How to Keep a Recliner from Tipping Forward? Top Tips

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We all know how annoying it can be when a recliner chair tips over. So how to keep a recliner from tipping forward?

how to keep a recliner from tipping forward

The worst part about a recliner tipping over is that there's not always something we can do about it.

Sure, some people might be able to lift and pick the recliner up themselves. But for some of us, this job is way too hard.

This page will tell you all there is to know about preventing your reclining chair from tipping in the first place!

How to keep a recliner from tipping forward? Tips

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Stabilize the reclining chair and block the wheels

When you buy or get a new recliner, make sure the chair's feet are on a surface that's even and durable.

If the recliner has wheels, make sure they're locked in place too!

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Protect your wall

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You may also want to buy a wall protector for the back of your chair.

Your recliner might continuously topple backward if the feet cannot be placed on a flat or even surface.

But a wall protector will not only help avoid this inconvenience!

You may also use the wall protector for other purposes, like holding up a TV or managing your television cables.

Buy anti-slip products

It should help to put some non-slip material on the feet of the chair if you want an easy fix!

These non-slip materials can be rubber strips, a towel, or other products.

Get to know the limits: How to keep a recliner from tipping forward?

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It might take some time to get used to how your reclining chair moves.

With this info, you'll know if your recliner might tip over or not.

After a while, you'll know just how much pressure is on each foot/wheel when your recliner moves in any direction.

From there on, you can change accordingly!

Think about an expert's help

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In some cases, you may have to take the chair back to the shop.

This will be the case if it's constantly tipping over one side and you can't fix it on your own.

And read How tall of a recliner do I need? for more tips on choosing the right recliner for your height and weight!

You might also want to look for some furniture pads beneath the recliner. They will help to keep it from tipping over so much.

Can you adjust the tension on a reclining chair?

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Some reclining chairs allow you to change the pressure on them. However, these special kinds of recliners don't have a locking system on them.

So suppose you have kids that play around freely in your home. When the reclining chair is unwatched, they might be turning around in it while playing.

They may lose their balance unexpectedly and tip over. This is a perfect example of when a locking device comes in handy.

There are many types of locks that can be used, for example, a retractable strap.

This kind of lock is attached across the front and pulls tight on both sides of the recliner chair.

It hooks around each armrest before connecting at the ends and snapping into place with a side release buckle.

Specific reclining chairs don't get really tight when you're sitting up in them.

But the stress will be tighter once your head and shoulders start to lean back into a more upright position.

Many people can still move around easily without feeling like they will topple or fall on their side when using this kind of strap.

There are locking reclining chair gadgets that can be screwed into the flooring or the leg of your plus-size furniture.

These work by tightening up on the front when you lean back, but then there is some space in both directions, so it's not like being restrained.

How to lock a recliner chair? Buy a locking gadget!

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It's hard to lock a recliner chair.

First, you need something like cable locks or steel cable boxes that are too heavy for the average individual to carry.

You also need somebody extra, who is prepared and able to help by locking it when needed!

Instead of getting padlocks (that are honestly too hard to use sometimes), people frequently buy a locking device that connects to the chair and supplies an extra degree of security.

These reclining chair locking devices can be attached easily and only take minutes to put on or get rid of.

It might be a good idea to invest in a locking device if your recliner has a lever that doesn't lock by itself.

These locking devices are also great for people with small children! It prevents the chair from being an easy way up onto a counter or table.

It keeps them safe from harming themselves if they decide to climb up into it without authorization.

Especially if the recliner chair is left in an area where kids can easily access it.

The locking devices are also fairly cheap and can be found at any shop that sells house products or online stores.

In short: it is a small investment in something that will go a long way for your safety!

How to keep a recliner from tipping forward? Summary

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Why does my recliner chair not stay reclined? Let's look at a few final points of interest.

This is because the recliner's mechanism is not catching the back of the chair.

To fix this problem, try to lean back to put it into position and try to push a little more firmly on your footrest.

If this does not work, use a little rug or stack of pillows under each leg for added stability. You might need to tighten up the screws!

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