glance

Don’t panic because the perfect bra exists for you too.

Take a moment to consider the following:

Support is key | How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust?

Avoid strapless and push-up bras

A strapless bra is less suitable because it won’t hold your breasts in place properly.

A strapless bra is nice but does not offer much support. It is better to opt for a good underwired bra with a wider band and firm shoulder straps.

Push-up bras are also best avoided. These create volume and thus make your breasts look larger.


Minimizer bras are ideal for women with larger cup sizes who want their breasts to be a little less noticeable.

These bras have wide straps, full cups and a fit that makes your bosom look smaller.

The important thing here is that you go for your usual bra size.

So don’t buy this type of bra smaller or you’ll be back at square one.

Sports | How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust?

Also invest in a sports bra

Are you a sporty type? Then a good sports bra is really a must!

There’s nothing more annoying than a run where your breasts are bouncing up and down.

And it’s not just painful but it can also damage your breast tissue.

So a good sports bra will be tailored to your needs. The more intense the sport, the stronger the sports bra should be.

A sports bra should stretch well when you put it on but it is not intended to stretch too much.

Finding a sports bra is often trial and error. So take your time when trying on a sports bra.

Jump up and down and move energetically while trying one on.

You’ll notice immediately if you’ve chosen the right one.

Exercising with your regular bra is definitely not a good idea.

During exercise, your breasts move too, and the larger they are, the more it can bother you.

Avoid pain in your back and neck with a good sports bra.

Make sure the fit is perfect and that it provides adequate support.

Preformed and non-preformed

It is often assumed that women with full bosoms should not wear contoured bras but this is not so.

Pre-shaped models do not weigh down the breasts but can just shape them nicely. So you can perfectly go for both types.

Feel good with a large cup size

Be proud of your breasts and realize that there are countless women who would love to have your curves.

Large breasts are nothing to be ashamed of and there is no reason to hide them. All you need to do is invest in a nice and decent bra.

Sexy or sporty, it doesn’t matter, as long as it suits your taste and style.

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How to find the perfect bra when you have a big bust: Conclusion

We’ve all despaired and struggled to find the right size. Go to a professional and get yourself fitted out properly.

If it fits well, then you’ll be set. If not, nothing on this earth can make it comfortable.

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