How to Get Healthy, Glowing Skin: 5 Tips Dermatologists Swear By

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How to get healthy, glowing skin, characterized by a luminous face and a unified and fresh complexion?

How to get healthy, glowing skin: 5 Tips dermatologists swear by

In the middle of winter, when the mirror reflects us with marked features and a dull and blurred face, it seems an unattainable dream. However, radiant skin, even in winter, is possible!

Tips to get healthy, radiant skin include using skincare products adapted to your skin type; avoiding makeup and scouring; adopting a gentle and regular skincare routine; adopting a diet rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants; and choosing products with radiance-boosting ingredients.

Read on to learn the 5 tips to get glowing winter skin, followed by 3 homecare treatments against blemished skin.

How to get healthy, glowing skin: Introduction

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Of course, the cold season is not without its enemies to our natural glow.

Our pretty tan has long since disappeared and our skin has become thinner. The slightest redness or imperfection stands out on fair skin, and the darkest skin turns gray.

The absence of the sun is heavily felt because a lack of UV is equal to a falling vitamin D level, which is essential for our cell renewal, causing it to slow down. The result is that the dead cells remain on our faces for a longer time.

While it has difficulty renewing itself, our skin is also tested as heating, cold, and wind dry it out.

Fatty and heavy meals, especially during the holidays, overload our bodies. Our skin can no longer effectively eliminate toxins and impurities. Pores become clogged, imperfections appear, and the complexion is blurred and shiny.

Tired, our epidermis has difficulty fighting free radicals and then skin aging goes into high gear. The skin marks and pigment spots multiply.

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But don't panic because all is not lost. By applying these 5 tips, your face will regain its radiance.

Apply these 5 tips to get healthy, glowing skin

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Use skincare products adapted to your skin's nature and condition

Drawing Showing Nice Overview Of 4 Different Skin Types Normal Dry Combination And Oily Skin

Before doing anything, it is essential to know the nature of your skin:

  • normal skin,
  • combination skin,
  • oily skin, or
  • dry skin.

An unsuitable skincare routine would weaken your skin or lead to counterproductive defense reflexes, accentuating dehydration and/or overproduction of sebum.

In other words, an even more dull and blurred complexion! But, and this is also important, you must also consider its condition: dehydrated, mature, sensitive, etc.

Your skin's condition can vary greatly, depending on the seasons, activities (do you enjoy going to the sauna, for example?), health, age, and menstrual cycle. Your skin has dozens of reasons to have specific requirements at the moment.

In winter, it will generally be hungry for more lipid-rich care.

And for the fall season, you can best prepare yourself with our autumn skincare tips.

Make sure you always choose all your skincare products based on your skin's needs at the time.

The secret is to listen to your sensations, because an adapted treatment must bring you lasting comfort and a visible improvement.

Avoid camouflage and scouring

Some mornings, you almost feel like going out behind a mask.

However, forget about camouflage techniques and keep a light hand on the makeup with shades adapted to your skin tone and mineral ranges.

Otherwise, you will only succeed in bringing out your imperfections and suffocating your skin a little more.

And banish visits to indoor tanning salons that have disastrous effects on health.

Photo Of Woman With Purple Scarf Wearing Extreme Amounts Of Makeup To Hide Her Imperfections On Face Which Clogs The Skin Which Is Not Good

The temptation is great to make a new skin by scrubbing clogged pores and dead cells. Yes, a deep cleaning feels good, but it is short-lived.

By going too hard on your weakened skin, you risk attacking it and making it even more fragile.

Your skin will react by becoming uncomfortable and then producing more sebum to defend itself.

So forget about scrubs that irritate, refine or even hurt.

And let's also forget about the cleansers based on sulfated agents that strip everything in their path like impurities, and certainly the valuable protective film of your skin.

Adopt a rigorous and gentle skincare routine

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However, it is neither an option to leave your skin to its own devices. A rigorous cleansing of your face, morning and evening, is the most important gesture for the radiance of your skin. But gently.

Even if you don't wear makeup care for aging skin, there is no question of skipping this step, which will unclog your pores and make your skin more receptive to care.

Choose a gentle but strong cleaner. Yes, it exists, thanks to vegetable oils.

Their similarity to our sebum's fatty acids allows them to penetrate the epidermis and gently remove all unwanted substances with the added bonus of nutrients, hydration, regulation, and comfort.

Depending on the nature of your skin, choose a makeup remover oil that will suit most people or a cleansing milk that is rich in several oils and macerates, ideal for sensitive or dry skin.

And what to do about your oily skin?

Use a sulfate-free cleansing gel containing a vegetable oil that doesn't clog the pores (aka non-comedogenic) such as sunflower, essential oils and astringent antibacterial hydrolats.

With this kind of gel, you can clean and purify your face without drying it out or exciting its sebaceous glands.

In any case, finish the operations with a spray of hydrolats that will eliminate the scaling of the rinsing (you can even rinse your milk or your oil with it) and bring precious active ingredients for the brightness of the skin, like the grape or the lemon.

Finally, it is essential to moisturize your face morning and night: a glowing skin is a healthy, nourished, and hydrated skin.

Ideally, apply all your care products by hand, with light circular massages. They will activate the microcirculation, essential to cell renewal.

Get your skin's beauty from your plate

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Above all, take a look at your lifestyle. Your diet is crucial. It can single-handedly wipe out the effects of even the best skincare routines!

Here too, focus on vitamins, good fatty acids and antioxidants such as vegetable oils (olive, walnut, rapeseed), nuts, oily fish, seafood, green vegetables, whole grains, citrus fruits, green tea, etc.

Take advantage of fresh organic (and seasonal) fruits and vegetables that will bring you fiber and vitamins, precious for a good evacuation of toxins (like root vegetables and cabbage).

Look especially for beta-carotene, an antioxidant and excellent for the complexion (such as carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, etc.).

To compensate for seasonal vitamin D deficiencies, eat egg yolks, dairy products, mushrooms, or dark chocolate.

Limit processed foods, fast foods and fried foods. Avoid tobacco, limit alcohol but drink plenty of water.

Finally, get enough sleep to boost your cell renewal and air out your home every day.

Even if it's cold, get out for a walk and do some sports and you'll have a bright winter!

Enrich your routine with natural radiance-boosting ingredients

Woman With Brown Hair Applies Moisturizer Under Her Right Eye As Part Of Her Daily Skin Care Regimen

Things should gradually return to normal with a good cleansing and moisturizing routine. But with some natural active ingredients in your care, it will be a guaranteed glow.

Choosing a moisturizer rich in essential fatty acids is especially important for tired skin.

Vegetable oils and butters, with lipids very similar to sebum, will melt into your skin and nourish and revitalize it in depth.

Particularly regenerating are the oils of baobab, olive or argan. To illuminate your complexion, bet on beta-carotene which offers a natural healthy glow with carrot macerate, a unified complexion with rosehip.

Linseed oil and shea butter are at the top of the list to reduce redness and irritation and regenerate the most destitute skins.

Thanks to their exceptional content of fatty acids but also vitamin E, and their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Because dull skin is particularly in need of antioxidants, its loss of radiance is due to daily aggressions such as pollution and UV rays that damage our cells.

There is nothing like plant antioxidants to detoxify and protect your skin, so effective that even the conventional industry uses them, giving up competing with synthetic actives.

Examples are green tea or blackberry extracts, sesame oil, grape seed oil, etc. Chlorella Vulgaris also has an anti-dark circle effect, which is useful for a better appearance.

Choose a moisturizer that plays on the synergies of these natural treasures according to your skin.

And for an extra boost, use a firming oil that firms, brightens and tones the skin. Apply 3 drops on your fingertips in the evening, warm by rubbing and applying all over your face. You can complete it with a face cream!

Finally, if you have pigmentation spots, add a serum to your routine to help even out your skin tone.

One last tip: Do not neglect the care of the eye contour, it is particularly important for the healthy glow effect.

Use these 3 homecare products for blemished skin to fight pimples, scars, and blackheads

Annoying, painful, imperfections can be a nightmare.

Here are three homemade treatments to get rid of them naturally and gently.

Mask with egg white and lemon juice (purifying and mattifying)

White Bowl Of Egg White To Mix With Juice From The Lemon That Has Been Cut Open To Apply As A Face Mask To Treat Acne Or Inflammation Of The Skin Such As Pimples

Ideal for calming an inflammation or an acne attack, this mask is used as an emergency treatment rather than regularly. Why? Because then the skin could get used to it and the treatment would lose its effectiveness.

  • The lemon juice, by its acidity, disinfects the pimples and contributes to the natural elimination of the black spots.
  • The egg white contains a precious enzyme to fight against imperfections. It is lysozyme, a very effective natural antibacterial.

In a bowl, mix one egg white with half a teaspoon of organic lemon juice.

Whip up the mixture and when the texture is very firm, you can apply it to the area to be treated.

Leave on for 6 minutes. Rinse with warm water and that's it.

Tip: To eliminate the smell of egg, you can pass a cotton pad soaked in rose water on your face.

The honey and cinnamon mask (antibacterial and healing)

Photo Of Pile Of Cinnamon Powder On Which Honey Is Poured Mixture Serves As Face Mask To Fight And Prevent Bacteria And Inflammation Such As Pimples

These two ingredients have many benefits for skin problems.

Their combination in a soft mask creates an explosive anti-blemish cocktail, very effective on blemished skin.

  • Cinnamon is an antiseptic, so it prevents pimples from proliferating in risky areas.
  • Honey is antibacterial and promotes healing and soothes itching.

Simply mix two tablespoons of creamy honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon.

Then apply the resulting paste, thick and brown, to the entire face, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with water.

A soothing scrub with olive oil and sugar

Brown Sugar Jar On The Left And Olive Oil Jar On The Right Blend Of These Is Ideal For Exfoliating Skin And Stimulating Cell Renewal

Regularly exfoliating blemished skin is essential for cell renewal.

Commercially available products tend to dry out the skin. This homemade scrub removes impurities while protecting your skin, thanks to olive oil.

In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of olive oil with one teaspoon of sugar.

Apply gently to the face and massage in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water and you're done.

With these three homemade recipes, your blemishes will be well taken care of. Your skin is beautiful, clear and radiant.

How to get healthy, glowing skin: Conclusion

Even in winter, you can attain a healthy, radiant, and glowing skin by adopting the 5 tips we've shared in this article.

Additionally, you now know how to make and apply 3 helpful homecare skin treatments to gently and naturally care for blemished skin.

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