How to wash bras without ruining them? Tips and advice

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How to wash bras without ruining them:

  • How to wash bras without ruining them? Tips and adviceTry to handwash them after 2 to 3 wears, cool water and no fabric softener.
  • You can wash them in the shower, and make sure all fasteners are closed.

How to wash bras without ruining them: Introduction

When you wear a bra daily, it is important to wash it properly.

But how often do you actually wash your bra? And how can you best do this?

We list all the tips and tricks so you can take good care of your bra and enjoy it for a long time!

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How often should you wash a bra?

We’re all guilty of it but your bras need to be washed more often than you might initially think.

It’s recommended to wash your bra after only 2 or 3 wears. In this way, your bra will last a lot longer!

Tips for washing your bra by hand

We always recommend hand washing a bra. This way, you can ensure that they will keep their shape and quality.

While washing by hand, try not to rub the bras too hard. Soak your bras in lukewarm water with detergent.

You can actually wash your bra and get it properly clean by using shampoo.

Tips for washing your bra in the washing machine

Still want to wash your bra in a washing machine? If so, always put these in a separate laundry bag.

Don’t you have a laundry bag that is protective? Then you can also use a pillowcase to wash your bras in.

Close the hooks of your bra before putting it in the washing machine.

Always wash your bras on the delicate wash cycle (86 degrees Fahrenheit maximum) and choose a low speed.

Avoid fabric softener when washing your bras.

Don’t dry your bras in a dryer or on the heater, but instead let your bras dry on a towel on a drying rack.

Even more tips and tricks

Did you know that more than 65% of women wear the wrong bra size? If necessary, visit a specialty store to have yourself measured for your correct bra size.

Which bra fits you? Do you go for a bra with ultimate comfort and support or do you prefer an extra seductive one?

Or are you rather looking for a sturdy model to support your large breasts? Then, be sure to check our other page to find the best bra for heavy breasts.

Always check the specific washing instructions in the label.

Tighten all hooks and fasteners and put your lingerie or swimwear separately in a sealable laundry bag.

Fill the drum to a maximum of 1/3, preferably with other fine items of the same color.

Use a little mild liquid detergent for delicate laundry and do not add fabric softener or bleach.

Separate the cups of your preformed bras so they dry without dents or creases.

It is recommended to wash lingerie after 2 or 3 wears. Do not wring out your items, never place your items on a heat source, and do not iron them.

Avoid contact with high chlorine concentrations and sunscreen.

How to wash bras without ruining them: Conclusion

There might be some tips here that you have never heard of, such as washing your bras in the shower, using a cool temperature and not using fabric conditioner.

Choose what works best for you, and remember, a bra is a girl’s best friend, so treat it well!

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