How to sleep better while camping: Best tips

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How to sleep better while camping?

How to sleep better while camping: Best TipsWe’ll explain all the benefits of tiring yourself out, reading, wearing the right garments (or nothing at all), food and temperature.

Sleep is often seen as something that is sometimes optional and unimportant.

However, it is very much linked to our daily well-being and our abilities, mood and adaptability.

It allows us to regenerate our body to be in the best shape, and thus tackle a whole day (of work, course, hike, vacations, etc).

All of this without fatigue.

Sleeping also makes you feel alive, in every sense of the word.

We wouldn’t cope if we didn’t get at least a few hours of sleep a night (barring exceptional cases).

Tip: In the case of camping, it’s essential to have the right equipment tailored to you personally, such as an extra large sleeping bag for big guys.

How to sleep better while camping: Introduction

The following tips will help you improve your sleep so maximize your potential.

These tips aren’t just for show. We must implement them in order to have a result.

On some people, they will work very well, on others, perhaps less so.

This does not mean that they should be taken lightly.

Even if some are less simple to implement, others will be easier, so keep trying.

We give you these tips to help you in your well-being, for a better, less tired, more efficient life.

Don’t hesitate to apply them over the long term because that’s how you’ll get the most out of them!

How to sleep better while camping: The best tips

Tire yourself out

A tired body is in a better condition to sleep.

You will not fall asleep easily if you’re full of energy and it will take you longer to reach the first sleep phase.

Some exercises to tire your body are creating boredom and doing breathing exercises.

Dress in comfortable pajamas or sleep completely naked

Why not try different things to make sure you and your body are still on the same page?

You may have slept naked or in pajamas for 5 years or more, and your body may have other needs.

Just check with the exercise below to make sure all is well with your sleep.

You normally sleep naked

Try wearing pajamas for the comfort of having a loose fitting garment on you at night.

You could wear a little more in the winter if you have a normal daily temperature.

Who knows, you might enjoy just wearing one in winter.

It may well help you sleep better

You normally wear pyjamas

Try not wearing pajamas for 2 or 3 nights, just to try it out.

Don’t stress, this is just a test for you, to make sure your body feels in harmony with its environment.

If you like the idea and feel better, you can largely continue the experiment in the future.

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Read a book

As always, reading allows us to escape into another world.

This is what sometimes makes us dream and forget our worries.

Reading a book before sleeping allows the mind to relax.

The calmness in our mind often makes us fall into a sleep of pure happiness.

The book educates and cultivates us. There is no better way to end the day.

It also happens that when we are exhausted, an open book tires our eyes more, and allows us to fall asleep quickly.

Types of books to avoid

With the advent of computer technology, the tablet and computer have taken over from paper books.

However, this  is not recommended at all. For better sleep, a paper book is recommended.

Indeed, the light emitted by these digital books often prevents sleep.

It disturbs the ability to fall sleep and disrupts the secretion of melatonin, the falling asleep hormone.

Besides, with a digital tablet, the eye has to make more effort to read.

Books that are about drama, death, violence, or that tell a story that is too sad should be avoided.

Finally, to read, sit comfortably on your camping bed, propping up your back with a good pillow.

Many sleep experts recommend a routine to wind down before bed.

Such a relaxation routine serves to prepare the body for sleep and calm the mind.

Reading with a small nightlight can be a great help.

Just make sure that the book isn’t a thriller that you just can’t put down.

Reduce your sugar level

Sugar has been a part of our lives since we were children.

It’s been there for many years, and it’s become a habit for many of us.

We all know people who are addicted to sugar as they were used to consuming more than normal when kids

There is sugar in the vast majority of industrial food products.

Cakes, cereals, jam, sweets, fruit, drinks (alcohol, sodas, fruit juices, etc.), yoghurts, ice cream / sorbets and honey are some obvious ones.

Don’t forget milk and dairy products, chocolate and many others.

The risks of consuming sugar without moderation (cutting back on sugar is a great idea)?

Air the tent to change oxygen

Contrary to popular belief, indoor air is polluted faster than outdoor air.

The solution is simple: Ventilate and let fresh air into your tent.

To do this, open the zipper of the tent for about ten minutes at least once a day, even in the middle of winter.

It is preferable to air the interior in the morning.

With less fogging inside, the risk of mold and mildew is reduced and bad odors in the tent are eliminated.

How to sleep better while camping: Conclusion

We hope that this post has helped you.

There’s not much to stop you from getting a good night’s rest if you’re willing to try out a few things, such as changing your bed attire (or wearing nothing at all), changing your eating habits and settling into a bedtime routine.

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