How to have a good day at the beach? Success tips

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Spending a day at the beach by the water with your family or friends can be a great experience. Make sure you have the best possible preparation so you can get the most out of your day out!

how to have a good day at the beachWhether it’s on the sandy dunes of an ocean, the stony shores of a giant lake, or a silty hill along a streaming river…

Cozying up to a body of water with your friends or family makes for an excellent trip in any case.

Naturally, it’s not all idyllic! Think about bugs, the blistering sun, thirst and/or hunger, chilly breezes than can turn your day in the sun into grumpy chaos, etc.

Hence, some planning is required.

Whether you’re headed lakeside or oceanfront, here’s everything you need to make your trip with family or friends a huge success:

Buy a comfortable beach chair

Buying a sturdy ergonomic beach chair to enjoy your day at the beach with maximum comfort is a fantastic idea.

Do you happen to struggle with some excess weight? Then buy a beach chair with a high weight capacity.

Make sure that the dimensions of the beach chair are suitably big as well. This way, you can relax in the chair without feeling cramped.

Are you having doubts about how much weight a beach chair can hold? Are you wondering if beach chairs are bad for your back?

And do you want inspiration and ideas about fitting beach chairs for plus-size people without having to worry about the load-carrying capacity of the beach chair?

Then we recommend you to have a look at our list of the best beach chairs for tall and heavy people.

This list enables you to make a smart investment in a comfortable and heavy duty beach chair.

Create shade at the beach to block the sun

Ignore a classic beach umbrella. The best way to get shade at the beach anywhere, anytime, is with a pop-up beach tent.

Try to find one with mesh window screens to be able to enjoy a breeze inside while keeping insects away.

Focus on a beach tent setup that allows the air to flow through while keeping any direct sunlight out.

Bring lots of bags with you

Although they’re not good for the environment, bring a sufficient amount of bags with you to the beach.

With these bags, you’ll be able to collect your trash at the end of the day before you put it in the garbage bin(s).

Leaving your trash behind at the beach is even worse for the environment, though!

Alternatively, you can use a reusable bag to collect your waste and garbage. These reusable bags can be washed after throwing your trash away.

Bring more towels (How to have a good day at the beach)

In an ideal world, you’ll need one towel to dry yourself off and another towel to sit on when the ground is soggy or sandy.

It may seem like a lot to bring 2 towels per person, but in reality it’s a minimum requirement to be at ease.

Plus-size people could even consider 3 towels instead of 2 so they can chill on the beach in comfort.

Be prepared for a battle with bugs

A breeze-free day at the beach often implies being confronted with bugs such as mosquitoes and sand fleas.

Tip: Protect your family and friends from mosquitoes with a natural insect repellant.

These natural formulas use citronella, peppermint, and other essential oils to naturally repel mosquitoes.

Try to use these natural insect repellants every 70 to 90 minutes for the best results.

Second tip: If you notice sand fleas, it is better to look for another beach!

Bring a bed sheet: How to have a good day at the beach

Use an old bed sheet from a queen- or king-size bed as your basecamp.

It may not be water-resistant or sand-proof, but it can prove to be very useful.

For example, imagine that the water suddenly comes pouring down from the sky or a thunderstorm suddenly turns up on the horizon.

Then all you need to do is grab the four corners of the bed sheet together and use it as a bag to carry all your stuff at once!

Look out for dangerous tides and currents

Find out how to spot, avoid and get out of currents and tides.

These strong tidal currents cause lots of accidents on American beaches every year. As a consequence, it’s crucial to be familiar with this natural risk!

One of the easiest ways to avoid accidents caused by currents and tides is to only swim at beaches where lifeguards are present.

Lifeguards offer guidelines whenever it’s unsafe. It’s vital to always comply with their orders!

If you get captured in a current, remain calm and don’t fight it.

Instead, try to start swimming parallel to the coast and beach. Once you’re out of the current, start swimming towards the coastline.

If this isn’t possible, float or trample. Wave and yell for help if this still doesn’t work.

If you see somebody in difficulty, immediately call a lifeguard and/or call 911. And never, ever, ever jump in the water to try to save the person yourself!

Wear water shoes or flip-flops in the water

Wear flip-flops or aquatic shoes when going to the beach or strolling along a rocky coast.

This reduces the odds of getting cuts and grazes on your feet.

Wear multiple layers of clothing

Mornings can be chilly at the beach, while midday may feel downright tropical.

And when the afternoon breeze begins, it can even get surprisingly cold in a twist.

Dress in easy on-off layers, like:

  • A T-shirt, combined with a
  • button- or zip-up hoodie, combined with a
  • Water-resistant outer shell which protects against the sun

Get the ideal sunscreen lotion

Keeping yourself safe in the sun must always be your primary concern.

Avoid the sunscreen lotion products made with phthalates and parabens. Also, pick a 50+ alternative with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Having waterproof sunscreen lotion on helps when you’re in the water!

But watch out because the “waterproof” effect doesn’t last all day!

These waterproof sunscreen lotions lose their water-resistant traits after a while in the water (for example, 60 minutes).

Do not forget to use lip balm as well! The sun, heat, and salt at the beach can dry your lips out.

So make sure you regularly apply a lip balm with SPF sun protection.

Keep a dust broom in your vehicle

Buy a soft-bristled broom from any hardware shop and keep it with you on your trip to the beach.

You’ll use it for brushing down any last sand from your body, clothing, and shoes before you get in the car.

This is a handy tip because everyone knows how tenacious those little grains of sand can be…. Preventing is better than curing the sand problem!

Switch to a 50+ sunblock spray

Try a 50+ sunblock spray if you don’t like the feeling of heavy, greasy cream on your skin.

Using a sunblock spray is also much faster than a lotion!

Look for a 50+ sunblock spray which is non-allergenic and made with your skin in mind.

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