How to hide big thighs in jeans?

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If you are wondering how to hide big thighs in jeans, you have come to the right place on this page!

how to hide big thighs in jeansJeans don’t discriminate when it comes to body type. There is no such thing as best-fitting denim.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try and find a set that comes close, even if you have larger, big thighs.

If your mind is telling you no, you can still look great in denim!

Before you even try these styling concepts, perhaps it’s time to start liking your body more.

Love your thighs the way they are

Everybody requires a good backup when it comes to weight loss and insecure feelings while wearing certain clothes.

You don’t have to change the way you dress and you don’t need to diet or exercise.

You DO have to learn to like yourself, which is difficult.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is really useful for this, and you can easily start with books.

One part of it is stopping yourself from thinking bad things about yourself. Positive thinking actually does help.

Stop looking at images that make you feel bad about yourself. There are many females who like their curvy bodies.

When you’re surrounded by people who believe your body shape is not just okay, but actually desirable, you’ll start to look at yourself in a different way too.

Now that you have the best state of mind, let’s get shopping for the best jeans for big thighs.

How to look excellent in denim with big thighs

What should I wear if I have big thighs and love jeans?

Here are a few fantastic ideas for discovering a trendy, comfy, but not baggy or saggy pair of jeans that highlight your curvy shape.

Check out the following 3 tips that every lady with thick thighs needs to know about looking excellent in jeans:

Wear dark colored jeans: How to hide big thighs in jeans?

Forget anything faded or whiskered.

Dark wash or black jeans move easily from day to night and develop one visual line. It’s an optical illusion.

Avoid pulling the attention eye on a whiskered area like the thighs, groin, or knees.

Wear dark, even colors to slim and elongate the legs.

That’s your general goal. Any monotone, lovely color is a go! Have fun with it!

Try jeans with a high waist

Have you heard of the terms muffin top and plumber’s crack? They’re not great to look at and in no way flattering.

Women with these negative denim effects wear jeans with too low a rise. That’s where the jeans rest on your middle.

Ladies with curvy thighs have 2 excellent options:

  1. A high rise that comes above your belly button, close to or on your natural waistline. It makes your legs look longer while creating a beautiful hourglass shape, without a butt or tummy looking out!
  2. Mid-rise fits right below the stubborn belly button also work to show your finest assets instead of exposing too much skin.
  3. Read our article What to wear with big thighs and hips? for more tips and tricks on dressing for plus size women.

Try a different cut (How to hide big thighs in jeans)

The cut of a jeans describes the shape of the jeans.

A boot cut is fitting on the thigh but becomes slightly broader at the knee, down the calf. The width of your thighs is balanced out by this look.

Jeans with straight legs go down in one line from hip to heel, which can make the leg look slimmer and longer.

And there’s no reason only very skinny women should wear slim jeans! You would also look fabulous in some denim trousers.

Simply finding a pair of jeans that’s customized to your body changes the whole jeans game for women with thick thighs.

A pair of trousers sounds so grandma-like, but it’s simply some lovely pants with a high waist and straight leg in jeans!

It’s like a proper workplace version of your preferred comfy denim jeans. That doesn’t mean you have to save them for work, too!

Combine these trousers with a t-shirt and tennis shoes on the weekend. Or even on a night out, with a flowy blouse and stilettos.

The neat lines of these trousers work for almost any occasion!

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