How to use your terrace or balcony in winter? 8 Simple tips and tricks

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How to use your terrace or balcony in winter? Once it rains or snows, you probably don’t think about sitting outside, although it can be just wonderful to feel that fresh wind and breathe in the fresh air!

How to use your terrace or balcony in winter? 8 Simple tips and tricksGone are the days when you could go outside in shorts. It is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. This usually makes us stay inside more often for that cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Still, you can sit outside in the fresh air even in the cold months. This is not only fun but it is also good for your health!

Tips on how to use your balcony or terrace in winter in an easy and cost-effective way: warm blankets, warm decor, heating elements, nice garden lighting, a fire pit or stove, the right plants, sheltering the terrace from wind, and perhaps installing an electric heater.

Read on to learn more about each of these tips so you can also enjoy your terrace or balcony in wintertime.

How to use your terrace or balcony in winter? 8 Simple tips and tricks

With the following helpful tips, you can ensure that you can make use of your patio or balcony even during the fall and winter months.

Cozy up nice and warm with a blanket

You often create cozy and warm places to sit in the house, so why not also in the garden?

Make sure this spot is well sheltered, out of the wind and possibly dry, such as under a shed or canopy.

You can also install a windbreak or or use plants if your garden catches a lot of wind.

In addition, make it really lovely and warm with pillows and blankets so you can enjoy a hot drink outside.

Consider a heavy-duty rocking chair that can be used outside, such as these rocking chairs that are top rated for outdoor heavy use.

Choose a warm decor

Make sure the place you are sitting on does not feel too cold. You can easily solve this by opting for a blanket over the seat.

You can also add pillows to dress up the whole thing in a warmer way.

Enrich the space with candles, blankets and pillows which will all contribute to a cozy atmosphere! Despite the fact that candles are tiny they do give off heat as well.

A decorative and budget-friendly solution!

Laying an old carpet on the floor can also help against the cold. Just make sure the blankets, plaids, pillows and rugs are weatherproof.

If you have an open patio, you’d better bring the pillows and blankets inside once you’re done.

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Make use of heating elements

An advantage of such heating elements is that they do not need to be attached. For example, you can purchase a portable heating element powered by gas.

Such devices have the advantage of providing even and rapid heat dissipation.

This is perhaps the simplest solution to also be able to use a terrace or balcony on cold days.

Light up your garden | How to use your terrace or balcony in winter?

If you’re sitting outside, it’s no fun at all to sit in the dark. Especially when it gets dark early, it is helpful to put lights along the garden path.

Or place nice mood lighting near your sitting area. Think large lanterns or robust lamps.

You can achieve a tremendous amount with light. Candles can also really add to the atmosphere and coziness when it’s dark.

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Install a fireplace or stove

The most logical way to heat a patio is with a fireplace or stove. Even if you have an open terrace, the heat from a fireplace or stove can warm up the space well.

You easily turn on the stove there on the spot and sit nice and close.

It’s possible to adequately heat up the space within half an hour if your stove is correctly sized for the space.

Apart from providing warmth, a fireplace or stove is also very cozy. The radiant heat and warm yellow light create a special atmosphere, especially when combined with the relaxing crackling sound of burning wood.

So in terms of decorative and aesthetic aspects, the stove and fireplace also score quite a few points for use on a patio during the fall and winter months.

Prepare for winter by choosing the right plants

Do you want to not only enjoy warmth on the terrace but also have a pleasant view? Then get your garden ready for winter with the right plants!

You can place plants that can take a beating in harsher weather.

You can easily make a terrace cozier with certain plants even if not all of them are suitable for the fall and winter months.

In fact, there are certain plants that start to look bare during these colder months.

Some plants that do suit the fall and winter months are the following:

  • Succulents such as the Sempervivum
  • Fuchsia ‘David’
  • Winter heather (Erica carnea)
  • Mountain tea (Gaultheria Procumbens)
  • Carnation

Close off the terrace | How to use your terrace or balcony in winter?

What kind of terrace do you have? A closed terrace? Then in that respect you already have an advantage against the cold!

Also, an enclosed patio attracts less dust than an open patio.

Do you currently have an open patio? Then consider installing sliding glass doors or windows around the terrace.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy both a closed and open terrace.

Install an electric fireplace

As cozy and warm as a wood-burning fireplace or stove is, it is not environmentally friendly.

To avoid pollution, you may want to opt for an electric fireplace. True, it doesn’t have the same character as a wood-burning stove but then it’s easier to maintain and safer in operation.

As for the electric fireplace design, there is plenty of choice.

You can find different shapes and sizes. So, options galore!

How to use your terrace or balcony in winter? Conclusion

Just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean you can’t go out. This post shows how to decorate in such a way that the place is visually warmer.

We’ve also given you some practical tips to help you enjoy your outer space all year around.

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