How to pick the right sports bra: Things to keep in mind

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How to pick the right sports bra?

How to pick the right sports bra: Things to keep in mind

It’s really quite simple – go for a bra intended for extreme movement, and that will assure you of support and comfort.

How to pick the right sports bra: Introduction

Taking good care of your body is important, both physically and mentally.

Sports are healthy, for example, provided we treat our bodies properly and responsibly.

Healthy diet, adequate rest and sleep, responsible exercise, it’s all part of the game.

But what is often underestimated by many women is the importance of a well-fitting sports bra.

A high-quality sports bra can prevent a lot of trouble. Below you can read our advice on sports bras.

Take advantage of it and enjoy exercising, even if you possibly have a heavier bust.

If so, check our other page and find the best bra for heavy breasts.

Sports and sports bras: Not automatically a successful match

Do you think you can go out and exercise with any sports bra and everything will be OK?

Sadly, it’s not the case! It’s a little more complicated than that.

Often the problem starts with the wrong size of sports bra.

A sports bra that is too large or too small does not provide the proper support.

This can cause long-term damage to the breast tissue resulting in drooping breasts and annoying (even chronic) pain.

We’re sure you want to avoid this altogether.

It’s even about more than the right size of sports bra.

Because even a sports bra that is not suitable for the sport you play can prevent you from fully enjoying exercise and sports.

So the type of sports bra also plays an important role!

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Prevent damage to your skin and breast tissue

Your breasts are made up of fat, skin, connective tissue, and glandular tissue with drainage passages (the latter draining into the nipple).

These come under great stress during exercise and especially in high-intensity sports such as jogging and running.

The movements cause your breasts to move not only up and down but also sideways.

Breasts that can move too much during exercise are painful. This damages the skin and can also lead to drooping breasts in the long run.

The right sports bra avoids painful chafing spots

Exercising with an ordinary bra or improperly fitting sports bra can cause irritating and painful abrasions on the skin.

Sweat consists, among other things, of salts which crystallize and cause extra friction.

Particularly painful abrasions may occur which you usually only discover after exercise (and that is when it is too late).

A good fit is important

A sports bra should not be so tight that you can barely breathe but tight enough that it won’t shift.

It should not creep up at the back. In other words, a sports bra should sit at the same height everywhere and stay in place all the time.

The straps should be wide and soft so they definitely won’t cut into your skin.

Benefits of comfortable sports bras

But how do you determine which sports bra is right for you, and do you need to get the same kind of support for your bosom for every sport?

There are several lingerie manufacturers that offer different types of sports bras for sale.

So there is actually always one that will best suit your needs.

Choosing a sports bra for high-intensity sports (such as running, jogging, tennis, horseback riding, etc.)means that you can also use it for less intense sports.

Features of good sports bras

Good sports bras have some typical characteristics.

For example, the undercup band is tighter than in a normal bra. In addition, it is elastic and fits smoothly around the body.

Short elastic materials are used for the cups.

These ensure that the cup retains its firmness so that the breasts always stay in place.

The cups of a good sports bra can withstand intense movement.

Typically, this involves a fairly high cleavage that presses the breasts firmly against the body (without squeezing them painfully).

The materials used in a sports bra are breathable and provide a pleasant skin climate, both during and after exercise.

An encapsulation bra is ideal for ladies with large breasts

First, choose the right sports bra for your breasts. Do you have large breasts?

Then a so-called encapsulation sports bra is the right choice.

An encapsulated sports bra has two separate cups made of non-elastic material. Such a type of sports bra has no underwires but is equipped with an elastic underband.

If you tend to suffer from bruising at the front part of your breasts after sports, an encased sports bra is your right choice.

Focus also on comfort and materials used

A decent sports bra is also designed with a focus on perspiration and its removal.

It is important to keep your skin dry to avoid irritation. Such a design does not compromise comfort at all. On the contrary.

Soft materials are always used and have only a few very soft seams, which lie directly on the skin, so there are no irritation spots or painful abrasions.

Not even when exercising and sweating intensively.

So in any case, buy a sports bra made of breathable material and avoid fabrics that absorb sweat, such as pure cotton which may irritate.

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Pay attention to seams and any embellishments as they may irritate during exercise.

After all, you get scuff marks faster than normal when you sweat.

Therefore, preferably choose a bra as seamless as possible without frills and embellishments.

How to pick the right sports bra: Conclusion

It’s always important to choose the right bra, and if it’s a sports bra, even more so.

Find a bra that fits well and that is intended for high movement sports and you’re well covered!

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