How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Sustainable camping tips

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How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Easy!

How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Sustainable camping tipsContinue to separate your waste, switch off any lights you’re not using, don’t waste water and turn scraps of food into compost!

How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Introduction

Camping often means with letting go, but that doesn’t mean being careless.

Sort your waste, turn off the light, recycle… simple things that you do at home can still be done on vacation!

This article gives you some tips to be green when camping.

How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Food

Sort your waste

Many of you are probably already doing it at home: waste separation.

An eco-friendly campsite will encourage this.

At the campsite, you will find a disposal sites for general, recyclable and for glass. Simple, isn’t it?

Compost food waste

Of course it is better to avoid food waste but you can’t escape peels, pits, shells. So instead of filling your garbage cans, compost!

Most campsites are equipped with small compost bins for your food waste.

At the end of your stay, you can throw the contents of the bin into the large compost garbage can next to the other garbage cans.

If you are in a tent, don’t hesitate to ask for a compost box!

In several campsites, they use this compost on the surrounding areas.

It provides additional nutrition for all vegetation, which loves compost.

A simple gesture for an eco-responsible stay.

Turn off the tap water

After waste sorting, you need to sort out your water.

Most campsites provide drinking water and have self closing taps (push taps where the water stops flowing after a while).

In any case, you should turn off the water when you don’t need it, such as when you brush your teeth or lather up in the shower.

Turn off the light

Turning off the lights when you leave a room.

It’s a small gesture that will reduce electricity consumption considerably.

Therefore you will have a positive impact on the planet and the environment.

On vacation too, you can opt for sustainable tourism with these simple but important tips.

How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Utensils

Use natural products

The use of chemicals, which are harmful to the environment, should be avoided at all costs.

We may not think about it, but sunscreen contains chemicals, alcohol, parabens, etc., which are all bad for the planet.

We advise you to use sun creams with products of natural origin or from organic farming.

Try to select environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Using your containers for take-out snacks

Bringing your own containers for take-out can also be an environmentally friendly solution.

On the other hand, if you have any boxes, glass or even plastic jars left over at the end of your stay, just drop them off at the campsite reception.

There are campsites where they use them for children’s entertainment.

Reusing or changing the function of an object is also part of green camping.

How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Shop local!

Shopping with local producers is so important!

Not only do you contribute to the local trade activity but the transport of goods is so short that you’re saving on fuel.

It is an opportunity for you to shop without having to take the car and to buy local.

At some campsites, local producers and craftsmen come to sell their products in the campsite.

Drink from a reusable canteen

Forget about drinking from a plastic bottle. Drinking from a reusable canteen is a better idea!

The come in all colors nowadays: grey, red, green, black or pink are just some examples!

Many campsites sell reusable water bottles on site.

Respect nature!

It may sound silly, but walking on the paths and not across the pitches helps to preserve nature.

The maintenance men take time to care for the plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers and even the lawn.

It would be a shame to spoil these beautiful green spaces!

Disconnect from screens

Sometimes it feels good to disconnect for a week and just enjoy your vacation with family and friends.

You have everything you need to take a break from your screens at the campsite.

In most cases, there is neither Wi-Fi nor television in the rentals.

Don’t worry, if you ever need an internet connection for any reason they have one at the reception.

How to have an eco-friendly camping trip? Conclusion

Not so tough, huh? It’s really easy to do your part for the planet, even on vacation.

Waste separation, careful water usage and buying local are simple things that go a long way to helping Mother Earth.

This is a subject close to our hearts, be the change you want to see!

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