How to make your butt look good in jeans: 5 Ultimate tips

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How to make your butt look good in jeans? It’s all in the fit, and surprisingly enough, the back pockets play an important role too.

How to make your butt look good in jeans: 5 Ultimate tips

Women typically spend more time shopping for clothing than men. Why?

Women often have more issues about their self presentation and appearance , and therefore pay attention to all sorts of details that men don’t.

Do these jeans look good on me? Does the color match my t-shirt? Does my bum look good in this?

That’s certainly a good question. A nice shapely derriere is very much sought after.

How to make your butt look good in jeans: Introduction

Both men and women love a nice set of buttocks.

As is natural, what suits me may not suit you, and there are many types of pants to flatter your shape.

Want to know how to best highlight your buttocks?

Has Mother Nature has been less lavish on you in that particular area?

I’m happy to share my tips for making your buttocks look plumper and better in jeans in this article.

Our 5 tips on how to make your butt look good in jeans

Select the right pants size

Your jeans are better off too tight when trying them on than too loose. It is common knowledge that denim material has an amount of give.

Your jeans should ideally be just a bit too fitted when trying them on.

As long as the zipper and button of your pants can be closed, there is no problem. You’ve got the right size.

Just a touch too tight is always better.

This is because stretch jeans gradually adapt to your body.

In the beginning, they may still feel a bit stiff and tight, but your jeans will take on the shape of your body over time.

Pay attention to the fit of the jeans

How many pairs of pants you fit on average before you find a pair that fits well?

If it’s one place guaranteed to burn more calories than on a sports field, it’s the changing room in your favorite store.

However, you can avoid such situations by simply paying attention to the fit of a pair of jeans right from the start.

Getting good advice from a pants specialist will also save you hours of time and a lot of headaches.

In any case: which fit is best now if you want to make your buttocks look nice in jeans?

Well, that changes from bum to bum.

Do you have naturally round, shapely buttocks and want to hide them? Then definitely don’t choose a skinny model.

Everything is a matter of proportion. The narrower the fit, the more you showcase your body.

In that case, you better choose a more feminine fit. It won’t be too tight around your body, and has a higher waist.

High waist jeans constantly pull up and emphasize your round buttocks the most.

Do you have a modest behind and just want to highlight your hips and curves? Then skinny pants are exactly what you need.

The narrower the fit, the more attention goes to your behind.

Choose jeans with stretch properties

Do you want your jeans to fit your buttocks nicely? Then you should opt for stretch.

Such jeans producers invariably offer a composition including high quality cotton and elastomultiester or elastane.

Both are synthetic fibers that provide more freedom of movement and have good stretching properties.

This is important first and foremost for the durability of your jeans.

When you buy a new pair of jeans, they usually sit nice and tight around your body and buttocks.

After a few washes, however, the jeans gradually get bigger and bigger. Over time, nothing remains of their original shape.

The result? Stretched jeans that hang loose around your buttocks. No more shapes to be seen. Gone are tight buttocks!

So a pair of jeans in good stretch quality is important if you want to be able to wear them for a long time.

For a more detailed guide on stretch pants for men, check our other article What are stretch pants for men? Tips for men with a heavy bottom

In addition, of course, a stretch fabric naturally envelops your buttocks. Jeans that tighten nicely (such as skinny jeans) will let your buttocks stand out prominently.

By the way, have you heard of push-up jeans? Just as with a bra, push-up jeans give your buttocks a lifting effect.

It works because of its distinct cut and extra faux.

Compare the pockets of different jeans

The proper placement of back pockets does wonders to make your buttocks look great in jeans.

However, it is a delicate matter.

Some pants pockets actually make your lower body look heavier, and you might not like that.

You are ideally looking for extra curves and creating volume on the buttocks not to look  wider or heavier.

Are jeans without back pockets a solution? The answer is very clear: no.

You create a large surface without anything to break it and you will look bigger.

Personally, I don’t like the look without back pockets either.

After all, jeans come with pockets. It’s part of your look, but that’s my personal taste of course.

Back pockets also optically divide your rear into vertical sections, taking attention away from the width of your lower body.

Just what you need for a slimmer look.

So trouser pockets are necessary as slimming tools, but don’t necessarily give more roundness to your buttocks.

To do this, you need to specifically compare the different pockets of different jeans.

Very small back pockets, for example, will make your lower body look comparatively heavier. So don’t!

Also, bags that are low on your buttocks are usually not a good option. This creates the image that your buttocks are hanging low and you don’t want that.

Finally, you also better not choose pants pockets that face each other and are far apart.

You get an optical downward effect and therefore look wider. So stay away!

The secret to round buttocks with extra volume? Pockets arranged in a V-angle.

The pockets are a little further apart at the top, and closer together at the bottom.

This seam makes your buttocks look rounder and lifted. So it’s an ideal way to highlight your buttocks.

Take into account the color of the jeans

Light colors reflect light waves to you.

They literally stand out. Dark colors, on the other hand, reflect light rays much less. So they tend to draw less attention.

This is something you can use conveniently when you want to make your buttocks stand out in jeans.

Would you rather your hips and buttocks not be in the foreground? Then opt for dark jeans.

Conversely, it is best to choose a light color of jeans if you want to ensure that your buttocks are seen.

For example, vintage jeans with light stains on your buttocks are a great choice for this look.

To allow your jeans to maintain their color, read up on How to keep jeans from bleeding color? 7 Golden tips

How to make your butt look good in jeans: Conclusion

There are different types of pants and jeans for men and women to best highlight your buttocks.

Making the right choice as a man with a larger size? Then check out our specific page for the best fitting jeans for guys with big thighs.

There you will see a selection of pants that are ideal for your body shape.

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