How to Reduce a Pregnancy Belly: 10 Top Tips for a Flat Tummy

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How to reduce a pregnancy belly is a complex question to say the least.

How to reduce a pregnancy belly: Top tips for a flat tummyAfter your pregnancy, you may sometimes crave your old jeans. But alas… With that belly after giving birth, those pants really do turn out to be a few sizes too small. That sucks!

As a general rule, most women in a post-natal state have a belly that doesn’t look good. By taking the right steps during and after pregnancy, such as exercise, healthy eating and keeping hydrated, sleeping when possible, and avoiding the cookie jar, pre-natal clothes will fit better than ever!

And if that’s not enough, your belly is also less than solid, so even if you buy a bathing suit or bikini one size bigger, chances are you won’t feel comfortable with your blubber belly.

Is there anything you can do about it, or do you just have to accept it? Read on to find out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

How to reduce a pregnancy belly: Introduction

Several factors are at play, so nobody will be able to tell you in advance whether your beautiful belly will reappear after childbirth.

Of course, your genes and DNA play a role, but your own fitness is also important. For example, if you already had flabby abs, you will understand that pregnancy will likely cause more misery.

In addition, it also depends on where the fat was stored during your pregnancy.

Besides, it may not be a muscle issue at all… That jelly belly after pregnancy may also be purely the skin that’s causing your belly to not look great. Because stretched skin also blubs.

A flat stomach is not achievable in one week anyway, it really takes some time.

At least you can be proud that you had a child sitting there anyway! Anyway, there are some things you can do to get the most beautiful belly possible. Therefore, below are 10 tips for a tight belly:

10 Tips for a tight belly after pregnancy

Choose the right clothes ๐Ÿ‘š

This will not suddenly make your belly flat again, but it will give you a good figure.

By paying attention when buying your clothes, you can fashionably camouflage much of your belly.

Avoid sleep deprivation and dare to take naps ๐Ÿ˜ด

Taking an extra nap is recommended. That’s good news, isn’t it?

And as a brand new mom, I’m sure that won’t be a problem with all those broken nights.

But why do naps help when you’re aiming for a tighter belly? Because this will prevent you from snacking.

Many women eat out of emotion, and when they are sleep-deprived, emotions can run high. So resting well and taking a nap now and then is highly recommended to avoid binge eating at night and craving sugary snacks.

Train your abdominal muscles already before your pregnancy

Do you want to get pregnant? Then start with abdominal exercises already.

Strengthen your torso and abdominal muscles in anticipation of later pregnancy.

Starting abdominal exercises during pregnancy itself is not ideal.

It is more interesting to anticipate and already have a good foundation before getting pregnant.

By gaining fewer pounds during your pregnancy and staying as fit as possible, you will need to lose less weight afterward.

Drink sufficient water ๐Ÿšฐ

After pregnancy, your body no longer needs to retain all that fluid.

Did you retain a lot of fluid during pregnancy? Then the key is to get rid of it, and you do that by drinking lots of water!

By drinking plenty of water, you are signaling to your body that there is continually enough to drink and, therefore, no need to hold on to excess fluid reserves.

Exercise during your pregnancy

Don’t rest on your laurels during your pregnancy.

Specifically for postpartum, having the fittest body possible is very nice. If your body has remained in top shape, your belly will benefit from this.

Don’t do anything extreme but choose walking or swimming, for example.

There are also special pregnancy courses. And you can also do pregnancy fitness with a focus on exercises that won’t hurt. That way, you know that at least you’re not doing anything too weird!

Breastfeed ๐Ÿคฑ

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby. Breastfeeding is also interesting for you as a mother. In fact, breastfeeding will cause your uterus to contract more quickly.

In addition, your baby will eat with you, and you will thus use the reserves you have built up in your pregnancy for this purpose.

If, on the other hand, you bottle feed, you will have these reserves, but you won’t tap into them, and this will hinder getting a tighter belly quickly.

Avoid the cookie and candy jar ๐Ÿช

Avoid eating what you want because your belly is less attractive than it used to be anyway. Under no circumstances do you let yourself go!

Try to keep eating as healthy as possible because that’s really conducive to all kinds of things.

Both for your mood, for the breastfeeding you may be doing, and yes, also for your weight.

At least you won’t gain any extra pounds if you choose varied and healthy foods!

Choose plenty of fruits and vegetables, and fiber is also essential. And drinking enough is also vital, preferably water!

It is also recommended not to snack too much during pregnancy! Because those excess pounds you’ve gained are really quite a waste…

Move after you give birth ๐Ÿšถ

Exercise and sports are always good, of course.

But after giving birth, you should start this very quietly! Haste and haste are rarely good!

Walking off belly fat is possible pretty soon, though, even with your baby in the baby carriage. That’s nice and cozy, and meanwhile, you’re also doing good for your body.

And when the sun shines, you can make some extra vitamin D at the same time! โ˜€ Only benefits, then!

And it also gives you energy, you get to be among people, and you’re outdoors. So don’t hesitate and start walking as soon as you can.

Perform abdominal exercises

This is obviously the most important tip. Train your abs on the side of your body, and never start too early after you give birth.

Surely you should wait about 6 weeks for that! Also, start very quietly by just tightening the muscles for a moment, for example.

It will be a while before your abdomen and pelvic floor can handle a full workout load again.

Therefore, it is wise to tackle this in consultation with a doctor or expert if you really want to do it thoroughly.

Tip: Read our other post with safe ab exercises after cesarean section.

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Wear a tight cloth around your belly

This is an old custom, but some really swear by it.

A tight cloth around your belly can help you recover faster.

It pulls the straight abdominal muscles and the abdominal tendons together. And so they seem to grow closer to each other faster.

It also supports your back and pelvis, which is a nice bonus.

And of course, if you wear this tight cloth under your clothes, it will immediately make your figure look a lot better because the blubbing will disappear.

Tip: Talk to your doctor about this and discuss the details (how many weeks can you wear such a cloth, for example? Indeed, there are various views on it).

How to reduce a pregnancy belly: Conclusion

While having a baby is wonderful, it takes a toll on a woman’s body.

A bit of post-natal belly is almost always inevitable, but with some common sense, a little willpower, and a lot of good food and exercise, you can be back in your pre-natal clothes before saying ‘bikini’!

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