How to look good in jeans with big thighs: Plus-size guide

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We are often asked how to look great in jeans with big thighs. Concealing thick legs is an art, so let’s inspire you with some flattering looks for big thighs.

how to look good in jeans with big thighs plus-size guideEspecially curved women with strong legs know the issues: Every purchase of pants seems to be filled with obstacles.

The shorts season causes headaches every year.

And as if that isn’t enough trouble already, all the present style patterns typically overlook your lovely curves.

Women with thick thighs typically keep away from skinny denim and tight skirts for that reason.

How to look good in jeans with big thighs: Introduction

In this post, we will explain how to dress stylishly and at the same time hide the deemed issue area of the thighs.

We will also give you some tips on finding the perfect pants for big thighs and calves.

Outfits that flatter larger thighs and hide thick legs

To hide thick legs, you want to highlight your upper body with the ideal cuts, patterns, and colors.

Cleavage, shoulders, and your face are the features you will need to concentrate on.

However, you can naturally spice up your style with other details and balance out your attributes.

For example, a modern, fancy haircut or elegant day-to-day makeup also shifts the focus from your thighs.

High-heels have an extending effect on the lower body.

In particular, wide or a little flared pants should be combined with a small heel, so the leg doesn’t seem compressed.

It’s best to pick shoe designs with a more powerful block or plateau heel that look sophisticated, offering more walking convenience.

Wedge heels would also work if you hardly ever use high heels.

Fashion suggestions to hide your big thighs

Use the following fashion tips to hide your thick thighs:

Think about female shapewear to conceal cellulite

Around 75% of all females have cellulite, no matter their build or physical shape.

The little bumps on the thighs and bottom may be annoying to some ladies, but they are completely normal, so you don’t need to conceal them at all!

However, shapewear or forming leggings can constrain your silhouette if you want to hide this perfect imperfection.

Make sure you buy denim containing elastane

Jeans for thicker thighs need to always contain some amount of elastane and skinny jeans are a definite no go.

The increased flexibility of the stretch material guarantees higher freedom of motion and is more comfortable to use.

Conceal undesirable curves with longer items of clothing

The length of your clothes counts. Loose tops should tip over the thighs to optimally conceal any undesirable curves.

Skirts and gowns with sufficient length are best for summoning slimmer-looking thighs.

Pick pants with a dark(er) shade (How to look good in jeans with big thighs)

Put color accents on the upper body. Avoid big, vibrant patterns or shiny fabrics when buying trousers and skirts.

Darker color tones flatter larger legs.

Draw focus to your upper body

Accentuate the upper body, shoulders, and face.

Blouses and dresses with a V- or Carmen neckline reveal the cleavage and shoulders, serving as a stylish eye-catcher.

Wearing refined jewelry is also great for bringing the upper body into focus.

Highlight a high waist: How to look good in jeans with big thighs

Emphasize your waist with skirts and dresses in A-lines or empire cut. If you highlight a high waist, your upper body will seem longer.

This flatters your figure and hides bigger thighs, as it fits firmly around the upper body and falls loosely below the waist.

Find the best pants for big thighs and calves

Are you searching for the perfect pants for big thighs and calves? One that will flatter your curves without squeezing them?

Do you imagine buying trousers without any frustration and insecure feelings? Are you wondering how to look good in jeans with big thighs?

Then you must focus on a smart strategy to pick trousers that can hide thick thighs.

You don’t just want to secure an excellent figure!

You also want to feel completely comfortable in your clothes. The fit of the pants is the biggest factor for hiding big thighs efficiently.

How to look good in jeans with big thighs: Options

Are you interested in the best jeans for big thighs for both women and men?

The following trousers work great for concealing big thighs:

Wide-cut trousers

Marlene pants, culottes, and classic wide-cut pants flatter big legs with their casual fit.

In combination with a well-fitting top, your silhouette will look more harmonious.

Bootcut trousers

Bootcut trousers use a slightly flared cut to hide thick calves.

Casual-cut trousers

Unwinded fit or casual-cut denim is comfortable and flatters your figure.

Straight-cut pants

A straight cut conceals the location of the thighs while it stabilizes the proportions of the legs.

It’s important to notice that the best jeans for big thighs must prevent used or damaged results or applications. This design draws attention to the thighs or hips.

But remember: dark colors are flattering for thicker thighs.

If you have big thighs, prevent tight pants

It’s harder to hide big thighs in short-cut or tight pants. Curvy women with thicker legs are mostly not advised to wear tight trousers.

If you have slim calves but big thighs, you can undoubtedly highlight this feature with a tight set of pants.

With a casual, longer top, you can easily cover your thighs while the focus falls on your slimmer calves.

What about shorts and big thighs? Are shorts automatically taboo for women with big legs? No way!

The ideal cut in even shorter trousers would flatter the problem area of the thighs.

Shorts in a loose fit with wide legs are ideal on hot summer season days.

If they are cut in an A-shape, they loosely surround the thighs and don’t bulge at the widest part of your leg.

Additional tips for bigger thighs

What should I wear if I have big thighs? Or put another way, what should I definitely not wear with sizable thighs as plus-size woman?

What to do if you have big thighs

  • Loose tops that fall over the thighs stretch the shape
  • Wide or straight-cut trousers make the thigh appear slimmer
  • Skirts and dresses in A-line highlight the upper body and conceal big legs
  • Patterns and intense colors in the area of the upper body distract from the thighs

What not to do if you have big thighs

  • Skinny-fit denim and tight trousers highlight the roundness of the thighs
  • Mini-skirts and shorts end at the widest part of the leg and can look uncomplimentary
  • Light washes, glossy fabrics, or fancy designs on pants look bulky
  • Become extremely dissatisfied with your fuller thighs. In fact, firm upper legs also offer numerous benefits! Read all about it in our article Good things about big thighs.

How to look good in jeans with big thighs: Conclusion

  • For many ladies with big thighs, buying pants is a challenge
  • If you know which shapes and cuts flatter your body, you can hide the deemed issue area of the thighs in no time
  • Wide or straight-cut trousers conceal your curves and bring your proportions into balance
  • Gowns and skirts in A-line or empire cut help shift the focus on your waist and create a feminine hourglass shape
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