How to shop for wide calf boots: Tips and advice for women

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How to shop for wide calf boots? These tips for beginners include measuring your calf to know your boot size, while also paying attention to feet width, shape of the boot and the material used.

How to shop for wide calf boots: Tips and advice for womenIf needed, a cobbler can help you out with modifications. If in doubt, spend a little more from the beginning for a higher quality pair of wide calf boots.

How to shop for wide calf boots: Introduction

Finding a pair of tall boots when you have wide calves can be a rather daunting task.

While there are a variety of styles, colors and brands of women’s boots on the market, the choice becomes much more limited when it comes to women’s boots with wide calves.

How to shop for wide calf boots: Tips and advice

Here are our tips and advice to help you choose a pair of wide calf boots that you’ll love and that will fit you.

Measure your calf size

The calf of the boots, which is called the shaft, is usually about 14 inches in circumference on the so-called standard boots.

On the market, the shafts of boots for wider calves are usually 16 inches or 18 inches in circumference.

A good way to know if you should opt for wide calf boots is to measure your calves with a tape measure.

Choose the right boot shape and width

When shopping for wide-calf boots, also consider the shape and width of your pair of boots.

Some tall boots, whether designed for wide calves or not, are made from tighter fabrics to make the boot fit snugly on the leg.

If you don’t like to feel tight in your boots, choose a model with a straight shaft that is not too tight, you will be much more comfortable.

You should also know that several boots for wide calves are available in different foot widths.

If you have a wide calf and your foot is a little wider than average, you’re likely to be more comfortable in a wide-footed or extra wide-footed wide calf boot.

Sometimes a few millimeters of difference can make all the difference in the world to be really comfortable in your boots!

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Choose certain materials to be comfortable

Today, more and more high boots are equipped with stretchy materials for the comfort of all, regardless of the size of your calves.

When searching for boots for wide calves, pay attention to the materials chosen in the construction of the boot.

Stretchy synthetics such as faux suede, microfiber or faux leather are often used in the composition of wide calf boots and can provide a few extra inches of space.

Just enough to make you really comfortable.

This also applies to regular size boots.

If you’re feeling just a little too tight in a standard pair of boots, choosing boots with stretchy materials could give you all the comfort you need.

In addition to stretchy materials, strong calf boots with zippers are also preferred for optimal comfort.

Indeed, the presence of one or two zippers will allow you to put on your boot more easily.

In addition, sometimes wide calf boots, and even standard boots, have one, two, or three small straps on the back or sides of the shaft to increase the width if needed.

These straps are also great components to look for on your boots to make you feel more comfortable and better fitted.

Being comfortable in your boots doesn’t only refer to choosing the right size and fit, the temperature also plays a role.

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Have your boots adjusted at the cobbler’s

Did you find a great pair of boots but do they feel a little too tight when you wear them?

It is always possible to entrust them to the care of a cobbler who can try to stretch them in different ways.

One option is to place the boots on a metal form to relax and stretch the leather.

This manipulation is only possible with genuine leather since synthetic materials can’t naturally do this.

The shoemaker can also add a strip of stretchy material to the upper of the boot to give it more width.

This is easily done on leather, suede or nubuck boots, but may not be possible on some synthetic boots.

It all depends on their composition.

Invest in a quality boot for comfort

The comfort of a boot depends on its quality.

It would be a shame if a boot that fits you perfectly were to get damaged or broken prematurely.

When shopping for a pair of wide calf boots, look for boots with quality construction and materials.

Real leather boots are good examples.

It’s worth investing more money for a pair of boots that will fit your needs perfectly and last for many years.

How to shop for wide calf boots: Conclusion

How to shop for wide calf boots? Following these tips will get you well on your way:

  • Measure your calf size so you know what to look for
  • Also pay attention to the shape of the boot and feet width
  • Choose comfortable materials
  • If needed, ask a cobbler to adjust them for you
  • It is better to invest a little more and be good for years to come
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